Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ah, Nature

It's the summertime....and the living is easy.

Or, at's warm...and you don't need a stupid coat...and there's absolutely no wind chill in's practically heaven.

Everything is growing....everywhere you look. Of course, there are certain things that should evidently not be showing signs of growth:

I know, I know. In my defense, it was WAY in the back of the fridge...behind the hot dog rolls and the ten pound container of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! from BJ's. (And for the record, I can totally believe it's not butter....really....that's why there's 9 3/4 lbs of it still in there.)

Jackie's flipping out about now....

Anyway, I was talking about OUTSIDE. Everything's green...and new.....and HOT. Some people like to hang out outside in the summer....amidst the bugs and bees and mind-numbing heat beautiful green foliage, as opposed to gazing lovingly at it from safely inside an air-conditioned contemporary space, ice-cold drink in hand.

Po-tat-oh, po-tot-oh...

What do you see when you look at this photo?:

I took this with my cell over the weekend when someone dragged me suggested that we have a bug-infested leisurely picnic by the what in God's name is that floating out there?! waters of the Hudson.

I call it the "Stairs to Nowhere". Or, "How to Climb Up Some Rickety Stairs For Absolutely No Sane Reason Whatsoever, Only to Have to Climb Right Back Down Again...Hopefully Without Breaking Your Neck". You may take your pick...either one will suffice.

I leave you with an expertly-faux-Photoshopped version of the above photo (someone...please send me a used copy of PhotoShop! I'm dying here!)...with me happily walking away...heading for the air conditioned car, where Clinton Kelly is holding my glass of Cloudy Bay, blue eyes a-twinkling...

Happy summer, all!

Anonymous said...

That scene is pretty! At least what I can see from this snapshot.

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