Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Habitual Inclinations

Picture it: Kathryn’s standing high on a podium…surrounded on all sides by thousands of listeners…they are silent…their upturned faces glowing with the expectation of her daily pearls of infinite wisdom. She taps the microphone…and begins to speak:

We (we…wewe…)…as human beings (-eings…-eings...-eings)……are creatures (-ures, -ures, -ures) of habit (-abit…-abit…-abit).

(I begin this with a nifty disclaimer….having no clue if it’s actually true or not…on the off-chance that not one of my blogbuds will comment with habits of their own. See how I did that? It’s freakin’ genius…I am one of many if you share my “affliction” and I can just as easily claim that you’re the strange one for not having any, if need be. Freakin’ genius, I tell ya.)

I will show you mine if you’ll show me yours. Deal?

What?! You’re not sure you wanna play? Well then, fuggetaboutit. I’m out of here. You think I don’t have anything else to do right now? I’ve got dog poop to scoop, I’ve got papers up the kazoo and those two loads of laundry aren’t gonna fold themselves, ya know.

Oh, so now you’re considering it??

I dunno….I mean, before I was in the mood to share. I’m not really feeling it anymore. I do believe the moment has passed. We can discuss the merits of liquid dishwasher soap versus the powder, if you’d like…

What? You’re sorry? Is that like, the hanging-your-head-low kinda sorry, or more like “sor-ree!” that you say when you really don’t mean it? ‘Cause I’m listening carefully now….


Things I Have to Do In a Certain Way At a Certain Time or I Will Die.

  • I must put on Chapstick before I go to sleep. I have very absorbent lips.

  • I must put lotion on my hands and feet before I go to sleep. I have very absorbent hands and feet.

  • I must have a freshly laundered towel after each shower, so I can breathe in that Snuggle-fresh smell, just like that fluffy bear on the box of dryer sheets.

  • I am addicted to Coffeemate French Vanilla liquid creamer for my morning java. (It’s my sister Laura’s fault ‘cause she got me hooked. On purpose. Served it to me so religiously and with such zeal that now I will forgo coffee completely if I’m out.) No, regular milk or half and half doesn’t cut it. I’m too far gone...go on…save yourselves!!

  • I must have a box of tissues in every single room of the house. This is because I am (evidently) allergic to everything found in nature (and a few very un-natural things, I believe) and…well, you get it. Yes, this includes the garage…and the laundry room.

  • I cannot sit down and talk on the phone at the same time. I must be pacing, cleaning, driving, cooking (okay, so that’s a joke) or moving in some way, or I cannot speak or think coherently. I know…it’s weird. I could sit down, but then I wouldn’t hear a word you’d say.

Okay. Your turn…no take-backies….you said you’d play. I’ve just divulged six die-hard can’t-survive-without-‘em habits of mine…don’t make me come over there.

BioniKat said...

I used to have a lot more when I was younger but I had all of that beaten out of me when I had kids due to lack of time and dont care attitude of kids! I was pristine about my bed and only I could lie on it. Fresh linen put on the bed every week and no one could just sit down on my bed. Now I clear a space so that I can lie down and when I'm comfortable, the cats get comfortable on me. I couldnt eat and be happy if I didnt have my current library book open in front of me. My mom didnt allow this at the dinner table but any other opportunity. Sometimes go back to that now but I must at least be watching something interesting on tv to enjoy my supper.

Áine said...

Do I have to tell you?!
Ok but I hope your prepared lol :)

1.I must have my toothbrush in my room over night to make sure no one else in the house uses it by accident...or on purpose (Just in case your reading this,I know who you are)
2.I must have a tissue handy at all times (stupid allergys)
3.My stuff has a place and it must stay where I put it.
eh...thats it...I think lol

Rambles'N'Shambles said...

The toilet paper MUST be hung underhand, overhand annoys me to no end, even if Im in a public toilet and it is overhand, I change it. I do it at work all the tikme and even lectured my boss about the correct way of hanging toilet Paper.

I MUST use hand lotion after doing something dirty, it makes my hands feel clean and smell like pineapples

I must sing one happy song and one sad song a day.


I cant think of anything else~


If I break a mirror I usually bury it, I dont even believe in superstution, I've just always buried the Broken Shards because when I was younger I believed that mirrors held souls in them and if we burried them they would be given back to the earth and then the souls would inhabit trees

....come to think of it, I was a very very strange little child.

Anonymous said...

I must read a new novel at least once in two months or I WILL GO INSANE! lol, but seriously, I'm not kidding.
My Ipod must always be charged to an extent that it doesnt die in the middle of an outing. My phone can die anytime and I wouldn't care, much, but my music is my sweet escape.

KT said...

jajaja. never fails. Um...I'm not sure if I want to share with you my odd habits. Thinking about it, I'm really sure if I'm that crazy. =P Oh, alright, I' share!!
1. when I ask for favors I NEED the person to do it right then and there. Not a second later.
2. As I'm falling asleep I have to crack my fingers, wrists, ankles and toes. Sometimes, my elbows and knees.
3. After I'm down cracking them I have to fall asleep with my big toes crossed on top of my 2nd toe.

