Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Drive, ROAD TRIP! Actually, not so much a road trip as my drive to and from work today. Yes, folks... it's four-plus minutes of non-stop Kathryn!

I can already hear you groaning. (Hangs head) I know, I know. Usually, when I see a video embedded, I pray it's under two minutes...maybe I've got the patience for three. But in all fairness to me, I edited this baby down from like, 20 minutes! You should be freakin' have NO appreciation for the fine arts. Okay, so maybe it's not Sundance Film Festival-level stuff...but still. Show a girl some support.

I hope it comes through for you Kindle-lovers...I'm sending some blog-loooove your way as well.

Watch and listen. I promise it'll make you rich...and popular...and...wise beyond your wildest dreams!

Okay, that's a load of crap and you know it. But, watch it anyway, so I know you care. (*blink, blink*)

C'mon! Let's GO....

lisa said...

Blogworld in Vegas~interesting.
This blog post of yours, I like it. Thanks for sharing your AM commute.

Slamdunk said...

How fun.

Thanks for allowing me to ride shotgun. I think a drive around my area would feature as many cows as cars on most days.

Unknown said...

You seriously crack me up.

My SIL has a GPS that we used on a trip last year. We named her Stella. She yelled at us a lot too.

Our scenery is much like yours right now. Pretty colors all around. And, yes, rain tomorrow and Friday. But I don't have video on my phone, so you'll have to settle for pictures. :)

Christopher said...

Have you ever seen that movie cloverfield? I kept waiting for a giant monster to come out of the trees.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

What I want to know is what the other people on their way to work are thinking. Example:

" that woman holding a camera?! Did she just drop it-NO! Don't dive down to retrieve the camera! Is she TALKING? There's nobody else in the car! Wha-?"

But, of course, those mind readers must know that you are entertaining us. :)

Love your New Yawk accent!

Lauren said...

I have several points I want to discuss.

1) I'm glad you made it home in one piece.
2) Looks a lot like where I live.
3)I was thinking of doing something similar a little while ago... weird. Are we sharing brain waves?
4)Your accent makes me smile!
5)Good job avoiding that cop!

Dorn said...

Kathryn, love the autumn colors. I'm jealous, we have two seasons here...Hot and Christmas.

I keep waiting for my GPS to scream "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!" I know she's thinking it. And if her maps were updated with toll roads, she'd be right. Instead my little monster truck icon appears to be hovering over wilderness half the time.

Vince said...


Is the narrator from Australia ?.

you would expect that when people meet the person that voiced the sat-nav. She gets punched out on a regular basis.

Yay, to the Miners down in Chile. Brave, eh.

Missed Periods said...

Did your GPS say semi-colon? I want mine to say semi-colon. Mostly, it just says, "recalculating!"

Gigi said...

Loved this post - and am utterly amazed that you were able to keep the car in your lane! I can barely even carry on a conversation with someone in the car and drive....much less run video.

TC said...

Loved it! I enjoyed hearing you and of course it was entertaining!
Maybe I will make a video..dunno..
I haven't put up a blog post since I started writing for like money so you don't need to go look....LOL

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

Love it.... Loooks beautiful - one thing California is missing is seasons.... hahaha

diane rene said...

now I have a voice in my head to put with all your dialogue - love it <3

Carol said...

Ok seriously? Taking me for a drive this early in the morning? First of all, the camera angle had me hypervenalating and slamming on the brakes. You know how I hate not being in control. And semi colon? She seriously said semi colon? What if it had been a whole colon? I crack myself up! I would do the same but my commute takes place at 5:45 am, all I see is dark.

kathryn said...

Lisa E: Yeah...a whole world of blogs. Can you imagine? Vegas has everything. Did you notice how she kept interrupting whenever I mentioned it? I'm glad you enjoyed a slice from my life!

Slamdunk: Cows are nice! I can't drive by them without the prerequisite "MOO." I'll bet you don't do that. Do you? I'm glad you rode shotgun with me...I hope I didn't make you carsick!

Kimberly: "Stella" is a fabulous name! I shall name her that, in your honor. And I know you'll have some fabulous photos at your place. You always do! Thanks for riding along!

kathryn said...

Christopher: Ha! That would have made my film "Sundance-worthy"!! Although I have to say that only a GUY could take a lovely, chatty-Kathryn ride in the sunshine and turn it into a horror movie.

Oddyoddyo13: What New Yawk accent?? I swear...I don't hear it. Maybe I subconsciously turn it up when I know you guys are listening. Yeah, I was holding the cell in my hand that was holding the steering wheel...altho I noticed in hindsight that there's a little spotlight on the video side of the cell that probably annoyed a few motorists. I was cracking up when I watched the video...looks like a roller-coaster, right?

