Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some Like It Hot. Others Do Not.

Tonight, I made my famous "Splat" pizza. The curious name came about because I am evidently incapable of creating a round shape with the pizza dough that is produced from my incredible, even-I-can't-screw-up-this-recipe Cuisinart breadmaker.

No matter how many times I try, or how hard I roll out the dough with my handy-dandy-I'm-sure-Martha-has-the-exact-same-one silicone rolling pin, it still results in something that looks like a bug on a windshield.

You know what I'm talking about.

Needless to say, the boys are a-o-k with this.

Is this appropriate dinnertime conversation? Probably not, but you're undoubtedly drinking your morning coffee about now.

Anyway, for those of you that are just waiting for someone to recommend a decent, failsafe, can't-go-wrong breadmaker, (I'm sure someone awoke with this very thought rattling around in their head...am I right?) Cuisinart Convection CBK-200 is the way to go. I'd like to say I've been deeply compensated for this endorsement, but alas....I have not. However, I've made some amazing bread with this thing, so it gets an "A" for boosting my cooking-self-confidence...so we can only imagine how wonderful it would be for someone who actually knows what they're doing.

The fact that it came with a 92 page wire-bound "recipe instruction booklet", now food-splattered, with many pages dog-eared and shredded from multiple attempts at creating the perfect whatever simply adds to it's obvious versatility.

Now whenever we're invited somewhere...we bring bread. I try to get it there while it's still warm, as no-one seems to care for hot bread...I'm not entirely sure why this is.


Graduation party? Bread.

Barbeque? Bread.

New baby? Bread. Maybe with a stick of butter if it's twins.

See? It's versatile, well-received and appropriate for just about any occasion!

And my house always smells great afterwards.

Yet another win/win.

See Kay said...

I think you should be stretching it by hand! I couldn't imagine getting pizza dough to do what you want by rolling it with a rolling pin! Rolling pins are for pastry dough, not pizza dough!

I may be inspired to do a tutorial on my blog, since I am very concerned. I mean, the shape doesn't matter, but if you want a thin crispy base with a fluffy, yet crunchy, crust, you need to do it by hand. And if you want to clean flour off the top of your fridge, you can toss it in the air with a spin to stretch it.

kathryn said...

A-HA! I've flushed you out, see-kay! In my own defense, (I say that a LOT, don't I??) I did try to stretch it by hand, but it kept breaking. The lesson I've learned is that pizza dough does not go back together like Play-Doh.
Email me your blog and I'll not only bookmark it, I'll add it to gayguystraightguy.com and I'll have 2 to promote. A whole 2!
I'm rolling now, baybee...

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