Alright, that's all I'm given ya.

BlackLOG said...

Dear Kathryn Wonderwoman (like that’s your real name, our guess it is Shaz Wonderwoman) On behalf of our client Mr. BlackLOG we laugh in the face of your rather cheap lawyer letter ($25.00 dollars a word, where did they get their qualifications, off the internet? ) with our £1000 per letter + £2,000 for each capital, space and punctuation. You are charged with :-

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Being loud & New Yawkee – Since our client moved into the basement of “From the inside…Out” you are guilty of putting in a hard floor and stomping – yes STOMPING in 4” killer heals (sometimes 3 pairs at a time). Driving a loud and annoying car – I quote your very words “When my neighbor mentioned the other day that she can tell every time I come down our hill by the incessant s-q-u-e-a-k of my car”

Cruelty to hemophiliacs – with your constant demand for blood samples. While our client is not currently a hemophiliac, he has aspirations, after all many of his royal family are hemophiliacs and although he is not a huge fan of said royal family, he does appreciate that they help bleed the tourists dry….

Putting yourself about a bit – being all over the blogging world like a rash, with your excessive niceness and encouragement to other bloggers as well as practicing illegal franchisement within the confined environment of the World Wide Web

We, at extra charge to our client, are throwing in the following legal type jargon :-
res judicata,
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....for added emphasis and additional revenue.

Bicker, More, Bickering and C-Ewe Ink-Hort (Solicitors to the formerly rich)

Lauren said...

Habits... uh... well my boss has helped along my OCD so let's see. Must have a chocolate beverage in the morning. When dishwashing, forks, knives and assorted spoons must go in their assigned compartment of the cutlery thingy. Only my bathroom things can be stored in my drawer. I throw other's things away randomly if they're in mine. I always put my left sock on first, wait and eventually put my right sock on. Is that enough? Are you satisfied? I have the threat of winter to protect me from your surprise visit should it occure. Hehe!

Runnergirl said...

I moisturise hands and feet before bed, but my auntie who has now sadly left us, always told me to moisturise your elbows - hers were always soooo soft, so I've done it ever since! I also have some cosmetic gloves from Sephora that I put on now as well!

My mom-in-law always washes her towels daily. Yeah, they smell nice, but they're as rough as a pan scourer.

I'm not a fan of fluffy towels though - I like the waffle-style ones!

The thing I love about blogging is that there is always someone out there with the same quirky habits or likes and dislikes as you...

Runnergirl said...

evilteenietiff: I ALWAYS hang the paper over the top, and my mom-in-law does it the other way - it's always a battle of wills... it's easier to get to if it hangs over the top!

Unknown said...

To name a few:
-I cannot cook if the sink is full of dishes. I have to do at least a few. (Partially full is OK with me for some reason, though...)

-I must carry hand sanitizer in my purse at all times. Seriously - can't leave the house without it.

-I must apply chapstick every morning after I shower. And every night before bed. I'm a chapstickaholic.

Anonymous said...

My habits aren't as entertaining as some of the others!
1. The first and last tihng on my to-do list everyday: walk the dog. His bodily functions occur at those (most inconvinient) times and I have learned to avoid cleaning up messes by just walking him when he needs to go.
2. I brush my teeth about 5 times a day. I haven't always been this obsessive, but they're naturally straight and I've never had a cavity and I'm without dental coverage and can't get them cleaned right now...
3. I hang all our clothes the same way. If for some reason I find a shirt that's made it to the closet facing the wrong way, I take it off and change it.
4. There must be chocolate in my house at all times.

Tia said...

1. I must brush my teeth first thing when I wake up.
2. I (and this is a wierd OCD one) eat around the edges of my food before eating the center. I have no idea why I do this.
3. I cannot make dinner in a dirty kitchen. The dishes have to be done and counters need to be clear or I just can't prepare a meal. If I am too lazy to do said dishes, we heat up a can of soup or make sandwiches; and by we I mean my kids. It's sad.

Tinkerschnitzel said...

Okay, the weirdness factor is about to go up.

1) The toilet paper must be OVERHAND. I will change it if it is not. This is mostly because I have actually fallen off the toilet trying to get the toilet paper, because the stupid roller was too far away and it being on the roller underhanded made it impossible to get to. (I know you're falling out of your chair laughing right now.)

2) My kitchen cabinets are set in a specific order. You cannot put plastic cups with the coffee cups. Everything that is stacked is done so by size.

3) My pantry is set up where I can see all my items. Canned food goes in front of like can food, not on top.

4) The shirts hanging in my closet are arranged by color then sleeve length. Same thing with my skirts and dresses.

Is that enough? I could keep going.

Lynn said...

Hmn...habits...this is a hard one! I'm having trouble thinking of something strange and quirky enough to leave here. *thinking...thinking...*

OH! Here's one!

