Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Lot Of Floral & A Swing of Her Hips

I hate to admit this….but Clinton was right. Again.

Clinton: “Of course I was. That goes without saying. But, for the official record….what exactly, are we talking about?”

Kathryn: “Well. If you don’t know, I’m certainly not going to tell you.”

CK: “Oh, come on….I said please.”

K: “No, you didn’t. But I shall tell you anyway…in the interest of time.”

CK:(Sighs) “There is a God.”

K: (Gives dirty look) “Nevertheless. You recently remarked that florals are very popular for spring. You’ve also endlessly pointed out how looking good makes you feel good. I am merely confirming that your theory may have some significance.”

CK: “Huh. First of all, I’m insulted by that ‘endless’ remark. Second it’s not a theory, so get over it.”

K: “Well. Aren’t we a bit snippy?”

CK: “I’m tired of repeating myself. What made you see the light?”

K: “A 17-year-old commenting on how pretty I look in my newly-purchased JohnPaulRichard floral blouse from Macy’s…originally $44, marked down to $22, reduced and reduced till I paid $8.80!”

CK: “Somewhere a clothing designer’s heart is breaking…”

K: “Hey. I didn’t mark it down…I just benefitted from it. Is ‘benefitted’ a word? Gosh, that’s hard to say…. ‘benefitted a word, benefitted a word’. Tricky.”

CK: “So, your point is that a seemingly oblivious teenager of the male gender took casual notice of your floral attire. And how did this make you feel?”

K: “Well, doctor…I felt all warm and fuzzy and uncharacteristically not unlike Scarlett O’Hara in that scene where she’s wearing the curtains when she does the meet & greet with Rhett. How do you think I felt?”

CK: “Now who’s getting snippy? Hey, I’m just being polite…would you like to know how I really feel?”

K: “Not particularly. This is my blog. You’ve got your own. Your job here is to help me look good….or, amuse the troops…or, whatever. The point is that Taylor actually acknowledged me for something other than food and it made my whole entire day.”

CK: “You know…guys don't give a crap about fashion trends. Men don't get wrapped in all this like women do.”

K: “Gee. Words to live by….”

susan F said...

That is too funny!

I love when our boys surprise us. Taylor is growing up!

kathryn said...

Is that what it's called? "Growing up"?? Maybe it wasn't just a onetime spontaneous spike in his awareness of his surroundings? We can only hope...

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