Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Rules, My Way

I’ve noticed that everyone has their own method of responding to comments in Blogville. Some, I believe, are purists…they want their comment count to reflect only the words of others. These bloggers often choose to respond to comments by emailing said commenter with a response…which I’m sure works well if you happen to have that person’s email. Maybe it has to do with how you’ve initially set things up. (Many of my comments come through with no return email whatsoever.) I believe this particular method can be fine…but you never truly know if said blogger is ever reciprocating by reading anything you’ve written…unless they’re taking the time to comment at your place.

I’m sure that by now, you see where I’m going with this.

Here’s my method:

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying this is effective…or even works particularly well, or may ever work again. It’s just what I do…and right or wrong, what gives you the right to judge me?? I mean, I’m not crazy about that shirt you’re wearing but you don’t see me getting in your face about it. Live and let live….that’s what I say. Okay, I’m done.)

A) I post. (Whee!)
B) I forgo consumption of meals and beverages and interaction with anyone not within a five-foot-radius of my computer as I anxiously wait for someone to notice I’ve posted.
C) My peeps comment. (Whee again!)
D) I read said comments. I laugh, I cry, sometimes I roll my eyes (that would be Mark) and sometimes I sigh with satisfaction and wonder how I got to be so lucky to have such an awesome bunch of readers commenting on this here blog. (Blink, sniff, blink.)
E) Here’s where it gets technical: I cut my monitor in half and put two identical versions of the same post on my screen.

Then I scroll down and respond to three comments at a time (Why 3? I dunno. Why does the phone always ring when I go out to get the mail? You’re distracting me and I’m gonna lose my mojo. Please hold all questions till the end of the presentation) with something incredibly witty and remarkably appropriate and then I publish them.
F) Then I click on each commenter’s name, which should take me to their profile page, which should take me to their place, where I will read about their latest shenanigans, laugh, cry or roll my eyes (Mark) and then try to leave a thoughtfully-written comment that reflects not only my sparking personality but also allows the blog-owner to know beyond a doubt that I’ve actually read their post in its entirety. (Pet peeve #3237)

Lots of times, I fall behind. I can’t imagine why. I feel guilty posting something new if I haven’t yet followed my methodically-imperfect-rounds…like I’m breaking a law that I myself fought to have created in the first place. Occasionally, I’ll get so backed up that I’ll have to bail on D, E and F altogether, as too much time has passed due to situations beyond my control. This makes me feel sad. (Insert colon open parenthesis)

There’s one other thing I feel I simply must share: I rarely, rarely, rarely get back to others’ comments (at their place…follow?) to see if they’ve responded back to my comment. I just can’t seem to manage it. This also makes me colon open parenthesis.

It also makes me wonder if people think I’m certifiable. Wait. Don’t answer that. My point is that I can’t imagine changing my methods…even if it means I’m late, absent or occasionally screw things up entirely. Every part of it….from A to Z F is important enough to me that I’d rather be a little wonky with it but try my best to get it done.

So. What’s your method for blogging? Have you revised anything since you began, or kept with the same method? Do tell.

Carol said...

Thank you, once again for teaching me, oh great and powerful Kathryn! I never know what to do about comments, I get so excited about them, if I comment back at my place do they see? If I comment at their place do they know it was me they commented on? Should I comment back if they comment again to my comment? It's all very confusing. I get a big bottle of wine and write my responses on post it notes most of the time, this will work much, much better!

Vince said...

What I find with the response to comment is the cultural difference that is beyond a trip to Google to solve. Dancing with Monty Python quotes and the like.
This difference can vertical as well as with distance. And I sometimes think that there are more difference between a reference to Sue-Ellen and one about Notting Hill or Ireland.
And how the hell do you do that screen splitting witchcraft BTW.

Alan W. Davidson said...

He, he, he...certifiable. I wait until a few folks have comments on my inane ramblings, whining, etc. and I comment on thier comments in a large block. I try to do this during lunch or after the work day incase 'the man' is watching. That didn't sound right, but I think you get my drift.

Unknown said...

With 667 followers, even if only 10% comment on your posts, that is 66.7 comments to follow up on. (How someone leaves .7 of a comment is a mathematical mystery, but you get my drift.) :) And you wonder why you get behind?!