I always stamp my feet when I enter the house. It comes from long, northern BC winters. When you come in the house, you stomp the snow off your feet. It's just a weird habit, though, that I do year round, now, even thought the winters here in PA aren't really that bad. Granted, in summer I only stomp once before I catch myself and realize how silly it is.

Great post, as usual. :o)

Unknown said...

LOL! Thank you so much for my morning chuckle!

I have *many* habits! Let's see, which ones do I feel like sharing??? hehehe

(but YES of course I will play with you! no need to get snippy before I had a chance to answer. :P)

1. My bed MUST be made in a certain way and the top sheet has to be arranged correctly with the duvet. Of course this all goes to crap as soon as I actually sleep in the damned thing so I don't know why I bother. Heaven forBID there is actually company (other than the cat and dog tee hee!), the sheets are a disaster. And I really could NOT care less at that point, to be clear. So why is it that I HAVE to make the bed that certain way or I just can't stand it?

2. Every morning after Jimmy the dog goes outside for the second time... Jimmy and Oreo the cat sit in front of the linen closet and wait for their treats. They've got me trained so well it's just a habit for all of us by now. :)

3. I always park in the same spot at home, facing the same direction. If someone parks in my spot or inhibits me from parking headlights out, I get irrationally pissed about it!

4. Dishes MUST be stacked a certain way in the rack. It's been forever since I had a dishwasher but I was the same way with it.

5. God Halp Us All if I try to rearrange my morning routine. I'm not (usually) cranky or volatile, just very... very... STUPID! lol

Ok... I'm sure there will be more later but I really should get some work done. :)

Have a great day Kathryn! Talk to you soon...


Bill and Liz said...

I absolutely cannot have different types of food on my dinner plate touching. Throughout the meal, rather unconsciously, I am constantly separating the piles of food so that there are lines of space between them.

Weird, I know.

Spot said...

Wow. I really don't feel so quirky and eccentric after reading all the comments and your post. I can't decide if that makes me happy or sad. Lol.

1.) I always read magazines from back to front.
2.) I only wear silver jewelry. Never gold.
3.) I have to set things on odd control, the thermostat, the volume on the TV.
4.) I always set the alarm clock for 1 minute past whatever time I decide to get up. 7:01, 8:31 ect.
5.) I always make the bed. I can't stand an unmade bed.


Thaydra said...

Some habits of mine that people find odd:

1. When I eat Fruit Loops, I have to eat all of one color at a time. So, if I get an orange ring first, I have to track down and eat ALL of the orange rings before I move on to the next.

2. I eat my hot dogs from both ends. I can't just start at one end and eat it down. I have to flip it around every couple bites. My boyfriend finds this hilarious.

3. I hate when people leave the lids off of pens. People do this at work all the time, and I'm constantly walking around putting the lids back on.

That's all I can think of for now.

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...


1. My TP must go over the top. So when I show up at Tinkerschnitzel's I'm changing it.
2. The rest of the house could be a mess but there can be NO dishes in the sink or on the counters.
3. I get ready the same exact way everyday doing the exact same thing in order. (or else I forget something)

diane rene said...

LOVE THIS! I have many weird habits that my husband is always pointing out to me ...

1. I have a bracelet that tends to get caught higher up on my arm instead of resting at my wrist, so when I walk, I shake my right arm to knock the bracelet down (apparently even when I forget to wear it).

2. I also do the toilet paper underhanded ... if you ever watch a small child unroll toilet paper, they roll it overhand - if you hang it underhand, they cannot unroll the entire roll on the floor (and none of my children have ever unrolled one - tho one has dropped a brand new roll of TP into the toilet when she was trying to put a new roll on the dispenser - she was helping do something even my husband will not attempt, cant really fault her for that one) wow, that sounded very wordy ...

3. all shirts must be hung in the same direction, they are seperated by color and sleeve type, jeans must be folded to crease the front of the leg and hung, waist to the right, then sorted by length (bermuda, capri, long jean), hubby's golf shirts have a special hanger that NO ONE else must use, jeans have a special hanger that LOOKS like the hangers we use for sweatshirts and jackets but they are NOT the same and must not be inter-mingled. underwear and socks all have special folding procedures as do towels and shirts and all must be put away with big folds (not loose ends) facing out.

4. laundry must be removed from the wash and dried within 8 hours (less in the heat of summer) or it is rewashed with vinegar - I can smell even the slightest hint of stale wetness.

5. I must start my day off with caffiene or everyone around me will pay the price.

I have MANY more, but this will do ;)

Geeta said...

So many intriguing habits around 

Let’s see…

-My shampoo and conditioner have to match.
-While taking a shower, I always go about things in the same order;
-Get ready for the day/bed in the same order; makeup, clothes, hair etc.
-I have to get into a made bed, even if I make it 5 minutes before hopping in
-Propel and two Advil after running
-Grapefruit juice in the morning
-I can’t sleep with cold feet so – socks!

I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them

Geeta said...


