Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Part-Time Hypocrite

How many times in our lives to we do the right thing because it’s morally correct, versus doing it because we’re just feeling like being a bit…saintly?

I don’t know about you, but honestly….I run about 50/50.

The other day, I was wheeling my shopping cart…in the parking lot…in the pouring rain…back into that covered-sheltered-cart-holder-thingie….at the same time as this little old lady. She was wearing a little white raincoat….with her little hood pulled up…she couldn’t have been more than 4’8”. We both looked virtuously at each other…smiling that same, secret-saintly smile….we could have left our carts out in the rain…so that the next person’s supermarket flyer and bag would get all wet on impact with the wire basket in front.

Unless you happen to be lucky enough to have the mini-version of that cart….in which case, you’ve found a much better use for it:

Yes, it’s a perfect replica of a shopping cart…only it’s filled with Cloudy caps and assorted wine corks. A much more fitting use for a cart if you ask me, than stupid groceries.

But, I digress.

Oh, how righteous we were! On my walk back to my car, I thought about all the times I just can’t be bothered.

When I can’t bother to replace the toilet tissue with a fresh roll. Funny...since I’m only hurting myself, ‘cause I’m the only girl in the house. (That's when it comes back to bite me.)

It’s interesting how I’m a believer of the whole “Cosmic Universe Come Back to Get-Cha” system of checks and balances. I find myself working hard to do ONE nice, random thing a day…just to try and help my overall score with the Cosmos. I figure I’m probably not doing so well in the overall scoring, so if I play catch-up for the next 5 years or so, I may still be a contender.

Hey, I have no control over how stupid I was in my 20’s…IT WAS MY 20’S….I was young and stupid…get over it.

I do believe I’m following that old adage of “Do as I say…not always as I do”. I always swore I’d never go down that road, but sometimes….it’s just too much work to do otherwise.

I’m okay with being a part-time hypocrite.

Susan F said...

You're not a hypocrite. You/we just have to start somewhere. I'm almost done this "21 days of not complaining" thing. Well, I'm putting in a good effort, anyway. I try to do good deeds for people, it gives me a good feeling.

kathryn said...

What? 21 days of not complaining? Where have I been? (She complained.)Ahem. Sorry. Yes, I find the 1X/day random act of kindness makes my day a little better. The question is: Is there a little part of me that's looking for payback down the road?

Lou said...

That's a good question Kathryn and I must admit I probably run at about 50:50 too. I try not to feel smug/self-satisfied when doing my good deed but that's kind of why I do it sometimes.

Jen said...

Great post. I've been working on writing something similar. We are all hypocrites and all saints at one time or another. It's part of being human. I think your 50/50 ratio is pretty good. Most people are probably 70/30.

Ron said...

I have to agree with Jen because she said it so perfectly...we are all hypocrites and all saints at one time or another.

I most certain am. Sometimes I do kind acts without ever thinking about it, then there are other times when I'm VERY aware that what I am doing is saintly.

Great topic, Kathryn!

kathryn said...

Lou: Then you and I are on exactly the same page!
Jen: Thank you. I do belive if I'd said my ratio was more like 80% saint, no-one wud've believed it anyway (neither would I) and that would have put me even further behind. 50/50 seemed safe.
Ron: Thank these deed you do w/o thinking? Are they the "hold open door, let car cut in front, pick up fallen pen" kinda deeds? If so, I think you and I are running neck & neck. I'll drink to that.

JD at I Do Things said...

Hey, it's better than being a full-time hypocrite.

We all do what we can. Some more than others.

Hey, you're on Entrecard!

kathryn said...

JD: Well, yeah. If I were a fulltime hypocrite, when would I find time to do anything else? Yes, I got my Entenmanns card! Now, what do I do with it? (I really love those chocolate donuts)

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