Friday, October 2, 2009

Complaints With A Question on Top

What I've Learned Since Becoming A Grown-up
  1. There are no do-overs in real life. If you screw something up, plan on getting it right the next time…’cause the mistake is now indelibly woven into your past….like an unwanted file on your hard drive that you can’t delete.
  2. Life is rarely fair. It does not seem to be accountable for anything….it just is. You can call it stubborn, unreasonable and masochistic and I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t care.
  3. It’s funny the first time…it’s never as funny after that.
  4. Almost all medication takes approximately 45 minutes to kick in. Till then, pace yourself…or plan on being in hell.
  5. You will not be aware that your tail light is out until the officer pulling you over informs you of this.
  6. “Ironic” is just another way of saying “tough break”.
  7. Your car will only be low on gas when you’re late for something.
  8. There’s nothing scarier than the waking moment you realize you forgot to set your alarm clock.
  9. The smell of fresh popcorn will make your mouth water even if you’re not hungry.
  10. You don’t have to be good at everything. The trick is to surround yourself with some people who are just like you, some people who can pick up where you leave off and some people who just plain make you happy.
...And try and stay away from the ones the annoy the crap out of you. The ones who, like it or not, do the things that make you want to break the law...or have them committed...or have yourself committed...or both.

We all have ‘em. Those certain things that just annoy… distract or in some cases, crawl right underneath your skin.

Pet peeves.

Most people have at least a few of them and although relationships aren’t usually made or broken by them, it’s an indication of a winning union if you can manage to respect and abide by your significant others' peeves.

I feel my IV preparing to chime in:

Clinton Kelly: “Why would you think that? Why do you equate my chiming in with pet peeves? I don’t think I like where this is going….”

Kathryn: “Oh, relax. How bad can it be? It’s not like you’re gonna be caught at a party in your undies. It’s just sharing a few pet peeves to potentially tens of thousands of people. What’s the big deal?”

CK: (Deadpan) “Just when I think you can’t surprise me, another one hits the fan.”

K: “What? Is that a poop reference?” (Sniffs indignantly) “I won’t justify that with a response. Who’s going first here? You or me?”

CK: (Sits back) “You’re on your own, sistah.”

K: “Okay. I’ll go first. I can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink. It takes just as much effort to leave ‘em in the sink as it takes to put them in the dishwasher. Now, you go.”

CK: “People who insist that I take part in irrelevant surveys for their own personal gain.”

K: “Huh. Now me. People who add things to the grocery list right after I get home from the market. Trying to fit an over-zealous tweet into 140 characters or less, which is practically impossible. When a call goes to voicemail and my cell didn’t even ring. Did I mention the dirty dishes in the sink? ‘Cause it bears repeating…Now you.”

CK: “People who persist in pestering me to answer immaterial evaluations.”

K: “Oh, c’mon…that’s the same answer you gave before!. You just used different words. What the hell?”

CK: (Smiles) “Nothing gets by you. Are we done here? I’ve got a plane to catch.”

K: “Again?? Wait! I haven’t mentioned how I feel about the phone ringing just as I sit down to eat….”

(Okay, it's your turn. What are some of your pet peeves? Bring it on!)

asit dhal said...

There are no do-overs in real life. If you screw something up, plan on getting it right the next time…’cause the mistake is now indelibly woven into your past….like an unwanted file on your hard drive that you can’t delete.

That's a honest truth in everyone's life !!!

first time here...will come regularly...

Unknown said...

my pet peeve is people who are not thinking, and get mad at you for exposing it.

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, man, is that ever true about the smell of popcorn. And after the first few bites . . . disappointment.

I have a slight amendment to:

"Almost all medication takes approximately 45 minutes to kick in."

Unless you take 'em on an empty stomach. Then it's more like 30.

Unknown said...

LOL! Great post as always Kathryn!

My pet peeve (Do I really have to chose just one?) is when people expect me to break the rules (to help them out, of course...) and then get incredulous when I refuse.

I mean really - some rules are meant to be broken. But *I* get to decide which ones I will break and which ones I will reserve.

(ahem... BOSS!! Talkin' ta YOU!!!)



Unknown said...

reserve... haha... it's only 5:37 a.m. so I reserve the right to use the wrong word. Of course I meant observe. ;)

Pet peeve #2... when I don't proofread...