Something on your blog caught my eye... like the Taj Mahal glittering pink beneath a sunset sky... so you've been linked via! :)

Loredana said...

1. I must anti-bacterial my hands after I've just washed them. Yep, a bit O.C.D.

2. First thing I do EVER when I start to clean the house is the dishes.

3. Last thing I clean EVER when I'm cleaning the house is the bathroom then I immediately take a shower.

4. I can NOT walk out of the house EVER without chapstick on me.

5. I never fold my socks at the laundromat. I take them home and it usually takes me 2 days to fold them all.

6. I put my makeup on at work.

7. I don't wear heels, ever. Low heel...maybe.

8. I have bottles of hand cream ALL over the place. Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, nightstand, office desk, purse and my car.

9. I read the blogs I'm following form oldest to newest updated all the time.

10. Lastly, I have to wear socks ot bed, always.

THERE!!!! I've bared my soul!!!!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Okay, I absolutely have to walk around while I'm brushing my teeth because I get BORED OUT OF MY MIND if I don't. Plus, I have to write something on the computer at least once a day. Any longer and I get edgy and have very little patience. (Not much different than usual but I notice it.)

Mark Price said...

my worst habit right now...I smell stuff all the time. Clothes, furniture, food, the cat, myself. pretty much everything. Drives my wife nuts. I don't know why I have become so obsessed with it. I fear I may soon start smelling other people then I may be posting from jail.

carissajaded said...

I have to take a shower at night, after dinner. '

I have to use those face wipe thingies before I work out.

When I'm at my bathroom sink I have to rub the belly on this glass buddah that I've had for 5 years in every bathroom.

I have to do the imdb poll first thing every morning.

I have to wear earrings. I just feel naked without them...

Ron said...'re KILLING ME girl, because your 1st, 2nd, and last ways of doing things are EXACTLY like me!!!

OMG...we must be siblings.

Three other things that MUST be done the same way for me is...

*the toilet paper MUST roll out from the TOP.

*I have to sleep with FOUR pillows. And they have to be positioned EXACTLY in the right place or I can't sleep.

*when I take a shower, I wash my body in a certain order, so that I don't forget to wash EVERYTHING.

(isn't that one SICK??)


God love me!

Great post, my Chapstick friend!

Love ya!

Have a great day!

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

- ALWAYS left foot first for socks or shoes...
- Make wishes at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33.... You get the idea.
- Finish every last sip of my diet coke - even if it is warm from sitting in my car. I will not throw it away.
- Clean the small litter box and then the bigger one - starting at the back of each and working to the front.
- Lock my car - and then re-lock it once I start to walk away.
- Check my front door after locking it to make sure that I did, in fact, just lock it... haha
- Check behind doors when I open them (don't want to be surprised by some strange guy that broke into my house and hid... <- actually happened to a friend)

That's just a few.... I got plenty more... hahaha

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I have to clean up the kitchen as I cook; I cannot enjoy the food if things are a mess. I too, must have lip and face cream on before bed.
I can't think of anymore; maybe I'm just too sane (doubt it...)!

Heather said...

Silverware has to be set in the drawer properly in each slot. All other drawers can be chaos but not that one.

I buy things in even numbers..such as..Towels, dishes and even spray paint!

I have a mental list of things that HAVE to be done before bed and in order.
Coffe pot ready and set..check
Lunch for hubby..check
Clean litterbox..check
Wash hands..check
Sit and smoke final cigarette

I also out of habit, only wash my hands in the kitchen sink.

The pale observer said...

I must be weird, abnormal, unhuman!!! I have no set habits that MUST be as they are... must be the life as an expat and lots of traveling that FORCE you to drop all expectations for things to happen a certain way... the only one I can say with conviction is Chapstick before I sleep....

Great blog though!!! Fascinating. I'm your newest follower.

Holli in Ghana

Anonymous said...

Forgot one. I always prepare for the next day the night before. This includes, but is not limited to, packing lunches, moving breakfast items to the front of the fridge for easy reach and so I can see them, laying out clothing (including socks and shoes) and placing my purse, keys, etc. near the door so I won't forget them. I'm not too sharp in the mornings and that extra step at night really helps.

that girl said...

Are you ready for the crazy?

I, like you, must have chapstick and lotion before bed. In the same areas, for the same reasons.

I must not talk on my cell phone on my way to work. I need to focus and center in the morning or else my whole day is screwed up.

I check my locks in my house about 10 times before I go to bed at night.

Instead of just turning things off (i.e. iron, coffee pot, hot iron, etc...) I must turn them off and unplug.

I can't think of anymore right this very minute but trust me, there are more and I will think of them...

Alicia said...

You know, all my co-workers think I'm weird cause I one day mentioned that I can't leave the house if my bed isn't made! You would have thought I said I couldn't leave the house if I killed someone in my bed (I would still make it, just move the dead guy around a bit).

I'm really glad I'm not the only one.

Ok so... you asked for it.
*All the bottles, lotions, deodorant, etc have to face with the label out in my bathroom cabinets & on the counters and the shampoos in the shower as well.

