Thursday, March 4, 2010

Six Words

Okay, people! With spring right around the corner (hope, hope), it’s time to stretch those creative muscles. I’m expecting great things!

Have you heard of this? Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words:
"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

It got me thinking about personal stories we could tell with 6 words…

I’ll start:

Three boys. Never boring. Testosterone overload!

Writer needed? Job wanted! Call me.

Endless winter. Spring procrastinates. We wait.

Mom died. We lived. Cancer sucks.

Life is hard. Denial can help!

Hate winter. Want spring. Miss butterflies.

House for sale. Crave permanent home.

Threw ball. Puppy retrieved. Simple joy!

Three favorite words: In. The. Black.

My passion? I write. ‘Nuff said.

Man who makes me smile? Ron.

Miss you lots. Another cocktail, please.

Don’t go. My baby. College beckons.

Five years. Three moves. I’m tired.

I want to be alone. Not.

Have you seen your bumper? Ouch.

When you’re done, I want him!

Found love. Didn’t last. Never again.

Aren't you glad you backed up?

Love means taking out the trash.

What did you see in him?

Too cold. Can’t feel my toes.

Priorities straight: Work, then love. Wait-

I love my bed. Sue me.

I love my three awesome sons.

This blog. You guys. Happiness! Bliss!

Now it’s your turn! It’s FUN. Please? For me?

Lou said...

So tired. Mental overload. Over soon.

Tina said...

Horror: Red eyes in the hot darkness.
Romance: First sight in the hot night.

Runnergirl said...

Stick with it. Slimmer is better.

Pub quiz fun, but came last.

Dave Matthews Band, just can't wait!

Hey, this is lots of fun!

Kathryn, have a fun filled weekend!

Selina Kingston said...

- Getting old. Makes me behave badly

- Kathryn, you have a great blog!

Bernadine said...

Summer seaside going there on plane

Love flying brother private pilot nice

Work no thank you home yes

Brain cells fried can't think anymore

Have a fab weekend Kath. This was fun :)

BlackLOG said...

My Bid for the shortest book with the least characters

6 hide as 7 8 9

Missing food Fat Cat Happy McG

Must steal for use in BlackLOG

Gigi said...

It's too early. I can't think.

Moonrayvenne said...

Wow, a wonderful start to Friday!
I, too, am longing for Spring.
Hope your weekend is absolutely fabulous!
(((Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs)))

Mark Price said...

lovin your blog,makes me smile.

Momiji chan said...

hmm i guess you could say your happy in life but for you i guess thats not that simple XD

Unknown said...

I need to see sun, soon!

So lucky to have found happy.

Hubby, kitties, bed - life is good.

Bloggers like you make me smile!

Spot said...

Too tired to play your game.
Tina beat me hands down anyway.
Going back to bed now, thanks.


Betsy said...

-Didn't kill me, made me stronger.

-She stood watching as he left...

-On diet, really really want cookies!

great idea Kathryn, and harder than it looks. You made it look easy, of course!

Unknown said...

Pregnancy: sick, fat, hot, tired, cranky.

Babies are worth the whole thing!

Jen T said...

Life is hard but worth it.

Half dreamer, half over-planner, I'm crazy.

Daddy's girl, daddy's gone, broken heart.

Sunshine makes my world go 'round.

The Shitty Astrologer said...

Sip wine, sip more, finish bottle.

Sleep in, wake up, make coffee.

This is actually the story of my life...

Anonymous said...

There are no coincidences in life.

Making the best of the journey.

Quiet time to ponder my life.

Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio chilled perfectly.

Love explosion, shrapnel hugs and kisses.

A cozy cottage by the sea.

With love from Family and Friends.

Letting love run its crooked course.

Childhood memories of such simpler times.

Love you Kathy, see you tomorrow!

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

Why is Clinton Kelly your IV? (Sorry, super curious.)

Pour me a drink, it's Friday.

I love my boys beyond measure.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Christopher said...

Weekend almost here. My heart flutters.

Lauren said...

We just had to do that exercise in Creative writing.

Individual pissed at life. Moving on.

The things we can say in six words.

Ron said...

Hello you creative lady, you!