Going to get more coffee now...

Anonymous said...

*giggles@Picture Imperfect* I had that just yesterday except he meant reverse instead of reserve. Dyslexia rears its ugly head.

My pet peeve is people not really listening. They assume they understand what you're saying and start ripping it and you apart when they obviously haven't paid one whit of attention to what you've really said. Listening and hearing are two entirely separate issues!

Anonymous said...

Dirty dishes in the sink is a major pet peeve of mine! I also despise negativity, especially from people who are ALWAYS negative. I can't stand cold coffee or hot "iced" tea. Don't like fruit on the bottom yogurt or gum on the sidewalk. This could go on for days...

Jen T said...

#1 When you're driving and people are all "I have just enough time to make it!" and pull out right in front of you, forcing you to slam on the brakes.

#2 When I have just cleaned the entire apartment and SOMEONE comes home drops his hat on the microwave, leaves his bag on the floor, and acts annoyed that the dog hasn't been walked yet.

Lisa said...

Okay, I am a teacher...BIGGEST PET PEEVES:

eye-rolling when I talk to a student (theirs not mine)

tongue-clicking in exasperation when I talk to a student (again, theirs not mine).

Example, "Billy Bob BoBo, where's your homework? Oh, the cat ate it AGAIN? Okay, I don't accept late work. Be sure to get the next one done and to turn it in on time."

Student Response: ROLL EYES and click toungue with a "ttttttchhhh-hhhhaaaaa" as if I somehow paid the cat to eat it AGAIN.

great post, Lisa

Lauren said...

Oh Lord, is it ever true... Love the one about irony.

Pet peeves: People who desperately ask for your advice/help then don't follow it. After which they feel the need to keep talking to you about their problem.

tigerpast said...

Pet peeve? Since I am in the office, business ones come to mind. Such as the person on the West Coast who thinks that at 3 pm Eastern Time we can deliver a document to a government agency in DC. One they haven't even gotten ready to send us yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have a couple. I will definitely second the dishes in the sink. I cannot sleep if there are dishes in the sink. And probably the peeviest thing ever .... eating sounds, biting the fork, spoon, slurping, chewing. I'm getting angry just thinking about it.

Momiji chan said...

yea you can never do anything over again like jr high and i'd like to back and let all the kids see how popular i am now although i still don't talk to people except my friends and family and peep's on the internet that's it i'm not a very big talker and very shy mybe that's why i got picked on T.T stupid shyness *grrr* haha later

Tay said...

Mmm, my pet peeve is definitely people who stand way too close to me whilst waiting in a queue. Sure we have to wait, but that doesn't mean that I need to feel your breasts pressed against my shoulders.

Personal Space Please!

Spot said...

Oh've done it again. I love coming here for my daily belly laugh. I did finally learn not to try to drink coffee and read your blog at the same time bc it doesn't feel good coming out of my nose.

Pet peeves: dishes in the sink (amen I hear you sister), when they put the cans on the counter in front of the crusher instead of just crushing them, leaving empty pitchers, juice bottles and milk jugs on the counter beside the fridge. You know where the trashcan is! And my husband, bless his heart, does this thing where he clears his throat when his sinuses are bothering him and it is the loudest thing ever. Like it wakes me up even when he's down the hall. And Lauren's too. I hate being asked for advice and then them not following it and still whining. And whoever said the one about negative people.

K. I'm done. =]

Tessie said...

I love this one: "There’s nothing scarier than the waking moment you realize you forgot to set your alarm clock." It's definitely the worst feeling in the world. Isn't it great when you realize it's only Sunday?

Jules said...

People who whine about not being able to find a job but aren't willing to take a job "beneath" them.

I could go on and on!

kathryn said...

asit dhal: I'm so glad you enjoyed my "truisms" and my site. Glad you'll be back. Thanks for the comment!

jrod monster: Yup. It's usually defensiveness...have you noticed that? They're pissed that you pointed out that they're either not listening, or are uneducated on that subject. thanks for the insightful comment/peeve!

Thank you to our roving Dr. JD!, So, listen up med-takers....what would rather have? A full tummy, or pain in 15 mins less? JD: We should give you your own column!
Can we? Can we? You're da best!

Jules said...

After I hit enter, I had to come back because I thought of my worst pet peeve after reading Spots' comment.

