Friday, October 8, 2010


Do you believe in the law of attraction?

No, no, no. I did not just ask if you believe that there should be laws for attractive people. Although, that’s not a bad idea. I mean…I know that beauty is subjective, blah…blah, but since we’re all such an incredibly good-looking group here at Inside…Out, maybe we’d be entitled to a tax break for being the whole attractive package...ya know, both Inside and Out?? Yeah, I crack myself up.

(Readers roll eyes.)

You guys really need to stop doing that, you know. Your eyes might just stay that way and then you’ll have to read everything all random-like, ‘cause your eyes will be rolling all willy-nilly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (I may not be a doctor…but I’m a mom and we know...stuff.)

What were we talking about? Wait…rolling External & Internal Attractiveness Incentive Tax Bill Proposition #7J198234077BOOM-YOWSA

**BAM!** See? I knew it would hit me.

Do you believe that if you project a positive vibe that it will come back to you? That if you’re a Negative Nellie that unhappiness will follow you wherever you go? Do you believe that a positive attitude toward life will not only make you generally happier…but will somehow send more of the same your way??

And remember: You’re under oath. Here in Kathrynville, you must tell the truth. Aw, hell…who am I kidding? You can lie your little tushie off…how would anyone know?? But you’ll know…and it’ll probably come across in that guilty font  I’ve installed. It’s like a lie-detector test, only with typing keys picking up your true, untruthful emotions. I’ll finish working on it right after I finish developing my sarcastic font, which is still in production.

MY POINT (‘cause I do have one) is that it’s a concept that I believe requires some serious consideration. Many people believe that negative thoughts bring about negative experiences.This can cause one great distress and we all know how difficult it can be to banish a negative thought once it’s taken hold:

Negative Thought: “GOD. I woke up late and now there’s traffic…I’m gonna be late for that meeting. It’s gonna be a crappy day.”


Replacement Positive Thought: “I woke up late and probably dreamt about Clooney and I just don’t remember. Sure, I’m in traffic…but that’s ‘cause if I wasn’t, I’d be hit by that falling tree on I-87 that’s coming down right about….now. God, my hair looks good…it’s gonna be a grrrrrreat day!”

Okay. So, maybe this was a lame example. But, just to play it safe, I’m going to put a copy of my friend Benny on my wall for inspiration:

Thoughts?? Remember…you’re under oath.

Happy Friday, all!

Alan W. Davidson said...

I type in that sarcastic font all the time! Though I'd have to agree with your observation that those who project a positve vibe attact like-minded people. Mostly. I can think of this one exception who...

brite said...

Oh yes! Remember that famous story about when John Lennon met Yoko Ono at a gallery? She'd made this 'piece' where you climb up a ladder to look at a teeny little piece of paper taped to the ceiling...the word on the paper was "YES".Try saying/thinking 'yes' to everything for a will be interesting, or at the very least, blogfodder.

ToBlog today said...

Indeed life is like a box of chocolates there are no bad pieces. I totally agree, although sometimes in the moment it is hard to follow but looking at the glass half full brings comfort to me. Anyway, as long as you remember that behind that cloud, the sun is shinning you'll always have a sunny day.

Love your friend Benny, can he come over and play?

j.m. neeb said...

I'm inclined to believe that our perception of the world is reality and, as such, positive outlook will lead to positive life.

Of course, I'm an idealist (INFP by Myers-Briggs personality typing) and that probably plays a major role in that belief.

On a different note: I love brite's idea about you saying "yes" to every single thing for a day (uh, don't tell your boys about it if you do...) and blogging about it. So you should definitely do it.

(Start by saying "yes" now.)

Dorn said...

The FBI will be calling shortly about that lie detecting keyboard you've developed. I'm still waiting for my boss' computer to have the sarcasm font installed. Would be massively handy for judging which way the wind was blowing from his office some days.

I've never really tested the whole positive negative thought/perception concept. I want to believe in the idea that energies affect us and like energies are attracted to one another. I'm just typically too negative to test the other.

