Tuesday, April 28, 2009


…and the blooming’s bloomin’ done. (I’m not going to show you the tree…it’s too sad.)

This is the reason I don’t like crocuses.

It’s wham…bam....thank you, ma’am.

Even the flowers on that teevee ad on TLC (where the woman claims that every time she receives flowers she feels both loved and remembered) last for a week and a half.

Now the wind’s a-blowing and there are magnolia petals everywhere….it looks like freakin’ snow.

On a completely unrelated note…this just in:

I’ve just realized that the kitchen set of Two and a Half Men has no dishwasher. Check it out the next time you’re watching.

See? I may not have realized that I’ve spent the past two days turning my cell phone off when I thought I was turning it on…but that I notice.

jh said...

Yuck, is that the magnolia or crocus? Sorry.

susan F said...

Well, think of it as a necessary step towards summer. Even if it happened because of bad weather, force yourself to think of it that way :)

kathryn said...

JH: It's the magnolia...or, what's left of it. Thx for the condolences.
Sue: You're right, of course. Anything that propels us towards summer!

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