My husband breaks his nails. He bites them off. He picks them off. He does anything to get them off. It makes the most annoying sound ever. Hands down. Nails on a chalkboard don't even hold a candle to it. I start to twitch inside when I hear it and maybe a little on the outside. Ugh!

kathryn said...

Smoog! HA! What you don't realize is that your sentence was fine the way it was. You'd said that you wanted to decide which rules to break & which ones to reserve...I figured that meant "reserve for ppl I REALLY like"! It sounded good to me! (I'm also a fan of your pet peeve#2...I do it all the time...grrrr.) Later, you! Thanks for the laugh!

Janan: jrod monster and you are on the same page with this one....and I totally agree. I do believe that some ppl are SO BUSY thinking about how they want to respond to you, that they don't hear a word you say. Drives me cray-zee. A very annoying habit...and hard to communicate w/ppl like that. Right?

jmberrygirl: Ha...I think you're on a roll, girl! Yeah, negativity is a big can have bad experiences ALL the time....give me a break. After a while, you start to feel like they WANT things to go wrong...what is that about? And gum on the sidewalk? Don't even get me started....
Thanks for the comment!

lifelove'n'wine: Hey you! I thought you were gonna say "drops his hat IN the microwave...and wonders why the dog rifled thru his bag and ate his stick deodorant"....but yours is good too! See you at your place in a bit, sweetie!

Lisa: OMG...that was priceless! What grades do you teach? 'Cause those reactions sound very you find it's more boys than girls?? (I know, I keep coming back to this) Hilarious...I don't blame you for being OVER IT already!

Oh, Lauren: This is da BEST...SOOO true! It's infuriating...isn't it? You take all the time/effort to try and help and they basically blow you off. I practice the 3 strikes, you're out rule w/these ppl, then I'm DONE. Thanks for the wonderful ROCK!

tigerpast: What's wrong with these ppl? Maybe you need to gently say, "Honey, what time is it?" When they reply, you can say, "Uh huh. That answer is incorrect, for here. Now, what time is it HERE...where you're calling? C'mon...I KNOW you can do it!" (Geez...I WISH someone wud invent a sarcasm font!) I feel your pain...thanks for the comment!

fumblingconfidence: Ya're right about this one! It never used to bother me...but it's starting to. Has our hearing gotten more sensitive? Have the ppl we eat with lost their manners? It must be the latter...'cause it can't possibly be US. Thanks!

saku chan: Well, you don't have to be shy here, sweetie. We love you just the way you are. Someday, you'll show all those kids how GREAT you've turned out!

Tay: Could you hear me? I said, "EWWWW!" I'm with you on this one....didn't their moms teach them about personal space? It's like, "Dont. Touch. Me." If you don't know me, don't touch me!

Hey Spot: OMG. It's like we're twins! The recycling, the trash, the gross, loud, "what-the-hell-is-up-with-that?" noises....I hear it all! Your compliments are so very appreciated sweetie....(I have a word page with captured comments that just warm my heart and yours is def going in...for those days when I'm feeling underappreciated)
Thanks so much!!

Tessie: YES! You're's a shame it happens on the weekends so often! We shud put a sign on the clock that says, "It's okay,'s (fill in day here)."
It'll save us those few moments of complete and utter PANIC. Thanks for the great comment!

Melissa: Uh-huh. And do you suppose these ppl will remain unemployed for long?? Then, you get to hear them complain how there's "nothing out there". Really? Absolutely nothing???

****I've said it before and I'll say it guys ROCK with comments. It's a pleasure "talking" to each and every one of you. (Ya hear that Blogger-team???)****

KT said...

I've been reading everyone else's pet peeves so I can remember my own, but I really can;t think of any. I know depending on my mood certain things annoy me. For example, ppl who are turning left while driving purposefully take the red light. It's not like they were taking the yellow and it turned red on thme, NO; they were on red the whole time but decided to take it.
I guess I don't like living with a negative person, but is she turned into a pet peeve I'd murder her. So, I just pretend she doesn't exist.
Ok, I found a pet peeve. =) I really truly hate unfairness. I hate it when people are totally one sided without even thinking about flipping the coin. It boggles my mind when ppl have opinions based on what they like, not on being educated and then deciding on your opinion. If you haven;t figured it out i;m the type of person who will always, "see I agree with some of your points, and you make valid ones, but couldn't you consider..." Yup, I always try to be fair even when it's hard.