*At night before I go to sleep, I have to do a once-over of the living room & kitchen straightening up pillows, putting away dishes, etc. That way when I wake up everything is in order. (unless son comes in and eats or watches tv).

*I mentioned I have to make my bed or I can't leave the house? Well when I make my bed and don't leave the house, I'm not allowed to get back into bed the whole day, only at night. I know, weird, but that gives me the excuse to nap on the couch...which I love!

*I have a certain order I have to eat foot in, like for instance, corn on the cob? I have to eat it row by row or if I have corn off the cob, I have to eat one kernel at a time.

I know it's weird, I know it's different, but it's so me and apparently the 50 other commenters you have today plus you don't judge :-)

miss Yelpington said...

i totally get your thing about chapstick i used to do that for years lol.

erm...The only thing i can think of is i always rub hands together,when i'm excited or cold or just enjoyed something like food or good film sometimes i don't know i'm doing it and if someone notices its really embaressing. But theres videos of me rubbing my hands together when i was like one year old so iv'e done it forever.

Really wierd i know but thats my thing.

great blog by the way it really makes me think xxx

Cynica Sarcastamos said...

I always thought I was weird and reading this post cements the deal.
I've just discovered that with the exception of the usual suspects - I have NO HABITS. I am the opposite of OCD. I DON'T CARE! I typically don't even go for preferred brands when buying groceries, etc., and I don't watch the same stuff on TV from day to day.
Oh NOOO! What's wronnnnnng with me?!
I do have preferences about the position of the TP, but do I care when someone places it the other way? Not one bit. No sleep is lost there. I do usually follow a certain routine when I get ready, but it's all subject to change without reason, too.
Now I'm worried. Could I be a budding serial killer? Or worse? A complete and total Charlie Brown? Uffffffffffffffff!
I use to be all high maintenancy - and I can do that WELL. But now I'm thinkin I should revert my laid back easy self back to my former PITA self. I'll ponder this for exactly 7.5 hours. Thanks for the wake up!

Moonrayvenne said...

Well, I guess just the usual. Toilet paper over the top. Chapstick before bed. Right sock & shoe on first but left pant leg first. Have to make the bed. Always make sure my tv is on a certain station before I shut it off.
I guess that's about it for now. This was a fun post!

filmgirl said...

oh gosh, too many to count!

I MUST wash my face every night and then apply a ridiculous amount of nightcream. and it has to smell really good...not flowery, more like nivea.

I must put on blistex hourly. I am addicted.

I must watch every series from the pilot episode and on or I can't watch it at all. I hate coming into something halfway through the story which is why i am the only person from jersey who has not seen the sopranos.

I have to have an egg for breakfast everyday or it's just not a good day.

oh lord, the list of my ocd traits goes on and on and on.

kathryn said...

momcat: Huh. So, you went from pristine bed to clearing a space and winding up with cats piled on top of you? Childbirth really changes you, right?! I like the entertainment whilst reading....I'm a huge fan of that,too!

Smileyfreak: Okay, LOVE your list. Evidently, you have some serious toothbrush-abuse issues from your childhood, but other than that...sounds reasonable to me!

evilteenietiff: Oh, sweetie...I LOVE that you buried the mirror as a little girl! I'm not sure how I feel about you doing it as an adult, however...but the sentiment is SO SWEET. I can already see the T.P. debate is gonna be a big one...

kathryn said...

Fierce: Oh, I get the iPod thing. Mine gets below half-charged and I'm breaking out in a cold sweat. I haven't read a book in ages....SOME PPL keep me totally amused right here in blogville!

book*addict: Woah. Did you notice how specific you got, once you got into it?? I do believe that by the time you get around to asking for the favors, you needed 'em done like, yesterday. As for the bone-cracking and toe-crossing...hey, I'm not judging. As long as you be a good girl and go to sleep...

kathryn said...

My name is Ester. Ester Finkleboom. I'm a temp. and they asked me to type you this here letter 'cause they're all visiting their client, one KathrynWunderWomanExtraordinairre who is presently in the hospital after nearly choking to death whilst evidently reading some faux letter sent by some idiot pretending to be from Bicker, More, Bickering and C-Ewe-Ink-Hort, which we all know is bullshit ('scuse me) 'cause Bicker died in '98, More's in jail for tax evasion and Bickering's been MIA since that scandal involving a case of bourbon, a fake passport and a sedated peacock.
Why the hell do you have all those stupid-funny "E's" in front of your fees? Are they estimates?? What kind of a hack-place are you running there?
Our firm stands by the allegations that Mr. BadLeg is certifiably insane, as evidenced by document R2-75J, entered as exhibit, bite me.
The floor-stomping and brake-squealing have been thrown out of court as irrelevant. They may be annoying to YOU, but our client finds them hilarious, as does the judge.(See Exhibit A.) Again: bite me.
The hemophiliacs-ruse is predictable. And your client should have more empathy for those who suffer from hemorrhoids. I hear they can be quite painful in a particular area and I've heard the attorneys say that YOU are a pain in the same place. Huh.
As for being all over the net, you are obviously not aware that WWW stands for WorshipWonderWoman. She's everywhere...for if she wasn't it would just be...well, "W", and that's just plain stupid.
Please be advised that we have added an additional 5.27 million dollars to our judgment against you, to cover hospital expenses and the fact that your comment space NEVER ACTUALLY INCLUDED A COMMENT ON THE clear violation of the Kathryn'sBloggersCommentAct of 2007. Consider yourself served.
Yours in the poor house,
Arrogant, Snobby, Superior, Egotistical & Supercilious.

kathryn said...

