Thursday, July 24, 2008

A First (At least, for Moi)

Faithful Readers,

I'm a believer in sharing the good....and whining about the bad....of this, we know.


It is with mucho fanfare-e-o that I am hereby...with relatively sound mind (no laughing) and body (uh-huh, uh-huh) promoting my very first ever blog...other than my own, that is.

It can be found at and it's hysterical. Consistantly....'cause we all know how important consistancy is.

In pancakes...and other stuff.

Anyway, these guys are a hoot and I love 'em.

So. If you love ME, check 'em out...I dare ya to be disappointed.

P.S.: Taylor (age 16) is still quoting the "My Casual Fridays Are Officially Ruined!" post to anyone who will listen. To him, this is late-breaking-news that blows away anything Sue Simmons is showing on NBC at 11.

Straight Guy said...


Our weekends would have been so much better if we had seen this on Friday. Greatly appreciate the positive feedback.

We were out at brunch over the weekend to see some out-of-town friends, trying to explain the blog, and some of them don't even "get" it or us.

We're just two guys who have been friends for 15 years... but have nothing in common.

If folks are having trouble finding us, just go to

(How Straight Guy got talked into a trendy brunch in the first place is still the biggest mystery, though.)

--Gay Guy & Straight Guy

kathryn said...

You're very welcome, guys...I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
I'll eventually get around to adding one of those newfangled "blogger-roll-thingies", but it'll look pretty pathetic all by its lonesome...don't you think? I guess I need to read more.
SG: I hope you ate something with bacon. Bacon is very macho.

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