Leigh Conlan said...

My pet peeve is when Im texting someone and they reply with just 'lol'. Seriously, what was the point?!
I also hate bad spelling, I always have to correct people, and myself, and I cant do text language. Speak english fool.
Another one, is people drinking, and they make loud gulping noises. My nan does it, and I have to walk out the room because it makes me cringe.
*now checking spelling*

Unknown said...

biggest pet peeve:

easily when people don't pay their share at dinner! like when you go out with 4-5 friends...and the person who always orders the most is always the one who also only leaves about 10 dollars for their meal. sooo lame!

guess that goes in the whole life really isn't fair, lol

Gigi said...

I'm soooooooo with you on the dishes in the sink!

Beauty is A Lifestyle Thing said...

Loved your site! Too funny! I have several sites, I'm going to add you to the blog roll on my site-keep up the great work will be stopping by often!
Mary Caliendo

Anonymous said...

My biggest pet peeve is when people are just plain sloppy when typing. I don't mind a grammatical error here or there or a mistype or misspelling every now and then, but what happened to capitalizing? Or general punctuation? Or even spacing. It's not hard to press a spacebar.

Sorry, I just started blogging and looking into other people's blogs and I don't understand how people can read some of them. I also can't understand how some of my friends have Masters Degrees when they send me e-mails that sound like they're drunk. Maybe they are drunk...

JP said...

One of my pet peeves is the word "alot"... IT'S TWO WORDS! A and LOT.

There's a woman here who's made her co-workers framed embroidered sayings of pithy things... one of them has "alot" in it. Drives me batty every time I see it. Makes me wanna break open the frame and take a stitchripper to it.

Another is people who don't know how to hang the flag. Ok, it's real simple. The Union, aka the stars, go in the upper left hand corner, regardless if it's hung horizontally or vertically. If you're hanging it in a window (or on a porch, whatever) then it should be in the upper left corner to the people on the outside. If you're hanging it somewhere that it can be seen equally from both sides, then the Union should be to the North or West, depending on which direction you're hanging it.

I drive past houses with it hung backwards and I want to stop and leave a note on their door explaining this to them. *sigh*

kathryn said...

Melissa (part deux): OH! Isn't it amazing that the worst peeve of all and you got temporary amnesia?!
Oh, that's a BAD one too....he's gonna hurt himself! Okay...we've ruled: he must stop this NOW. 'Kay?

book*addict: Well, you struck a nerve w/me, sweetie. That whole knee-jerk opinionism makes me NUTS. Esp. when the person doesn't even have all the facts! Totally not fair! And it makes them seem uneducated for not even being willing to see that there may be another side to the coin. Excellent comment!

Leigh Conlan: I heat that! It's funny that you brought up the "lol" quick response. I think it's a cop-out a lot of the time. But if they do it enough, it does kinda make you not want to write to them again, right? I mean, it doesn't have to be a novel, but give me SOMETHING. Let me know you even HEARD/read what I said! Right?

Sports15: Why do ppl do that? I swear...I'd think twice about dining with that person again, or I'd wind up making some offhanded joke about "now, what you EAT". I'll bet "those ppl" have a rap: Yeah...that's the guy/gal who never pays for their portion. Thanks for the comment!

Gigi: THANK YOU. God, it skeeves me out...I can picture all sorts of critters feasting away in my sink while I sleep! I've even been known to do the "quick rinse" on the dishwasher if it's not full...just so there's nothing worth nibbling on during the night...if you're a bug/mouse/whatever!

Beautyisabeast: Why, thank you so much! I do appreciate that! I make it a point to try & visit everyone who comments/flwgs asap. Tonight (Fri) I won't be back online till 9 or so, but I'll be sure to stop by then. Glad you're here.

The Realistic Housewife: I know! It's like making that all-important first impression...and looking all sloppy and homeless. People do judge by the way you communicate. Those run-on sentences can be pretty hard to follow, that's for sure. Sometimes, I'll assume that English is not their first language...then I mentally cut them some slack. Sometimes it actually works. (Hic) (That's my lame attempt at a drunk-hiccup-joke) Thanks for commenting!

