Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So many people…dealing with so much crap.

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep things in perspective when everything’s so….unsettling.

On this note, I have discovered one way to boost the economy (my economy, at least).

We all know how frustrating it can be to walk into the local Hallmark store and search... fruitlessly...for the perfect sentiment. We know what we wanna say….and yet, there is no card to fit the bill.

Until now:

Inside: At least you’ve still got your day job at the potato factory.
Go Crisco!

Inside: I mean, no-one really needs the passenger seat…right?

Inside: Hey. Look on the bright side: No-one can possibly expect you to comb through that 300-page brief they just plunked down on your desk…’cause you can’t pick it up!

Inside: I knew that aquarium for Christmas would come in handy one day.

Inside: I’m dying to hear all about the talent portion!

Inside: Maybe for your 90th birthday, your great-grandkids will chip in and buy you a motorized scooter. WOOHOO.

And finally:

Inside: I was trying to wash 6 loads of laundry, shampoo 2 area rugs, clean my car and give the dog a bath all at the same time. My bad.

jh said...

Clever & funny as usual. Please for my birthday get me a book on accolades or a thesaurus so I can look up different ways to say awesome & funny!

kathryn said...

Awwww....you're sweet. Now, if I can just get you a job as a critic for say, the NY Times? Or maybe an agent for Simon & Schuster? Thx for the kudos...makes my day!

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