OMG...this is SOOOOOO cool!

Ok, let me think....

Love my new HP laptop computer.

I hate the smell of vinegar.

Hello Kitty needs to go goodbye.

My neighbor moved out yesterday...yipeee!

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

This was so much FUN!!!!!!

Oh, and one more...

Lady that makes me giggle. Kathryn.

GREAT post, my friend!

Thoroughly enjoyed.


Lynn said...


Love insurance. Ice damage paid for.

Need a brownie. Like, right NOW.

Sun is shining. Bring it on!

A fun, yet rather poignant, post Kathryn. So much can be said in just six little words.

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Here's one for Friday:
Let's knock back a few. Cheers.

Unknown said...

One cat, one dog, no peace.

Have a camera; need nothing more.

Data junkie; love computers; perfect job!

You are right - this is fun!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Okay, only for you. Here goes:

kathryn said...

Hey, everyone! I'm following all your comments and I'm LOVING them! Keep 'em coming...and feel free to stop back and add more if you think of others you'd like to add. It's fun, right?! I'm on the road till around 9pm and will do some responding then. I'll add: "You guys rock. Creativity flows effortlessly."

Carol said...

Teenager, job, mortgage. Kill me now.

Good wine. Great book. Bubble bath.

A smile, a touch, life begins.

Girl scout cookies, bottom getting larger.

Cold toes, warm blankets, easy contentment.

Great Kathryn, as alway, you rock!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Leave past behind. Move on knowing.

Ha ha, this IS fun Kathryn.

Tia said...

He was cruel. I am free.

My children's kisses. All is good.

Cats purr. Dogs bark. People annoy.

Divorce final. Who wants a drink?

Tia said...

He was cruel. I am free.

My children's kisses. All is good.

Cats purr. Dogs bark. People annoy.

Divorce final. Who wants a drink?

Alicia said...

I actually did a bunch of these at work and I left them in my desk drawer. I remember one was:
Work sucks, feet cold, heater on.

I had some really good ones, just wish I could remember them.

But this was fun!

Jenny said...

I wish I had more cake.

TAG said...

This post is brilliant. More please.


Mary said...

First thoughts of the day for me. It's been a long winter even in Florida of all places:
Yeah, warm Sun shining...instant smile :)
Hoping Spring is on it's way!!!

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, I love all of yours. OK, let me try one.

Almost there. Almost there. Almost there.

It may not tell much of a story to anyone else, but it means a lot to me.


wendy said...

Imagination: Free your mind, dream, create.

kathryn said...

Lou: You'll rest. Reboot. You'll feel better.

Tina: Your stories rock! I want more!

Runnergirl: Sweetie, you rock!
Comments always amazing!
Tell Dave Matthews, "Love you, too!"

Selena Kingston: Getting old? Never good. For anyone!
And you are very kind, sweetie!

Jerry said...

Oh I hate things like this. All of my life I have been accused of using ten words when three would do. To limit my words is to shackle me.

Oh, what the hell.

'Life it strange. Or maybe it....(is me. Crap!)

Unknown said...

Acceptance Letter: A New Life Begins

Glad to have time to read the blog again...made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

A star born. Star commits suicide. My son.

Momiji chan said...

graduate from school

feeling down because of no job

looking foward to going to japan

want to spend my life playing violins

eventually live with my best friend

move out and live in a light house

eventually get married and have kids

play violins for my kids *if i have any *

youd say thats a pretty easy task but its really not when the one from the last is tough mostly when you have 3 brothers that are very over protective thanks kathryn for letting me get this off my chest hah ^_~

Amrita said...

dint finish assignment.very scared now.

3 boring classes sucks

Anonymous said...

Haiku ain't got nothing on this.

Pratik Gupta said...

You cant run, You Cant hide

He eat. He farts. He shits.

I came. I saw. I left.

My free copyright. Registered and Protected.

Its so much Fun. Will come back and write more. :P

Sadie said...

How does seperation led to re-identification?

kathryn said...

Bernadine: Hope you love...every vacation minute!

BlackLOG: You may steal. I don't mind.
Not my brainstorm in first place!

Gigi: And yet you're golden. See that?