JP: So, you should! Note: "Excuse me? Your flag is backwards, you idiot. Look it up and get it right!" (Too harsh?) Yeah, I hear you about "alot"'s one of those that a lot of ppl get wrong. (Pun intended.) Like your versus you' hurts my eyes! Always good to hear from you, JP-

Unknown said...


Fairly new reader to your blog here - LOVE it!

Pet peeves ...
1. Someone in front of me in the Express line with more then said number of items (posted in big bold numbers above the checkout!!!) AND writing a check! Who still writes checks at the grocery store?!

2. Having to tell my kids EVERY day to put their clothes in the hamper, put trash into the trash can (instead of on the counter, coffee table, floor, etc.), rinse their cereal bowl/dish, don't draw on the dog ... the list could go on and on. :)

3. Cars pulling out in front of me and then going really slow or turning after 100 yards!!

4. Drivers going slow in the fast lane.

I'll stop there, but I'm sure there are more. :)


Courtney said...

Someone hit it on the nail. When I've spent all day doing my weekly DEEP clean (weekly because being a housewife is boring and Naval hospitals are too good to higher civilian CNAs) and Trey comes home, takes off his uniform leave a trail to the "marine/guest/man room" and then gets upset because Giz (the dog) needs to go outside and I ask him to do it. Please keep in mind Im asking him to do this while checking on dinner.

Also, the "k", "ok" text message. Wouldn't it have been better just to say nothing?

Sara said...

I'm not sure about my favorite peeve...but favorite saying about life is, 'you fight lose.'

That one always brings me down to earth in a hurry.

K. said...

I LOVE've inspired me to make my own "Things I've learned" list. Thanks!

Momiji chan said...

yea so you know how younger kids will gloat about stuff well my bro is on the swimming team and waterpolo team at my old high school and they he's the best they have there but now he's has a big ego and now he thinks he's better than everyone one the team but *he really is* it's sad but this is baytown and he want to play for the marines waterpolo team i think i don't know he's still deciding ^^

Anonymous said...

im thinking..ahhmm..this is the first time im going to think about that..i guess when my husband always want to cross in not a pedestrian cross lane even it just a few steps away..i hope it is a pet peeves..

kathryn said...

Kimberly: Welcome! You cracked me up when you said "Don't draw on the dog!" HA! It makes me crazy when ppl pull out in front of you and then saunter along...meanwhile there's no-one behind me for a mile...they couldn't have waited? Evidently, NOT. Thanks for commenting...I'm glad you're here!

Courtney: Evidently, this man-droppiing-clothes-on-the-floor thing is an epidemic. We must eradicate this ASAP. Have you ever wondered how long these articles of clothing would stay on the floor if we did not touch them? Might be worth the study...for the sake of all of us here...
Thanks for commenting!

Emma C: Well, it's not really supposed to be a "fav" peeve...just the one that gets under your skin the most. If you don't have one, you must be very patient,indeed. Good for you!

aramak: Why, thankyouverymuch!

K: Well, good! What a beautiful face you have, girlie! Make that list...I'll stop by to check it out. Thanks for the kind remark!

saku chan: Well, you may need to remind him that he's not perfect. And, you're the older one, so you have the right to put him in his place! That's our job as the older sibling....go to it!

ampil: Yes, that is a pet peeve. Why won't hubby walk a few extra steps? It's called JAYWALKING...and you can get a ticket for that! Tell him and then you walk to the corner like a good girl. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

"The smell of fresh popcorn will make your mouth water even if you’re not hungry."

I wonder why that is....never fails though....I always think I need to eat some when I smell it. xD That's why when I go to a movie I eat before hand so then I don't buy any. Lovely post as usual. (:

Bobby Allan said...

Oh boy, let's see.

*People who don't say "Bless You" when I sneeze. I stopped breathing and could have died, people.

*Letting someone into traffic and not getting the 'thank you' wave.

*Spelling errors. In anything. Don't people use spell check and/or dictionaries?

kathryn said...

Insanity: Aw, thanks sweetie! I don't know what it is about popcorn...I can smell it even when I see it on teevee! Then, I eat 2 or 3 handfuls and I'm done. Weird, right?

Chrissy! HA! I laughed out loud at this comment. You could have died, eh? You are too funny, girl. Yeah, no thank-you wave makes me wish I could turn back time and take it back. (Great. Now I've got Cher's song stuck in my head.)