Lauren: HA! Huh. Well, the kitchen utensil thing is just plain smart. Makes 'em easier to put away. Everyone's weird about the bathroom, so I'm not going there. So, it's sock-sock, shoe-shoe? (PS: I have a snowdog connection for just such an occasion!)

Runnergirl: Uh huh. It's weird though...if someone wants me to crash at their place unexpectedly, I'm in quite the pickle. Me: "Have you got any hand cream?" "When did you last wash your towels??" I sleep at home a LOT!

ValleyWriter: I'm a CHAPSTICKAHOLIC, too! "Hi, ValleyWriter." My lips begin to sting if I go too long w/o something on my lips....ouch!

kathryn said...

jmberrygirl: Not bad, girlie! That reminds me...I never did do poopie-patrol. Oh, well. Teeth: good for YOU! I'm w/o dental as well...I shud try 5X/day! I DO floss and use that ACT rinse stuff 2X/day. Never a cavity? That's incredible. The clothes? You're a closet organizer's DREAM!

Tia: Oh, God...I'm the same way about the kitchen...and evidently, we're not alone, girl! My dad won't let his foods touch each other...who cares how you eat it? It all goes to the same place anyway!

Tinkerschnitzel: I'm speechless. Well, almost. Evidently NOT. The TP is a bone of contention for people...a very strong emotion on that one! Your kitchen is obviously your DOMAIN, missy. You may arrange my home any day you're free.

Allegria: HA! You were so cute when you finally thought of something! The stomp...I could see that working in summer, get the mud/dirt off your shoes. Yeah...let's go with that.

Smoog! Oh, I love it! The dog & cat have YOU trained for their treats and then they mess up the sheet and the duvet. I think the parking thing is universal..."It's my SPOT, dammit!"

kathryn said...

Bill and Liz: It's not weird! I commented earlier that my dad does the same thing. No all winds up in the same place. There's MUCH weirder stuff out there, believe me!

Hey Spot! Okay! Mags front to back? Not books, I hope. I'm w/you on silver versus gold, but I OD'd on gold. The odd numbers are interesting...any significance, I wonder? I USED to hate an unmade bed, now it's irritating, but I can live with it!

Thaydra: Well, that's a pretty good start! People seem to have a lot of habits around FOOD...that's for sure. The lids off pens is just annoying...why do they still make 'em that way??

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt: Okay. MAJOR TP ISSUES on this forum! Now we'll see stories on the news about ppl breaking into each others homes and changing the direction of the roll. Just remember: I don't have bail money.

Diane Rene: Oh, I LOVE them ALL! I do the same thing w/the bracelet...whether it's there or not! I'm not touching the TP's a hot debate here. The clothes thing has many flwgrs as well...I'm just too lazy to be one, I guess. I HATE that smell from the laundry sitting...I use vinegar in every load not matter what.

Geeta: Huh. Not so bad...your routine in the morning is expected. How else can you make sure you don't forget anything? I'm thinking the made bed is so the sheets are all aligned...right? I like that too.
I'm pink? I'm over to your place now...(was going there anyway!)

Loredana: Good girl! Doesn't that feel better? No OCD....good at staying healthy! I clean the bathroom last 'cause it's the grossest...then I shower to get myself clean. I like the makeup at work routine...why not do it there? Leaves more time at home.
My feet would BROIL...I have the hottest feet EVER.

Oddyoddyo13: OMG! YES! I walk all around whilst brushing my teeth! I've even started to spit in the KITCHEN SINK before I realize what I'm doing...that's how far I can TRAVEL! We're SOUL SISTERS!

Mark Price: Okay, but remember...I DON'T HAVE BAIL MONEY. (I can't stress this enough.) Maybe when you were in college, things kept going bad in the mini fridge and your friends would say "smell this". Possible?? You must've smelled something pretty gnarly for you to instinctively keep checking...

kathryn said...

carissajaded: You mean you have to shower RIGHT after dinner? What if you're out? At a friends? You mean at night, right? I love getting into bed all clean and moisturized...who wants to get into bed all grubby?

Ron! Of course, my love....why are you surprised by our similarities? I LOVE the pillow one....I've got THREE! Well, I'm glad the soap gets to all the right places, my friend.
That's why you always smell SO GOOD.....
God love you...and so do I!