Kathryn, let's do this. Today will be a great day because we want it to.

Climb2Nowhere said...

I do believe in the law of attraction. Totally! Think about the days when it's been shit all around and what your mood was. Also think about the opposite. I've noticed my negative friends have one problem after the other. I guess I would too if that's what I was looking for. I don't think if you think of money you'll just get some. You need to take action, but it all starts with a thought in your head!

Vince said...

There are people out there that could suck the energy from a erupting volcano. And it's not that they are depressed, leastwise, they are only truly happy when they have an entire group knocked so low that the group is depressed.
You've met them, they are mostly women but not exclusively so. They are the ones that nothing around them is Ever correct no matter what is done. And God help you if you are ever on a bus-tour with one of them.

Unknown said...

i believe 'the word of God works'
and all things work together for good
and no one can predict your life

I believe God is good and He gives good gifts

I believe His word can answer everything.

anything that is not the word of God, i don't believe.

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

I so need a sarcastic font - and it needs to be universally recognized as the sarcastic font so that people can't possibly mistake it for anything else...

I believe in being positive - it's not always easy, but I try... Being positive can usually make people around you more positive. I like to test it out - if I'm at a store or something and I can tell the cashier is having a really horrible day, I will be extra nice and happy and by the end they are usually smiling and more upbeat too. It feels good to spread positivity. :-)

Straight Guy said...

None of us can really speak to the long term effects of karma or positivity, we simply don't know enough. Never will.

But I can say that I've seen positive, giving, and beautiful people brought low by hard and undoubtedly unfair circumstances. And I've seen jerks walk serenely into the sunset.

So, in terms of this world, I'm not a big believer that we create our own destinies. None of us deserve disease or tragedy, but it happens randomly.

I've met rich people who have earned their wealth (and a few who obviously haven't). But only a few of them seem to deserve it. You know they're trouble when they can't even separate those concepts.

So, all in all, I'd rather work hard and feel lucky and grateful for what I do have (which is a lot), than spend my time visualizing that I deserve more. There are a billion people out there who DO deserve more... where's their karma?

So, like others have mentioned, it helps to spread good vibes. I do it when I can. In big, small, and anonymous ways.

Happiness is overrated and contentment under so. I strive for the latter. But even that's hard.

Unknown said...

I believe in positivity and it does work sometimes. Tell me when the sarcastic font is ready. I just might need it. Take care.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

*raises left hand*

I believe that thinking happier thoughts can make you happier, but I'm not so sure about the whole makes-you-lucky thing.

It's like that dude in the movie about red ferns (Where the Red Fern Grows? Yes, I believe that's it.), he said, "God will go half, but you have to meet him halfway."

See what I'm saying here??? No??? Fine.

So you saw me roll my eyes huh? Impressive.

Slamdunk said...

No, I don't think that I can avoid bad things, but thinking only positively. I do think positive thinking is helpful in dealing with the good and the crap (grounds us).

I also believe how we handle the turds that life throws at us shows our character.

Lauren said...

Uh... I believe in your country you have a fifth amendment? Does that apply here? I unfortunately believe some people are lucky while others have to work harder. I'm the latter, can you tell? Although, I suppose it's a matter of perspective... stupid perspective... Maybe someone should bottle that. Huh.

Gay Guy said...

Soooo, any of that money left over?

You don't need it all, do ya?

Vince said...

Or that toxic f****r. The passive-aggressive under-miner.

sage said...

I once casted my bread upon the waters. A duck ate it.

Mark Price said...

Hi Kathryn!
I have pretty much always played for the positivity team.(it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile and I am lazy like that!) I try to put a positive spin on situations most of the time...yes I lost my car keys, however I did find my slippers under the couch while searching. Yipee I love those slippers!

Carol said...

Absolutely! Whatever you were talking about I totally agree. I would sit and chat but it's hard with this damn rainbow coming out of my butt! How's that for positive thinking?

