Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's the Little Things

Things are slowly coming together over here at “Moving Central”. At the moment, I’m sitting here, chewing on a hands-free chunk of Jarlsburg and alternately sipping a glass of Cloudy, so how bad can things be?

A view from my laptop:

Yes…it’s a light I’ve mounted on my wall. Do you like it? I’ve only waited about 6 years for the perfect space to finally put it up. My new home office is just the ticket.

Not that I’m much of a drinker, mind you….

How can you not be happy with a martini lighting the way each and every night?? It’s so simple…it may actually be the cosmic equivalent to the honest-to-God key to a happy life.

Maybe it’s that simple….staring at an illustration of a martini = happiness.

Maybe it’s all that simple.

I could be the next Dali Llama.

And you’ve had the privilege to read my prophetic words before everyone else…aren’t you feeling special about now?!

I’ll leave you this evening with a little test….we’ll call it “Guess what in the hell this could possibly be.” The winner of this test can buy themselves a big ole’ drink:

C’mon you lazy e-mail subscribers and RSS-feeders….chime in.

I dare ya.

Anonymous said...

Is it an upside down coaster? This reminds me of a quote I heard today. It's from Winston Churchill. A lady comes up to him & says "you're drunk". He looks her up & down & says, "you're ugly. I may be drunk but you'll still be ugly in the morning".

kathryn said...

HA! Gotta love that Winston. Nope...not an upside-down coaster. I'll email you the answer if no-one gets it.

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