KellyGrrl: Oh, good ones! Love the wishes....does it work? Lock the car...yup. I hit the button, then suavely hold the remote over my head and hit it a second time, just for fun. I would check behind the doors too if someone told me a story about it!

Maureen@Islandroar: The kitchen dishes seem to be's too gross to eat and look at the mess. And we all need our hydration, dearie.

Heather: Well, all your habits say "routine" to me. I'll assume you brush your teeth AFTER the cig? And if you only wash hands in the kitchen sink, does that mean you have to walk from the bath each time you pee to do it??

The Pale Observer: Welcome, oh-perfect one! You'll think of'll hit you when you least expect'll see! I'm glad you're here! Comment often...everyone has such wonderful things to say!

jmberrygirl: Well, that's just good common sense! I can totally applaud that. (I do the same thing)

that girl: YES! I also turn of and unplug. Well, not lights...but everything else. I think my dad got me in the habit. And 1 time of discovering we'd slept the whole nite w/the front door totally UNLOCKED makes me check more than once. So, def. not crazy!

Alicia: No judgment here, sweetie...just smiles! I do the LR & kitchen once-over...gotta make sure it's neat. Interesting about the bed-making....I think the room looks totally messy if it's not...and then what do you do with all those extra pillows that are stacked on the floor??

kathryn said...

miss cii: Not so weird with the hand rubbing...I'll bet it's a self-comforting thing you got into when you were little. Like's instinctive. Thanks for the compliment...visit often!

Cynica Sarcastamos: Aw, honey! Now, don't get all down on yourself for having no weird, embarrassing, must-do're probably just suppressing them under some deep-seated seriously demented denial! They'll come out sooner or later! And then, YOU'LL SHARE!!!

Collette: Why the tv on a certain channel? Is it the first one you watch when you sit down again? And you do sock-shoe, sock-shoe? Am I being a PITA w/all the questions??

filmgirl: Well. I cannot sleep if makeup is still on, so I hear that. Blistex=chapstick. I also hate coming in the middle of am I supposed to catch up? I've never watched the Sopranos...figured it was more a guy thing. So, we're weird together!

Cynica Sarcastamos said...

Kathryn, thank you for having faith that there is a deep-seated psychosis in me here somewhere.
And Eureka! I found it! My Jeep.
I have stunningly strict habits with my Jeep. First, I keep it beyond clean (on the outside - inside not so much) and I always back it into it's parking spot - any parking spot - with the front wheels PERFECTLY straight. SO THERE. I am not so weird after all...

BlackLOG said...

Dear Ester on behalf of our client

We are sorry that your client is in hospital especially as we are not there to enjoy her distress (sorry typo that should read - comfort her….)

Yes Bicker died

Yes Mores’ in prison – (It’s ok we gave him soap on a rope, so he should be ok)

Bickering is not MIA but still in action (oh the shame) and the sedated peacock consented to everything…The swan on the other hand is another story…Oooohhh nasty, excuse me a moment I think I’m going to vomit

Sorry about that… (Wipes chunks off screen and keyboard)

But since when did death, imprisonment or sexual deviance ever stop a lawyer from making money…

As Lawyers we admire your spin on things

The floor-stomping and brake-squealing have been thrown out of court as irrelevant – Not really true is it, the judge had them removed because they set of his tinnitus and reminded him of his mother in laws constant whining (we would ask your client to decease from salivating at this point it’s not that sort of whine….) They are still very much part of the case.

Yes Mr. BlackLOG is now insane – a fact which your client is wholly responsible for – at the start of this process our client was rich enough to be considered eccentric. Since receiving our interim bill he has now had to be down graded to insane.

As for the ludicrous accusation that the comment space NEVER ACTUALLY INCLUDED A COMMENT ON THE TOPIC – the whole comment was to do with the topic, in that our clients “Habitual Inclinations” include having to answer back as entertainingly as his limited ability allows. What we failed to add was his second Inclination, a requirement for constant music. Our bad but don’t worry Mr. BlackLOG will get a £1.50 rebate on his bill – sadly not enough to move him back to eccentric status

Bicker (R.I.P), More (Care of Her Majesty’s Prison), Bickering (Care of whipsnade Zoo) - (Solicitors to the formerly eccentric)
Mr. C-Ewe Ink-Hort has been let go for not being interesting enough we are currently interviewing for a funnier replacement

P.S. Our client is grateful for the additional comments - they all count in the long run...

Jen T said...

I also cannot sit still when on the phone. I must be pacing or driving. Safe, right?

The TP must be overhand.

When getting a cup of coffee it's sugar then milk then coffee.

When I make a PB&J the PB goes on first then the jelly.

My morning routine during the week cannot be changed or I'll lose my mind for the rest of the day.

When I make anything in the toaster I never set it so that it's done after 1 toasting. I set it so that it pops up almost done, then I put it back down and finish whatever I'm doing (packing lunch, etc) then manually pop it back up for eating.

jh said...

Too funny as usual!

JD at I Do Things said...

(49 comments! Woo-hoo!)