BLANK said...

*clap clap clap*

BLANK said...

oh pet peeve... hmmm
those ridiculous email forwards that you get 12 times a day and you just can never get rid of them coming back to haunt you 5 months after. And when you tell the avid forwarder to stop forwarding you junk, they still keep doing it (not pointing fingers at any friends in particular...)

Ann said...

One of my pet peeves is people who forward emails putting someone down, when they don't bother to check the facts. So many lies get started that way. It is the same as gossip, only worse because it reaches so many people.

Tia said...

First of all I love reading your blog, it makes me smile.

Pet peeves? Oh my, there are so many. Of course that could be the PMS talking but the ones that drive me nuts ALL the time:

1. People chewing gum with their mouths open. AUGH! The sound is horrible.

2. People who cut me off while driving and then curse/gesture rudely as if it were my fault.

Luisa said...

Hi Kathryn! I've just recently started following your blog and I love it. Congrats on being blog of note!

ONE of my pet peeves: I hate it when someone uses the sink and lets all the water stay around it and then I use the sink and my entire bottom half of my shirt gets wet. HATE IT!

Kristen said...

My pet peeves right now stem from my commute. People making a left and cross right into my lane and almost causing an accident. Or sometimes they will cut out in front of me only to slow down and turn onto a different road or parking lot. It's aggravating!

Saudamini Kakoti said...

maybe sometimes it's just great to see the dishes in the sink, dirty and unwashed....and to feel the laziness in me and wonder at it's defiance over all

Jan said...

the 'like an unwanted file on your hard drive' analogy -
Spot on !

Yasmin said...

How did you get the comments to be under the post?
Can you give me the code?

kathryn said...

Mandarin Kitten: Good one! Yeah, esp those stupid ones that HAVE to be forwarded to 20 people for your wish to come true, or LOOK OUT. I try and delete those as soon as I realize what they are. So frustrating! Thanks for the comment!

Ann: I hear that. I have certain ppl that send me (and believe) everything they see/read. I feel honor-bound to go into and forward them the TRUTH. Good one! Thanks!

Tia: Thank you, my dear! Yes, the cow-cud-gum-chewing is pretty darn gross....esp when you add that *snap!!* every few seconds. It's soooo very attractive. thanks for the comment!

Luisa: Well, I don't blame you ONE bit for that one! Ew...then it looks like you've either been drooling or wet yourself! Some ppl are such little piggies! Thanks so much for the kind words...hope you'll visit again!

Kristen: I think those ppl are in their own world....I doubt they even think about the other guy. I remember reading somewhere that ppl tend to be more hostile/aggressive when driving because of that autonomy that the car gives you....a buffer so you don't have to act like a decent human being. I think it's true!

Saudanimi Kakoti:Maybe.....nah...I don't think so. It's defiance alright, but not mine. The fear of attracting mice is enough to make me put 'em away!

Jen! Thanks! Everything with me seems to relate to the computer... it's all about the computer. You'd think I don't have a life!

Yasmin: If you send me an email, I can try and locate it for you. Contact info is listed on my profile page.

Ron said...

Great post, Kathryn! of my pet peeves echo's Sports15. And this is why I can't stand going out to eat with people. Or, they order the MOST on the menu and then insist that the tab be split among the whole table....NOT!

But my biggest pet peeve are people who are half-ass about their job.



kathryn said...

Hey Ron!
Okay...I'm a complete knucklehead 'cause I have no idea what an "echo's Sports15" is. And now I need to know so I don't go out to eat with anyone who has it?!
Oh, sounds like you are BURNED OUT. I do believe a vaca is in order. Since you like da cold and I like it tropical, we shall pick somewhere in between...I'll bring da bring...the binoculars.

Tia said...


I think what Ron meant was that Sport15 (another one of your readers) commented about one of his or her pet peeves and his (Ron's) pet peeve is along the same lines as what sport15 had to say. :)

Geez, my explanation may just make things worse.

Rambles'N'Shambles said...

I'd have to say my pet peeves are my two housemates

lazy slobs who have no job, no direction, complain when I ask them to clean up after themselves, don't bathe or wash their teeth when they are told, refuse to cook because it requires effort and fight about petty things.

NO these are not children, these are 21 and 23 Year old adults.

