Sunday, September 13, 2009

Over My Head

It’s here again…

I can’t seem to ignore it…

Can’t. Help. Myself.

It’s another installment of Bizarre Fashion!

In keeping with tradition, I’ve entitled each photo with the very first thing to pop into my head. This one is called “Can you see me now?” Because…really….can we ever see ourselves from enough angles?

I’m calling this one Penis Envy. You can see why.

This one has to be a serious misuse of Kermit. I mean, you can practically see his distress. I can’t believe Bert & Ernie are okay with this….
What’ s not to love about this towel? This would go under the tree for several people I know.

Remember that scene with Carol Burnett wearing the curtain rod? The one where she’s pretending to be Scarlett O’Hara? Right? I loooove the look on this model’s face…she’s practically daring me to make fun of her.

I’m calling this one Paper Shredder. For obvious reasons. Can’t you just picture it on a windy day?

This one takes the prize for ingenuity. And stupidity. Would you want to be seen with this guy? I don’t think so.

This one’s fun. I’m entitling it “Whee!”...or maybe "Stack-It". I’m imagining she’d be airborne in a stiff breeze. (Why do I keep obsessing about wind?) I'm loving her cantaloupe hat.

This one is Play-Doh….meets Phantom of the Opera….meets Saturday afternoon ballet lessons.

This one’s called “LOOK AT MEEEE!” AKA The Little Dutch Girl. (Do you think there’s an electrical cord trailing behind her?)

It’s that shoelace black licorice! But…why is it all heading into her mouth? Doesn’t this make it hard to talk? Is she biting down on it to hold it in place?

The winner for favorite bag. I’ll take one in every color. (Tweet!)

You’ve GOT to be kidding me. I….I don’t even know what to say. ('Cept, that left foot looks like it's missing a toe. I'm just saying.....)

There. That’s better. I’m loving the tread on the bottom of these tissue boxes, ‘cause you wouldn’t want to slip…’cause that’s gonna be your biggest concern wearing these shoes….

This is Michael Jackson….meets The Power Puff Girls….in a flood…meets Hogan’s Heroes…meets Eva Gabor.

“Mannequin Legs”. Steer clear…she can’t see where she’s going.

Okay. This is….Twiggy….meets Walk Like an Egyptian. Don’t cha wanna just run your fingers through her hair?

And finally….it’s doggie-bed on top of astrological off-the-shoulder, on top of grandma’s curtains…but missing the other leg.

I’d sooner die.

Lou said...

The ropey/play doh/phantom one is really eerie. The shoes I can't even find words about.

Ron said...

Ok...the Penis Envy made me HOWL! And that's because it's exactly what it looks like!

The shoe one looks like it was made out of chicken wire. And you're right...she does have one toe missing!

*lawn mower accident.

And honestly? The towel one is BRILLIANT!

Too funny, Kathryn!

Hope you had a great weekend!

kathryn said...

Lou: I know what you mean. It ran the gamut from "scary" to "barely- even-there-ie". There's always one that leaves me (virtually)speechless.
Ron: Yeah! I could just hear the shoe model calling in for an audition: "So, like...what kinda shoe would I be like, modeling...exactly? Oh. Like, it's see-though and you can see like, my toes and everything? Okay. Well, if I'm missing one from a freak lawn mower accident, that wouldn't be a problem....right??"
Geesh. She could have at least put a coat of red polish on the other 9...
You & I think alike-"penis envy" and some great towels for the bath. I think they'd make fantastic gifts!
Hope your weekend was great as well, blogbud.

JD at I Do Things said...

All the models look pissed, even Canteloupe Head, and what's SHE got to be upset about? That's an awesome outfit, one I would wear to Happy Foods or the Y in a heartbeat.

kathryn said...

JD: HA! Now, now....I'm sure little "cantaloupe head" didn't mean to look unhappy. (Snickers)
I know...she's got such a tutti-fruiti rainbow-colored-sherbert thing going on. She should be singing "I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!" There's just no accounting for taste.

Lidian said...

The licorice model is unhappy because red licorice is just so much better!

And now that I've seen those tissue-box shoes, my shoe wardrobe has just tripled! Perfect for Canadian winters.

(And expat-New-Yorker irony)

kathryn said...

Lidian: You are correct, of course. I'm sure ALL of the models would be happier with some twizzlers...anything!
And just think how comfortable those tissue-box shoes would be if they actually had tissues in 'em. (Not so good in the snow, but still)
Thanks for commenting!

Jen said...

Where did you find all of these? They are not only hilarious but quite disturbing. I do think the Kermit one is a total violation of all things sacred. Doing that to a Muppet is just wrong. I think the penis envy one might work for my arctic climate of MN. But, then I would have to put up with all the commentary and lonely women following me around.

kathryn said...

Jen: The internet is a virtual smorgasbord of bazarre fashion...I could easily do one a week and never run out. Muppet Violation! I totally agree!
And could you NOT look at that outfit and think "penis"? Seriously.

Patty said...

Thanks for a great laugh!

kathryn said...

PattyCPA: Well, thank YOU for reading down the bottom of my page! If I had a prize, you'd win it...I do hope you'll visit again soon. Thanks for commenting-I'll return the visit very soon!

Susan F said...

So strange, but SO funny. Are those designers really serious?

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