Collette: You totally rocked this piece, sweetie!
We long for spring together, right?
Hope your weekend was a blast!

kathryn said...

Mark Price: (Hey, you!)
Yours too. Makes me laugh. HA!

uo-chan: Yes I am. Happy in life.

ValleyWriter: You've done well! I love these!
Hubby, kitties, bed. I totally agree!

Spot: Why is everyone so freakin' tired?
And yet, you played...and flawlessly!

Gingerella: You did great. Looked positively effortless!
Loved middle one...made me sigh.

kathryn said...

I couldn't have said it better.
Sweet baby. Intoxicating smell. Overwhelming love!

lifelove'n'wine: Not crazy...just crazed...big difference!
Sorry about Dad. Sad for you.

Gruntilda: Yummy wine. Love wine. More please!
I hear you. Sometimes life's mundane.

kathryn said...

Anonymous: (Laura!)

These are amazing. You're a natural.
"Love explosion, shrapnel hugs and kisses"
This one made my heart ache.

Dearest readers, meet my sister.

kathryn said...

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt: Each one of these is fabulous!
Clinton is stuck in my head.
Can't choose neighbors, family or IV!

Why can't every day be Friday?

Lauren: Aw. Sorry you just did this!
Thanks for giving it another go.

kathryn said...

Never knew vinegar made you gag.
Hello Kitty is your worst enemy!
Glad neighbor's gone! Finally some quiet.
NO ICICLES falling on your head!

I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

kathryn said...

Thanks, sweetie! I felt the same. Love brownies, sorry about ice damage.

LOVE THIS! Let's DO! Right NOW!

It's fun when it comes naturally!
Love cats, love dogs, love cameras!

kathryn said...

You flatter. I blush. More, please!

These are definitely my top favs!
"A smile, a touch, life begins"
Kill me now? I know! Right?!

Live forward. Remember the past. Love!

Oh! Love these! You totally ROCK!
Glad you're free. You deserve better.

Alicia: How can you be cold, Californian? (Ya think anyone's realizing I've answered EVERY SINGLE comment in 6 words????)

kathryn said...

Jenny:I wish I could send some.(!)

TAG: You are too kind. My hero!

Mary: YEAH! Hope springs eternal! Impatient anticipation.

JD at I Do Things:
I get it. I love it.
You deserve it. You'll make it!

Wendy Blum:
Beautiful! We all need to dream!

You're not strange. You're being stubborn!
If you focus, it will come.
It's not hard, once you start.
Stinky here, thanks to Metro's fart.

Sports15: Welcome back!Glad you've smiled. Stay!!

Anonymous: So sad! So sorry! No words...

uo-chan: "Live in a light house?" How cool!

Don't be scared. Make it up?
Boring class? Finish assignments! No way??


Patrik Gupta:
Excellent! You're a natural. Keep going!

Sadie: Time to reflect. Mind becomes un-muddled!

Alicia said...

I noticed, all answers, six words!
I'm at my desk eating lunch & found my post-it with the others I did that day. YOU DID SAY TO KEEP GOING.
Stomach grumbles, oatmeal cookies, thanks Anna!
Control, Alt, Delete...words of wisdom!

My last words on this subject are:

Kathryn is a joy...every damn day!

kathryn said...

Alicia: So glad you found them! Whee!
Glad you came back! Nice ones!
"Control, Alt, Delete" my favorite one.
Thanks for noticing my six words!!

You rock too, sweetie! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You write, I smile; that's love

Want to sleep! Must I leave?????

Hate Mondays. Worst day of week

I write, you smile; share joy

Adventure, comedy, reality; life of Kathryn

Okay that's the limit of my creative ability right now but

No snow, spring's here; sweet bliss!


kathryn said...

Fierce: Oh, these were lovely! And so many were about ME! Now you're making me blush! Thank you, sweetie....these were very well done!

Heather said...

High speed eludes me. So sad.

Heather said...

I asked hubby and here is what he said:

I have not got a clue!

Huh, I came up with one!

kathryn said...

Heather: "High speed"? Someone got hurt/died in car crash? You're sad. I like hubby's! Tell him I said, "Good one!"

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