Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & the Downright Strange

Oh, my. I’ve dropped off again, haven't I?? I’m trying to do better…really. But in all fairness to me, this has been a very, very strange couple of days.

The first thing of note is important, so listen it doesn’t happen to you. We’d had a lot of wind here towards the end of last week and I’d forgotten to close up the table umbrella on the deck:

See what happens when I get all "nesting" and "decorating" and "settled"?? No good can come of this. I'd considered leaving the frame of the table there and waiting to see if anyone would try to place a plate on the (extremely clean...."wow, how did she get this glass so unbelievably transparent??") surface, but in the end I decided it wouldn't be as funny as it was in my head.

…the end result = no more glass table. It looks like un-meltable hail rained down all over my patio set. Little shards of glass everywhere…especially in between the wood planks. So, as you would expect, this would be BAD.

The lesson? Don't invest in any patio furnutire. Make sure to listen to the weather and close your patio umbrella if they’re predicting a lot of wind.

Or, you could simply never open the umbrella in the first place…which is kinda what I wish I’d done….or not done, depending on how you want to look at it.

On a GOOD note, check out my (unpacked) living room:

Pretty, pretty. And for those of you who are really paying attention, I am not leaving all those candles on the mantle…I’ve yet to weed through to the ones that’ll stay. Basically, as I unpacked yet another forgotten candle, it wound up there. The rectangular-thing on the right (in that alcove-thingie) is a water fountain…the water runs straight down the tiles and makes everyone need to pee.

Good times…

Ready for the UGLY?

It’s the wallpaper border in the kitchen. It’s not exactly my taste. I know the pic’s a bit blurry, but I was unwilling to validate this ugly design by going all the way back into the kitchen for yet another shot…I know you feel my pain. There were even gold knobs on the cabinets…I threw on mine from “Da Pit”…much better.

And now for the STRANGE:

I couldn't understand why my cable box wouldn't turn on for me this evening. It was just fine when I watched it last night. Imagine my surprise….nay, my utter shock upon finding this. It’s a clean cut, too…not like Mickey Mouse spent the day gnawing at it whilst I toiled away at the mayhem in the garage. No-one was in the master today and neither one of my offspring are owning up to running in and attacking the wire with scissors, a box cutter or a paring knife. Extra-terrestrial phenomenon, perhaps?

Or is the universe telling me to stop watching teevee? Geez…I don’t even watch that much. I think the universe needs to take a chill pill…or maybe take up a hobby. Like, maybe not watching ME so much, perhaps...

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we shattered our patio table top once. It was such a pain to clean up and replace.

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