Monday, April 20, 2009


Remember a while back when I stated “Spring has sprung. Completely and totally. Put the snow shovels away…and break out the Bermuda shorts people…’cause winter is HISTORY”?

Never mind the fact that it was less than 24 hours ago.

Today, we had rain, sleet and hail.


April 20th….and we’re still dealing with winter. This is completely, totally and utterly unacceptable.

The temperature today was a chilling 43...but with wind gusts reaching 37mph, the real-feel temp was 30. Tonight, it’ll drop down to a real-feel low of 28.

I do believe this photo says it all:

This squirrel is sitting on our fence (duh.) with its back to the wind…using its tail as a kind of built-in umbrella against the driving wind, hail and pelting rain. I was personally amazed that he was able to maintain this position for so long. (Okay, so maybe I was hoping to witness the very first Hudson Valley projectile flying squirrel...being slammed head-first into just enough tree branches to forever quiet any future desire he may have to ever climb a tree again, thereby leaving my bird feeders alone. And even in his tree-trunk-brain-damaged state, he’d hold rallies where he’d give inspirational speeches to fellow rats squirrels about the hidden dangers of being in the wrong place (near my bird feeders) at the wrong time and how it would be safer for squirrels everywhere to pack up now and head out on the first flight to Charlotte…where the squirrel-population is low and the fruit trees are ripe for the pickin’.)

Here’s a shot out my front window, just a few minutes ago. Metro is contemplating the risk of personal doggie-injury in that wind versus the possible advantage of seeing that airborne squirrel up close and personal….I can tell.

This poor cardinal was holding on for dear life. I’m imagining he’s contemplating a nice vacation home in Boca about now....I know I am.

Ultimately, the day looked pretty much like this:

Gray, dreary and….I cannot stress this enough….completely unacceptable.

Therefore, by the power vested in me…by the state of Blugville and all that is right and proper…I am petitioning God to hereby render Mother Nature as being incapable of sound judgment with regards to the future weather environment of this here planet Earth, (pursuant to section 6b-8a, Article 7 of the no-frozen-precip-after-tax-time Act of 1992) and ask that she be immediately placed in a maximum security institution on strict bed rest for the foreseeable future, with myself acting as temporary administrator for all matters pertaining to weather patterns, squirrel population census, or how many times TLC is allowed to air “I Didn’t Even Know I Was Pregnant!” in one season.

I think that just about covers it….don’t you agree?

Susan F said...

I agree with you, 110%!!

jh said...

Even the squirrel looks cold. Yes, I'll move to Boca with dahling, since I'll have to if your squirrel wish for Charlotte comes true! Yeh, what's up with that show, any good?

jh said...

Oh & your magnolia tree looks like it's raining pink flowers!

kathryn said...

Well, my magnolia tree WAS raining pink flowers...there's a whole sad strewn pile of unopened pink buds laying underneath. The "didn't know I was pregnant show" is deeply disturbing and over-the-top drama...unless you're into stories about women giving birth under less than ideal conditions. Trust me, this show's right up there with The Man With Tree Hands and The Girl Who Never Grew...hard to believe they share the same network as their cute little family-cousin shows on TLC. It's all about the ratings, I guess.

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