Lauren: OF COURSE I made it home in one piece. It only LOOKS dangerous...'cause of the angle of the camera and all. You know how everything appears faster when on film, right? What freakin' accent? Yes, we share brain waves. We also share voices in our heads. We are bound by insanity...and that bond is very strong.

kathryn said...

Dorn: Ha! "Hot and Christmas"! HA! I know just what you mean about the hovering over dead's freakin' scary, right? Or, it was in the beginning...I don't think either of us gives it a second thought anymore.

Vince: Yes, Brave Miner-Men in Chile. So glad they've been freed! And yeah, I believe that nav-voice is probably one of the most hated on the planet.

Missed Periods: YES, she said "semi-colon"! Evidently, she's very literal....and I guess that's what it says on the map. You must have the Garmin...I know that one's big on "recalculating"!

kathryn said...

Gigi: Thank you, my dear. I recently moved Nav to the left side of I know it looked like I was gonna crash but I'm actually right in the middle of my lane. No, really! And now that I know the route well, it's getting so I'm looking for a distraction.

TC: Yes, definitely make a video! I'd love to see it! I'm glad you've been writing for $$...that's the best way to do it!

KellyGrrl: Aw. Well, it goes both ways, sweetie. I think when you take for granted the changing of the seasons, you sometimes (if you're ME) wouldn't mind some continuous, mild, calm weather. It's raining cats & dogs here now & all those leaves'll probably be down by the time it stops.

kathryn said...

diane rene: Ha! Yeah, I guess we never realize how we sound outside of our own heads, huh? It never ceases to amaze me how much endless chatter can come out of my mouth.

Carol: I THOUGHT of YOU and GIGI both FREAKING OUT at my driving! That's why I kept swinging the camera (cell) dramatically. I could almost hear your screams in my head. I think you're in there somewhere! Yeah, she said "semi-colon"! How lame is that! Wow. 5:45am? Good news is I'll bet you have no commuter traffic!

Dreamfarm Girl said...

you are hilarious! Thanks for taking my on your scenic autumn commute. how would i know what fall actually looks like elsewhere if not for you?? plus, it was oddly fun to hear your actual voice instead of it coming through your written words. oh, technology + kathryn = such fun!

Gay Guy said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty colors . . .


Gotta look up "Blog World."

Straight Guy said...

This is my favorite time of year. Love the first day you need a jacket.

Take a leaf, coat it with hairspray, put it in the middle of a thick book, then you can pull it out anytime. My kids love this.

Not that I use hairspray. But I know where it is.

kathryn said...

Dreamfarm Girl: Oh, you are just too sweet! I swear, I think the "New Yawk" in me was in rare form during that recording. It was a gorgeous day...and as predicted, it's been crappy ever since! Glad I did that when I did!

Gay Guy: Yeah. And the colors didn't show up very well from my Blackberry. Imagine that. How come we hadn't heard about BlogWorld? Maybe it was on our dashboards and we blew right past it. I tweeted Ric (Boss) and practically demanded he swipe me a Blogger souvenir to go with my Google keychain. I hope he remembers!

Straight Guy: Seriously? Hairspray? Now I have to try this. I remember the 'ole iron it between wax paper. I also remember it not working. How much hairspray? I mean, soak it...or what? C''re the hairspray expert here!

sage said...

I love the NY accent--as for color, Michigan is nice but doesn't compare especially to western and upstate NY (believe it or not, I lived in NY state for 3 years-a southern boy a long ways from home.

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

So you don't just spell it New Yawk! You say it New Yawk!!! :)

kathryn said...

sage: Okay...I'll pretend I can hear an accent. (Shakes her head as she types) Wow, you WERE a long way from home! I'm also surprised that our color palette for autumn isn't closer to yours. See that? I learned something new.

Kristy: HA! Yup...I guess I do. Although, I can sound hoity-toity and totally lose the "Yawk" if I choose to. (Raises one pinky delicately in the air)

Runnergirl said...

Our Sat Nav is called Ken and he's Australian. We tried the USA voices, but they were just too cutesy.

Kathryn, I want you to do a Sat Nav voice that I can download. I love your accent!! So weird to put a voice to the words, but actually it was kind of just as I had imagined you - like when I read your words, it's almost like I can hear you reading them out loud.

In a non-stalker way!

HulaBuns said...

Seriously, how did I miss this post?!?! This is freakin hilarious because; 1) I would have killed myself if I would've tried doing something like this while driving, it stresses me out just to watch it and 2) I was in Vegas at the time of the Blog World thingy. Had I read your blog I might have known when I was there to check it out. You have inspired me to try to do a vlog. :)

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