HulaBuns said...

Ok, ok, since I'm under oath and everything I guess I'll be honest. ;)

I definitely believe that the vibe you give off tends to be projected back at you. I think that those that are Negative Nellies have a hard time seeing the good in their lives. Instead they seem to look solely for what they perceive as negative before even thinking about giving the good a thought. (I actually have been working on a post about this also. Great minds think alike!)

I would definitely be with you on the "I'm late but it probably saved me from being hit by a falling tree" perspective... :)

JD at I Do Things said...

I'm a little bit nervous about that guilty font . . .

Anyway. I DO believe in the power of positive thought. After all, I gave a rousing presentation in 5th grade on Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking. I brought down the house.

But that doesn't stop me from having negative thoughts. It's really a constant back-and-forth sometimes. Yes, you will. No, I won't. And so on. I think sometimes I'm afraid to think positive thoughts because then, if something bad happens, it will somehow be ten times worse than if I'd thought negative thoughts, thus "preparing" myself.

Do you have a confused font?

Runnergirl said...

I believe for the most part that you make your own luck, although I do appreciate that I have also been incredibly fortunate and not always at my own doing.

I also know one of my best friends, she is always positive, despite her family constantly being beset by illness, stress, accidents etc. She still is always interested in others and never wallows in her own misfortune.

I'm not sure about projecting positive energy to attract good fortune, but I do know that wallowing and complaining doesn't get anyone anywhere and probably makes things worse, if not for those people themselves, but certainly for the people around them.

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Yes, I do believe in the law of attraction and it scares the crap out of me.

kathryn said...

Alan W. Davidson: Oh, very clever, mister. Now you'll have everyone wondering if they're the bad apple. Not me, of course...I'm one of the goodones.

brite: Wow. I did not know that story! That's an intriguing think/say "yes" to everything for a day. I'll try it tomorrow and report back.

Angelina: Ha! Yeah, everyone loves Benny! I love your analogy about the sun always shining behind the true! And a lovely way to look at life as well.

kathryn said...

j.m. neeb: Uh. read that, huh? I'll definitely have to try it. I'll absolutely keep this info away from the boys! The biggest challenge will be not automatically saying "no" when someone asks me something!

Dorn: I like the way you think! I do believe our outlook affects how others react to us...and I guess that, in turn, would determine how an experience goes. And, wouldn't it be GREAT to have a sensor keyboard that could pick up on the sarcasm?? I'd love it!

Climb2Nowhere: So very true, sweetie. And I always wonder about those ppl who just have one problem after the other...and are always bitching about it. They're kind of hard to be around...right? It's always so great if I can find one good thing to really focus on.

kathryn said...

Vince: Yes...I'm sorry to say that I too, know these people. I guess they're everywhere, huh? And they really do suck the life out of those around them, don't they??

Tisha: I agree that no-one can predict much of anything, really. And the belief in a higher power that is all good and only wants good for us is a lovely and comforting thing to believe.

KellyGrrl: Abso-effing-lutely, girl! I think you are absolutely correct....and it's amazing how much power we truly have, right??

kathryn said...

Straight Guy: "Happiness is overrated ad contentment is under so. I adore this line, SG. And I adore your comment...sounds like I hit a never, have this much to say! I know what you mean about not understanding how tragedy can happen to such good, kind people. That's the perplexing part...why some struggle so much in life where others just breeze on through. I do know that I don't take as much for granted anymore. I'm big on the "life is too damn short" way of thinking. I loved hearing your thoughts on this, SG!

Lily Johnson: Ha! I'll let you know as soon as it's ready, sweetie! I do believe I see a virtual-line forming for that font!

Oddyoddyo13: How do I not know this movie? Have I been living under a rock? (Don't you DARE answer that, missy.) I love the saying, though. I think we make our own luck...and we can't do it on the couch. We have to help make it happen, right?

kathryn said...

