Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Wonders

So, Sunday was the annual walk for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. I was one of about 1200 people who came to walk the walk.

To say it was a beautiful morning is an understatement. That’s like saying The Grand Canyon is a dip in the road. The sky was clear…the sun was warm…and there was a gentle breeze.

It was a gorgeous day…and I was outside…and it was 9am…on a Sunday! (For those of you who truly know me, how many things can you find wrong with this sentence?)

I have provided you with an extremely limited number of photos. Hey, you take what you can get:

Of course, all the cool local radio stations were there, as clearly shown by this random shot of the parking lot. There were about a kazillion people milling around and everyone kept remarking what a beautiful day it was and subsequently, how truly remarkable it was that Kathryn was milling among the common folk….awake and alert at 9am on a Sunday ‘morn!

Yes, it was truly an extraordinary day! Speeches were made…people were introduced. Upon my arrival (and subsequent buzz re: the astonishing participation of a real-life, internet-blogging, Celeb-ri-tee in their midst) my amazing friend Margarete hit the stage and thanked everyone for their support.

Again, realize it’s my CELL, people. Yes, it has a zoom feature. No, I do not know how to engage it. What you see is what you get. Show a little gratitude.

Margarete was poised, polished and professional. But this is no surprise. Still, I am always painstakingly blown away by her presence at a function…she’s positively passionate.

Then, it was time to walk….and walk, we did. I lingered towards the back of the crowd, alternating between taking photos for groups (of the groups….not me with the groups…just for clarification) and wanting to get this final cell-shot…which totally does not do the group justice whatsoever:

Just picture 1200 people…most in white CF shirts…winding their way across this huge field and disappearing into the woods. I’m guessing an overhead shot of it would be impressive as hell.

Margarete’s hubby Marc had informed me that this walk was approximately three miles. That’s three miles outside. Involving the woods…where insects, rodents and assorted poison-whatever live. Truth is, there are very few people who could motivate me to get this close and personal with nature…in all its…bugginess.

And so, we walked. I’d settled my neon-green iPod headphones in place and made sure my hair was tucked resolutely behind both ears, so all surrounding me would understand that I was officially in iPodLand and would not be available for idle chit-chat…or autographs. (God, even I’M getting on my nerves now!)

At one point, relatively early into the walk, we came to a literal fork in the road. To the left, the sign said “Long way” and the right said “Cop out”. Okay, so maybe the right side really said “Short cut”, but my brain processed it a bit differently. Being the awesome, nature-lover that I am, I took the long way. (Insert audience “Awwww!”, followed by spontaneous applause here.)

About 50 yards into the first incline, I notice a woman keeping pace with me…which was interesting, as I was grooving to Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows, which as everyone knows is a pretty peppy tune. When the tune changed to Caught Up in You by .38 Special and she remained on my radar, I decided to hit “pause” and say “hello”.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be Margarete’s mother-in-law, AKA Marc’s mom.

I’ll give you a moment to process this ironic co-incidence.

Out of over 1,200 people, I just happen to power-walk on the extra-challenging route and pseudo-jog neck and neck with this particular woman.

Margarete says there are no co-incidences. I must officially, unequivocally agree.

Let CF stand for CureFound!

Anonymous said...

You are da absolute bestest friend ev-ah!

susan F said...

You sure had nice weather for it.

Any chance that you liked walking in the morning so much, you'll do it all the time now?

kathryn said...

HA. You're a riot, Alice. Seriously...Ellen has some major competition with you around. What a cut-up....what a card!
(Read: It's nev-ah gonna happen.)

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