Heather said...

My pet peeve: people who are too lazy to put a shopping cart back where it belongs or just walks right past one and then grabs one inside the store.

Susan F said...

Those first two points are exactly right!

As for pet peeves.. I do have a few. Negativity is one, laziness in others is another.

kathryn said...

Tia: OMG....duh. You've explained it perfectly....I'm suck a knucklehead. I'm thinking, "Sports15? Is it a sports watch? A sports channel? Why does Ron dislike it so much??" DUH. Thanks sweetie...I get it now!

evilteenietiff: Well, this is completely unacceptable! They are mooching off your good and kind nature. They must cease this immediately, or they will have to GO. Agreed??

Heather: Yup, I'm with you. That's why a lot of markets now make you pay a quarter for the luxury of using one of their carts....'cause you can't get the $ back unless you return the cart. It's like ppl who will drive around for 10 mins to find a parking spot near the front, when they cud've been in and out already. Tks for the comment!**I can't post a comment to your site, Heather! Check that site, girl! No place for me to follow, either!

Sue: Negativity and it. I HATE those ppl....pass me the remote. (I'm kidding...did ya get that??)

Sara Kitts said...

wait I'll be right back I need to grab a cocktail.............

kathryn said...

Sara Kitts: Bring me one too!!!!

Tinkerschnitzel said...

My biggest pet peeves:

1) People not using their blinker or using it incorrectly! I saw a person wait until they got over into another lane before they turned their blinker on, then left it on for over a mile. Grr. These things aren't difficult to operate, people.

2) People who are driving WAY over the speed limit then throw a fit when they almost hit you because you couldn't see them, they were going so fast. It happened to me Saturday.

3) When people don't at the very least rinse off their dishes.

4) Leaving salad dressing and other condiments out after they have used them. Do you know how many bottles of ranch dressing I have had to buy in the last month? That adds up!

kathryn said...

Tinkerschnitzel: I hear you....totally! Sounds like you're in the car a lot...I find the more exposure you have to the "idiots behind the wheel" the more your stress level, right? Maybe we need more books on tape! And the kitchen stuff makes me crazy!!

Tinkerschnitzel said...

I'm not really in the car too much. I guess it's just that my stress level tops out being surrounded by so many people who seem to have gotten their driver's license from the bottom of a Cracker Jack box. (Deep breath...and exhale...)

Eimear said...

First time here and I'm loving it - you've got yourself another follower.

My pet peeves is people who breath loudly. I hate that. During sleepovers when I was little I was guaranteed to be the last one to fall asleep because I couldn't sleep when I heard everyone else breath.

kathryn said...

Tinkerschnitzel: HA! I like that...license from Cracker Jacks! There's no doubt in my mind that MANY ppl have completely forgotten how to drive.

Eimear:Aw...thank you so much! I'm glad you're here! Loud breathing...what is that about? Allergies? Big lungs? What??

Lynn said...

I could complain about little things that bug me about people all day--before realizing that I do stupid things that probably drive them just as nuts. But one pet peeve is when people don't give strangers the benefit of the doubt, immediately assuming that those who, say, keep their turn signals on past exit upon exit, are doing it simply to be obnoxious. Sheesh. Maybe the guy is just lost!

Also, of course, I don't like empty cat food cans on the counter. PUT the things in the RECYCLING bin already.

kathryn said...

Allegria: Ah! So you DO have a pet peeve! You're just too nice to want to complain. Well, sometimes it's the little things that make us cray-zee! Putting the cat food tin in the recycling is just as easy as putting the dirty dish in the dishwasher. Right?

Anonymous said...

hey Kathryn, I really enjoy reading your blog, it's really good writing and a lot of food for thought.

One of my worst pet peeves is when I skip breakfast in a rush to get to school and come back home to meet the sink practically spilling over with... yes, you guessed right... breakfast dishes, when I left the sink empty in the morning. I wonder if it would kill guys to wash a plate every now and then... ugh!

I'd really like if you could check out my blog sometime, whenever you're free... it's

Thanks for the laugh...

kathryn said...

Fierce: Yes, I can totally relate. It has taken me YEARS to teach da boys to open the door to the dishwasher, insert dish. Ironically, all the silverware winds up crammed in the first two slots. Gee...I wonder why that is?? Thanks for the comment!

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