Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Word About Awards

The last two months have seen an upsurge of visitors to The Internal Makeover. Of course, it’s all relative…I’m still the little fish, but I’m in some seriously awesome big-fish company. For the longest of times, I’d wondered where all the good blogs were. Now I know…some of the best and the brightest are now right there on my sidebar.

You know what the best part is? These bloggers are not only talented…they’re warm, kind, welcoming people. The kind of people you’d definitely want to hang out with (and yes, drink with)…if only they didn’t live in random parts of the country. They’ve cajoled and mentored…offering me the links to where all the popular bloggers hang out…kind of like getting a backstage pass at a concert, or a reservation at the hottest new restaurant in the city. Instead of holding their cards close to their chests and being click-y, they have gleefully shown me their hand in the spirit of teaching me how to play.

You guys know who you are. If I haven’t said it enough, thank you. Every time a new comment hits my site is like my 21st birthday all over again. Minus the getting drunk, the throwing up and the 21-year-old perky breasts, that is.

In the last two weeks, I have received not one…but two awards! I can’t describe the feeling when you’re reading someone’s terrific post and they’re talking about how they’ve just received this award for being absolutely fabulous…and then they go and pass it on to ME! I happily accept these awards and extend my gratitude to the givers:

The first is thanks to JD at IDoThings. It’s The Superior Scribbler Award.
I’m not exactly sure what a Scribbler does, but if JD is doing it, then I want IN. ‘Cause JD does things….things I would never, EVER DO. JD is my heeee-ro.

The second award is the Kreativ Blogger Award

…’cause I’m definitely creative…but SO creative, they had to swap the “c” for a “k”…and they just dropped the “e” altogether. This award came courtesy of Louise over at The Quiet Life. Louise is co-incidentally a New Zealander…living in New Zealand. And what is one of Kathryn’s most favorite things that also hails from this part of the world? (Besides Clinton Kelly, who reminds me –yet again- that without New Zealand, he’d fail to exist) It’s CLOUDY BAY! Yes, Louise is one talented blogger…probably due in part to living in such close proximity to those vineyards. I must pay her a visit sometime soon.

In keeping with “da rules”, I shall now pass on the fabulousness of TWO awards to FOUR lucky recipients…mainly because I’m still a newbie and coming up with eight would not only cause my computer to crash, but would invariably cause me to re-gift back to the givers in an endless loop of “It’s yours….no, it’s yours!”

Congratulations go out to:

Jen over at When Pigs Fly.
Jen is an amazing writer…she’s incredibly adept at conveying an opinion or an event with amazing clarity and panache. Yep…she’s got panache. And I do believe I've single-handedly gotten her to re-join Twitter. You're welcome. Check her out.

Maureen over at Island Roar
Maureen is a mom…like me. Maureen has 3 kids…like me. Maureen is a fantastic writer…often witty…always engaging…and it’s a race between us to see who will lose their mental marbles first. A great read.

Ron over at Vent
I don’t think Ron cares much for awards…but that won’t stop me from giving him these. Ron is simply…fabulous. Ron is the best commenter ever…if you listen really hard, you can hear his laughter right through your computer. I hope Ron can hear mine when I read his posts…he is absolutely hilarious. Stop by and be prepared to laugh.

Jennifer over at Life Love and Wine
Jennifer is a recent discovery for me. She’s 24, has a boyfriend and a dog and a real talent for writing. I find her to be smart, articulate and wise beyond her years. (I can say that, ‘cause I’m a teeny bit older.) You’ll enjoy her place.

Happy blogging, all!

Bobby Allan said...

Congrats on the awards! Well deserved, my dear!

jh said...

Ah, an explanation of your new bloggie friends. I went to some of their websites & that was great. I never could find good ones on my own. Then they had links, & they had links, & they had links. I might have to join bloglines to get them all to come into one place. Oh, I almost forgot, CONGRATULATIONS on having the cutest award ever!

JD at I Do Things said...

Wheee! Congratulations! What a nice post. And don't sell yourself short -- I bet those breasts are still perky.

And now I must go puke in your honor!

Anonymous said...

You have a nice place here. Congratulations on your awards!

Leah Rubin said...

Congratulations on the awards! I'm glad to meet you. Come on over to my place for a margarita/gin-n-tonic/Jack Daniels. I love your blog!

kathryn said...

Chrissy: Thanks so much, my dear...for everything....
jh: Thank you! Yes, a reader is def. the way to go. I wish I could just sit and read all day...I've found some great ones, right?
JD: I spit up my coffee on your comment and now have to clean the screen and use that dangerous, frostbite-inducing keyboard cleaner 'cause of you. Thanks for that.
Matthew: Thank you and welcome! I hope you'll come back again & visit.
Leah: Thanks so much! Is it too soon for those drinks now? And can we swap the Jack Daniels for some Knob Creek? I'll bring my own. On my way!

Ron said...

Ok...first I want to shout a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on recieving these two awards Kathryn, because you deserve BOTH of them!

I know we've only just recently met, but I feel like we've been talking to one another for years. It's funny how through blogging we can instantly "feel" a connection to someone even though we don't see one another. I instantly felt connected to you.

Thank you so much for not only passing on this award, but also for your kind words. I look forward to getting to know you even more, dear lady!

It's been a blast laughing with you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. and congrats to your other recipients. I look forward to visitng them.

kathryn said...

Thank you, Ron! I know what you mean about sharing that connection...and don't-cha just loooove when that happens? The way I figure it, awards should be about sharing the love...making sure readers know about all the really fabulous stuff out there...'cause (let's face it) there's also a lot that's not so good. I've messed up already-I'd forgotten to do whatever the lists were that came with the awards. But honestly, I think the recognition of *other* (! Pats herself on back) great writers is much more important. I hope no-one's annoyed w/me for this.
Thanks so much for the kind words and you've coined it perfectly: "It's been a blast laughing with you!" Here's to what I'm sure will be many, many more!

Jen T said...

Gah! I come back from a weekend away to find that I have been given my first blog awards! Thanks for your kind words, it made my day!

kathryn said...

lifelove'n'wine: You're very welcome! I'm sure this is just the'll be receiving many more.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn really appreciate all the people who have recommended her for these two rewards. She's happy to receive the awards that she wants to share her glory with others who are just like her and she mentions them above.

kathryn said...

Robbie G: I have a question....are those YOUR words, or are you translating the "unknown" (at least, to me) comment above yours?
Till I hear it from you, I'll assume the words are yours and say thank you very much...for they are very kind. You summed up my feelings perfectly. Thanks for the great comment!

susan F said...

What a nice bunch of people here! This is such a nice place to be. Congratulations on your awards, Kathryn.

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