How I reply to my comments depends on who leaves the comment. If they have an email to reply to, I will typically reply that way. Sometimes I leave a comment to their comment but doubt that they ever return to actually read it, so I wonder why I bother. Sometimes I have nothing to say to their comment, so I say, well, nothing.

My advice is that you do what you are comfortable doing. Certifiable or not. :)

By the way, thanks for stopping by and reading about my boring, uneventful, yawn of a week. And for sprinkling some pixie dust before you left. :)

kathryn said...

Carol: My version better than Post-it notes??? Say it ain't so! I don't know about that, honey. My way is pretty damn confusing at times...but it's the only way I feel that I'm meeting all the stringent demands from all those voices in my head. And, as you so eloquently put it (I think!), I'm never sure where ppl are looking. As long as it's not looking at my private parts, I guess I should cover all of it. (Pun intended) (Rolls eyes)

Vince: Yes, I agree. Everyone seems to have their own version of the "proper" way to comment. Or re-comment. Or dance with Monty Python, whom I adore, btw. Screen-splitting is FUN! And not at all dirty (mind out of the gutter)! It's not difficult but will take up mucho space here, so email me (little girl holding envelope on sidebar) and I'll 'splain. Easy-peasy.

Alan W. Davidson: Hey, Al! (Sorry. I couldn't resist. But totally justifiable, given that "certifiable" snicker I just saw from you.) Yeah, see? You do it like I do it...only there's no man watching me that I am aware...although now I'm deeply paranoid and shall hire a secret service agent to sweep da place. (If I turn up missing, tell da feds to look for a trail of glitter...)

kathryn said...

Kimberly: Honey, your life is anything but boring....especially lately! I'll be by in a few to check on D...I see his photo on my sidebar on the hospital gurney. Scary sight. I've often wondered what the percentage is of followers versus ppl who actually read the blog versus those who comment. Studies may need to be done. We'll need funders for these studies. Let's hit up the ppl who fund the studies of the reproductive life of the beetle. Maybe they have some green to spare...

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

I feel like I have a certain method, and sometimes I think of modifying it, but then I just keep doing what I'm doing. That said, here is what I do:
I post on certain days. Then, I spend a little time commenting on other people's blogs every single day, and I have a system where I will get to everyone I want to at least 1/week. If my method is followed, then people who comment on my will get a comment back from me on their blog at least within the week if not more than 1/week. And, when I comment, it is always about what they have written/posted. I also do not go back to see if someone has responded to my comment, very rare. Every once in a while, I'll email someone if I have a specific type question for them.

I love hearing what others do so I know if I'm not totally off-base!

I also get frustrated sometimes trying to get to everyone - I mean, I feel bad. But geez, you can only spend so much time sometimes with this stuff you know!

Lynn said...

Yours was probably the first blog I followed, so I had no idea about how to comment on comments, having never had people commenting to worry about at that point. I still don't have many comments, you being one of the faithful for which I am eternally grateful. Depending on time, I'll comment underneath theirs on my blog if their comment twigs something related to said post or comment or whatever. Most of the time, I just head over to their blog, though, and comment there,because chances are they're not coming back to read the responses to their comments anyway. Except that I always check back here, dahling, because your responses are so dang cute!

That said, I only have *sigh* 54 followers, since I don't take a lot of time in blog land, so really whatever I choose to do is less time consuming than most. *insert violin music here*

I saw a blog where she would respond to her previous day's commenters at the bottom of her current post. That way her regulars would read her replies at the end of the post. That was kind of intriguing.

And once again, I've commented too long. Going to zip-the-lip now!

Thaydra said...

I don't get very many comments on my blog, since I don't much advertise it. But when I do, sometimes I reply in the post itself, if I think it is relative to the post. For example, if they ask me to clarify something, I will answer it there, so anyone else who reads it can also get the answer.

However, I always send an email. I've never gotten a comment from someone who did not share an email, so I've never had to deal with that. But, like you said, I rarely go back to a post to see if anything has been written after my comment, so I would never know if it was!

And, you don't have to feel like it is required of you to go read my blog and comment after reading this! Look at all these other comments! That must take forever!

Nance said...

