Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cheating With Bing

Happy Monday, all. Today is June the 15th. Sunrise will be at 5:24am and sunset at 8:29pm. That’s over 15.1 hours of daylight, people! And we’re not even at the longest day of the year! That would be on Sunday, June 21st…which is the first day of summer…also known as the Summer Solstice. (Yes, there will be a quiz at the end of this post. Why don’t I see you taking any notes?)

For the record, the arthritis index and the mosquito index are both moderate for today. This means that on your walk to the car this morning you will only marginally limp and on your walk back to the car this evening, you’ll only receive approximately 3 mosquito bites…if you limp-jog quickly. Hey. I don’t create the forecast….I just report on it. Don’t go shooting the messenger.

On a completely unrelated note, I saw an ad for this evening. It’s evidently a new search engine from Microsoft. The ad made no sense whatsoever…and Connor and I simultaneously said “what the hell”?

See the ad here:

(This is where the video is supposed to go. However, after three attempts and the time being 11:37pm and it’s still not loading and still shows an error after each attempt, you shall note there is no video. I am convinced that somehow Google found out I was cheating on it with Microsoft and now it’s punishing me by refusing to cooperate. I am hanging my head in shame, swearing it will never happen again and begging Google to take me back. I'll keep you posted on whether it lets me back in bed anytime soon.)

Okay. So, I go to…(this is before I discover that I'm gonna get caught & punished) and I enter “snickerdoodle”. I get a regular search engine page that looks remarkably like Google…only, different. I re-view the teevee ad on YouTube, thinking I’ve missed something…and I somehow interpret that this new search engine will help make decisions for me. I punch in “blackberry” and wait for Bill Gates to decide what blackberry is best for me, based on my individual personality, needs and preferences.

I got the usual yada-yada. I am so surprised….the ad looked so….promising. In the end, I think I'll stick with Google. Sure, it's familiar....and sure, it might not have the *bling* of something new and shiny but I love my Googly-bug.

And it loves me.

susan F said...

I hate change too. It's just so much easier to go with what you know.

kathryn said...

I totally agree. At least, with search engines....

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