Well, no wonder you're so busy with laundry: You have to wash 7 towels a week!

I also must address my absorbent lips and hands before bed (and about 100 times throughout the day) with Vaseline and/or Dr. Pepper chapstick (for the former) and Curel -- and ONLY Curel (original formula) for the latter.

If Dave has washed dishes and they're in the rack, I ignore them and take a spoon or dish from the cabinet instead of the rack.

I can only fall asleep on my right side.

If I forget to say good-bye to both cats before leaving the house, I have to go back in. Even if I'm halfway down the street.

If I don't say "drive safely" to someone before they get into their car, I know they will crash.

I can only eat the top end of a banana. When I get to the bottom end, I throw it away.

There's more . . . but you'll have to read my blog.

B-ster said...

Too funny! So my quirks are I must have even number of each color of m&m. So if there are more brown or yellow, they must be eaten until every color has an equal showing. Then I eat one of each color until they are gone.

Also, I can't sleep with socks. I have to also have one foot out of the covers.

Chelsea said...

I have to workout in some kind of way atleast 3 times a week. If I dont then I feel extra stressed out. I think this is a result of playing sports all my life.

I agree with the fresh towel after every shower, although in college I dont stick to that due to my lack of doing laundry daily.

kathryn said...

Cynica Sarcastamos: See? I knew you had it in you somewhere!! So, if you notice that the Jeep isn't perfectly straight, you'll go back and fix it?
Well...there you go!

Mr. BlackLung's People: You are pathetic and dying before our very eyes. Give up the fight, have your client committed and if he gives you any trouble, throw him a burrito and threaten to take away his tunes. Ya got nothin' on me, copper....NUTHIN'!

lifelove'n'wine: Really? (I actually said this out loud re: the sugar, milk then coffee remark) So, you have it down to a science then? Whenever I try the creamer first, it comes out too light. I agree totally on the pb&j. Think of the MILES you and I could put on talking on the phone!

jh: Thank you, sweetie! xoxo

JD at I Do Things: HA! Yeah, you're explains that never-ending laundry! Do the cats say goodbye to you when THEY leave the room? Yes, I do the "drive safely" thing, too. Better safe than sorry...'cause of course, it would somehow be all our fault. You shud give the bottom of the banana to Gus & Pru.

B-Ster: Only 1 foot out of the covers? Interesting....must be a body-balance-cooling thing. Both my feet pop out...even in winter. The m&m's are a visual thing. Or, do you NOT do it with Skittles??

Chelsea: Wow! You have GOOD habits! All that working out and showering! You're making the rest of us look insane!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Welcome to the World of OCD I was a member!

1. The toilet paper must be over the top I will go ballistic if it is under.
2. Must put lotion on my hand after washing, I have absorbent hands too.
3. The back of the sofas cannot touch the wall (don't ask)
4. The bed has to be made when I crawl in.
5. Must have wipes, lotion and kleenex in the car
6. There cannot be shit (lint, random pieces of white stuff) on the floor
7. No clutter - If I have not used it in three months it has to go

I have 93 more habits but I am tired (zzzzz)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Oh my god, I forgot the most important thing.

8. Starbucks Latte at 10:00 a.m. You know where I am daily at this time...

kathryn said...

WannabeVirginiaW: Wow! You've got that list down cold! Pretty typical stuff, from what I've read here. I get the sofa not being up against the wall, although I'm not sure WHY I get it. I HATE clutter, but am guilty of having it anyway. Starbucks....yum!

Jen T said...

I do have it down to a science. This way you don't even have to stir the coffee because when you pour it in it all mixes perfectly. Yeah, I'm lazy.

kathryn said...

lifelove'n'wine: No,'re not lazy! I WISH I could pull that off with such precision! Seriously...

The pale observer said...

Just remembered one - I HAVE to fall asleep on my right side. Without fail.

Yay! I have normal quirks.

kathryn said...

the pale observer: HA! I KNEW you had one in there, somewhere! I'll bet you're facing the outside of the bed, too...right?

The pale observer said...

How'd you know? Exactly, And i remembered my other bizarre one - my shoulder cannot be under the blankets, I ust tuck the balnkets under my arm... oh, and my feet have to have the freedom to peek out - so the bed cannot be tucked tightly by my feet...

Just as weird as everyone else I guess...

The pale observer said...

How'd you know? Exactly, And i remembered my other bizarre one - my shoulder cannot be under the blankets, I ust tuck the balnkets under my arm... oh, and my feet have to have the freedom to peek out - so the bed cannot be tucked tightly by my feet...

Just as weird as everyone else I guess...

kathryn said...

The pale observer: Hey, we all have SOMETHING. I also have to let my feet peek out...I would go crazy if someone tucked me in too tight!

james said...

Better late than never!

When I cook the kitchen has to be completely clean by the time the meal is ready.

When I clean I listen to 60 songs played randomly for exactly a minute each.

I watch the shopping channel when everyone is asleep, compulsively. I don't watch anything else.

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