Friday, May 28, 2010

Bad Blogger

I’m sorry. I’m trying to catch up…really I am. I could give you…14 reasons...just off the top of my head to explain where the hell I’ve been…but I won’t.

‘Cause I’m not the type to complain.

(Waits patiently…arms crossed, tapping foot….for hysterical laughing to quiet down)


Here’s a photo to remind us how cold and gnarly it used to be, lest we forget:

This hose was a brilliant idea of yours truly to catch the rainwater for the flowers in the greenhouse at Connor’s old school. As you can see, I hadn’t quite thought it through for the winter months…

Connor took this photo of the mama duck that had her babies in the courtyard of the school. See that one little duckling on the right? The one that’s screwed up the duckie-family’s perfect “V” shape? We I named him Muk. Muk was adorable. Muk was fearless. Muk was a rebel.

Here’s another shot:

Where’s Muk? I swear…that mama duck’s head did more 360s than Linda Blair in The Exorcist looking for that little guy. One day, we needed to throw down some gravel in various spots in the courtyard, so I had to ask Taylor to come Muk-sit….’cause there’s no way I was taking responsibility for stoning that little bit of fluff.

Every time I looked up to check, Taylor (and subsequently Muk) had moved to another part of the courtyard. Muk had this habit of running so fast, he’d fall down…it was freakin’ hilarious. Taylor still likes to tell the story of Muk running lightning-fast right over Taylor’s foot….and more than once.

Muk got himself into a lot of messy crap…and since I didn’t think I’d be such a good role model naming the little guy “Crap”, we went with “Muk”.

Mama duck spent a lot of time cleaning her babies up:

But, where’s Muk?

Ah. I should have known.

So this Memorial Day weekend, try and be a little more like Muk. Try getting a little dirty…run a little too fast…and never listen to your mother.

C’mon…you know you really want to.

Anonymous said...

I see Muk managed to enlist a couple of baby ducks to rebel with him. I'd love to be a bit more like Muk, although he can keep his name. Go, Muk!


Viv said...

Pretty sure I've made my mom's head spin around a few times already! He he. I love to run a Muk. SO cute.

Lauren said...

That is too cute! Why can't humans walk in V formations? We just get boring single file.

Crayotic Ramblings said...

This is the best post I have read all day!

Gigi said...

Ahh - to be like Muk! Great post. Love the pictures.

Unknown said...

Those ducks are so stinkin' cute! Great post!

Have a great Memorial Day!

sage said...

I've spent a lifetime trying to be like Muk--i think the only thing my mother forbid me to do that I haven't done is to buy a motorcycle... Love the pictures.

Bobby Allan said...

How cute! I wanna be like Muk!

Have a great weekend, Sweetie!

Lynn said...

Sweet post, Kathryn. I love bitsy ducks. They're so charming. Muk is either going to do something amazing with his life or it will be cut tragically short. I'm opting for doing something amazing! Have a lovely weekend!

Spot said...

I'm like Muk everyday. In so much as, I'm always falling down, get myself into a mess frequently and never ever listen to my mother. Go me! Everyone needs more Muk in their life.

Love those pictures. Hehe. "Muk-sit".


dailyseeking said...

Your posts really make my day!

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

SOOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

Baby ducks are so cute. I always say you can tell how much fun a kid had at school (Or the park or where ever) by how messy they are when they get home!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Haha, check, check, and check!

Full-On-Forward said...

THAT is so cool- ar ar--I can't believe the diameter of that frozen water!!!

I LOVE the way you bring out the MUK in all of us!

Forever following!


Dreamfarm Girl said...

Oh that was adorable. I love a cute animal story with a good moral at the end...and this one was spot on perfect! (unless you're my kid...then you should listen to your mother. but they usually don't)

Heather said...

That is just soo cute!

I can relate to Muk way too much and I feel for his poor mother!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

How cute is Muk!! I love that your son loves the little ducks.
And wow, great reminder of what a harsh winter we had. We so deserve this fine spring!!
So glad to see you back girl, miss you like crazy when you're gone for too long!

kathryn said...

Fierce: Oh, but the name so suited've no idea. He was the scrappiest little puff-ball I'd ever seen...and totally set a bad example for his siblings, for sure!

Viv: Oh, I suppose our moms would all totally agree with you on that one. Of course, they'd also tell us that payback time is heading our way soon!

Lauren: Oh, that would work out well. Could you imagine the chaos on 5th Ave? I'd love to see the little kiddies do it, though...THAT would be adorable...

kathryn said...

Micael "Rabbit" Chadwick: Aw. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Gigi: Hey, we've all got a little Muk in there...we've just got to figure how where he's disappeared to.

Kimberly: I totally agree! How could you not love a puffy little duck? Hope you have a great Memorial Day as well, sweetie!

kathryn said...

sage: Well, speaking as a mom, that's a tough one to condone. Does the expression, "You could be lying in a ditch somewhere" sound vaguely familiar??

Chrissy: So, let's be more like Muk! I will, if you will! Just go change out of those nice clothes first....and can we wear a shower cap, too??

Lynn: Thanks, sweetie. I'm hoping for wonderful things from Muk as well...if you ever hear about an extraordinary moment in time involving a duck, it's probably him!

kathryn said...

Spot: Why does this not surprise me? I'll bet your full name is Spot Muk GetTheHellOuttaMyWayImWorkinHere. Your mother was very, very wise.

dailyseeking: Aw...thanks, sweetie. And your lovely compliments make mine as well!

KellyGrrl: I know! I'm so happy Connor got that one "family" shot, 'cause it's the only one there is!

kathryn said...

Christiejolu: Oh, this is so true. The dirtier and scruffier, the more antics they've had....and the happier they probably are. Muk must've been ecstatic...

Oddyoddyo13: Good girl. I knew I could count on you!

John McElveen: Oh! What an amazingly sweet thing to say! I am truly touched and honored. As for the diameter of the water....(ahem)...I KNOW! Wtf?

kathryn said...

Dreamfarm Girl: That's just how I felt! "Damned if I wanna be the one to have to clean them all up....wipe your feet! Don't TOUCH ANYTHING! You're all SWEATY!!" It's great in theory, though....right?

Heather: Aw...we've all got some Muk inside of us. That little daredevil voice...ya know? As kids, I guess we always adults, I guess we ignore it a lot.

kathryn said...

Maureen@IslandRoar: Honey, the feeling is totally mutual! I do believe the trick is to simply NEVER MOVE AGAIN. That should just about cover it. xo

diane rene said...

awww ... I ♥ MUK

TC said...

I'm a Muk, those who aren't muk's don't understand.

wendy said...

See Muk the Duck run.
See Muk the Duck play in the bright sun.
I love Muk the Duck.
Muk the Duck is sweet.
I wish Muk the Duck could visit me.
That would be neat.

Your blog remided me of the Jane and Spot books I read in grade school =)

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