Slamdunk: I agree. It's hard when you feel like you're dodging all those crap-balls, though. But it feels great when they stop! And I think that negativity breeds more of the same as well.

Lauren: Silly girl. Like I said, there are definitely those of us who just seem to be dealt more crap in life. And I'm not buying that whole "You only get what you can handle" business, either. Sometimes, life is just freakin' HARD!

Gay Guy: Hmmm. How much do you figure is in that pile, anyway? I mean, how far could we get if we just took!?! (Cabana boys, here we come. Have the cocktails READY.)

kathryn said...

Vince: Yeah...that disguises themselves as the one who "plays devil's advocate".

sage: Oh, heavy. Is this some kind of deep, fishing revelation? I like it!

Mark Price: Wait! Those are MY slippers! You may be trying to dazzle me with your positivity-team-crap...but you're a THIEF who STOLE my slippers! (See? You can just make out where the bunny head was RIPPED OFF.)

kathryn said...

Carol: Ha! That's my girl! Now, just lift up one cheek so that leprechaun can climb on out. (HA!)

HulaBuns: I can't tell you how many times I fall back on that, "Well, if I were on time, something bad would have happened to me...". Sometimes, ya gotta be creative with this stupid stuff that's so annoying!

JD at I Do Things: Aw honey! HA! I'll get right on that confused font! And I know just what you mean, too. It's like, "Well, I should prepare for the worst, then it won't be so bad. But I don't want to think the worst, 'cause THAT would be...well, worse." (Where IS that confused font?)

kathryn said...

Runnergirl: Wow. What a fabulous comment, sweetie. And I believe in every word you've said. It's probably a lot less about bringing happiness to you...and more about what you do with what life gives you. Does that make sense?

Kristy: Aw, honey! I think it scares the crap out of all of us!! That's why we're all trying so hard to be POSITIVE!!

Heather said...

Well crap, I'm doomed! LOL! Even without trying I found a negitive. The positive is that I can find humor in my negitive state. Excuse me while I go take a nap and try to refresh this attitude. Thanks for the reminder to think positive. I LOVE naps!

Alicia said...

Every day I get up with a positive attitude that this day is going to be wonderful...and almost every day I drag my tired butt home feeling like the world has kicked my hind end.

The next day I get up with that same postive attitude knowing that one day the world will get it right and I'll have an awesome day.

But until that day, I try to remain positive cause if nothing else I have a friend named Kathryn who writes these crazy posts that make me think, laugh, cry and inspires me to carry on for just another day!

Alicia said...

Ok, well maybe you don't post every day cause I note you do take the weekends off. But the weekend is the weekend. No work, no reponsibility...I don't even have to comb my hair if I don't want to! I don't see any reason to not be positive about the weekends!

Jerry said...

Actually M'Lady, I figure perception has something to do with it. If your all peppy and excited and gushing and thrilled with the day, all those bad things just trickle off and all the good things are embraced and enhanced.

StephanieinSuburbia said...

Hmmmm, I file that under "nice idea." I mean, yes, in theory, positive thoughts bring positive things. But that doesn't stop the negative thoughts from creeping least for me.

kathryn said...

Heather: Ha! You are too funny! So, out of this whole, entire post...the message that came through the loudest for you was to take a nap?! Well, you're welcome, then!

Alicia: Oh, crack me up! I can just picture you (like in the movie Groundhog Day) repeating the same ritual over and over....waiting and never giving up hope that it'll get better. And you KNOW it WILL. It HAS to...'cause we've set it up that way. Right?

Jerry:Huh. (Thinks) Did you use a thesaurus to come up with "embraced" and "enhanced"? And how intriguing that you tied it all up in the olden talk by saying M' thinks you've been-eth to a Renaissance Festival lately? Eth?

StephanieinSuburbia: I know. Maybe Sir Jerry is onto something. Maybe we need to perceive those negative thoughts as actually being preparation for the worst-case-scenario...whilst always expecting the best-case, of course. Would that work, ya think?

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