I do them much the same as you do. And, so far, I do get back to visit bloggers' responses to my comments, and I enjoy it so much! Sometimes I even worry about how they took what I said, being a smart ass and all.

I wonder that my husband doesn't divorce me. What I blog, what someone says in a comment, what they said on their blog...these things have become as regular a part of our daily conversation as the weather. Ain't it FABULOUS?!

kathryn said...

Kristy: is frustrating when you fall behind, right? Obviously, that's been my issue of late, which is why I wanted to address it. I worry that ppl think I just can't be bothered...and usually that's the furthest from the truth! (Oh, wait...why am I telling you this? You're probably not reading it anyway!! HA.)

Lynn: Huh. Your comment was not long at all, sweets. And that IS intriguing, about the blogger who responds at the bottom of the next day's post. I'd love to see that in action. If you remember the addy, can you email it to me? I think what you do at your place makes perfect sense...'cause I really don't know how many ppl come back to check on their comments. As you've noticed, I still respond as if we're having a conversation...because, well, we are! We've known each other for a long time already....and I'm so glad for that.

Thaydra: But. I WANT to visit and comment! That's the whole point. It must be something in the settings that requires the commenter to put in their email addy, 'cause mine says "" where the email would go. I'm starting to think there are maybe too many choices when you set up these blogger accounts!

kathryn said...

Nance: You? A smart ass?? Where did you hear that? 'Cause it wasn't fit in quite nicely. I've also found that blog fodder becomes part of the family the point where my fam often begs me NOT to talk about it! Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen...

Gigi said...

You don't like my shirt??? ;-)

I prefer to respond to comments via email since I feel sure they aren't coming back to see if I commented on their comment - I know I rarely do (except here of course).

That noreply thing is an option in settings somewhere (I think I did a post on it) and it drives me crazy when I get that when trying to respond to someone.

That responding in the next post thing is kind of intriguing though....

kathryn said...

Gigi: Oh, not YOU, honey!...I meant the woman sitting behind you. I'm definitely gonna look for that option to FORCE (I mean, request) people to supply their email, so at least I have the OPTION to change my mind. A girl has to have options, right? And yeah, hopefully Lynn can remember where she was when she saw that blog. If it were me, I wud've completely forgotten where it was and it would drive me mad. MAD! I tell ya!

ToBlog today said...

I love your "My Rules, My Way" you are a majestic supreme blogger par none. Can you tell I love you.

When I see a comment on my blog, I usually respond to it because it makes my day that somewhere out there someone read something I wrote. I think, for me it is about being polite and assuring them that they didn't comment into a void. Too bad, though they don't always see my return comment.

Keep doing what you're doing, it is working for you. More importantly, you seem to be enjoying it, isn't that what counts! : )

Gigi said...

Okay then, I feel much better about my choice of clothing now.

kathryn said...

Angelina: Well, the "supreme blogger bar none" could be considered over-the-top by some...but NOT ME!

I hear what you're saying about not wanting people to think they're talking to's always nice to know there's someone on the other end, right?

And yes, it does work for me....and I DO love it. I just feel the need periodically to let others know that if I miss someone, it's not deliberate. I'm polite...just like you!

Gigi: Wait. Isn't that the top you borrowed from me last week??

Anonymous said...

I had to change the way I blog...With school, kids, work and I would answer every comment go back and see if a comment I had was answered and it left me feeling like blogging was a chore...I almost always repay a comment...I also like it when a blogger has their blog linked with the email address so I can answer them and when I have time I will answer on my blog...But I have to save time somewhere...I do get every comment in my email...So I am reading all comments...

Unknown said...

Dearest Kathryn,
I came home this evening to the pleasant surprise of an email from you. However due to an apparent virus on my other computer (the desktop that I don't even use anymore) which I have been trying to repair all afternoon, my ISP has blocked my email address (outgoing messages only). But they were nice enough to call to notify me of this. Therefore I cannot reply in the usual way. So I thought I'd just comment again here. Feel free to delete this comment after you've gotten my wisdom. :)

To change so that the noreply@blogger thingy goes away and your email address appears, here's what your readers need to do:

On Blogger Dashboard, under the profile picture, click on Edit Profile. On the next screen, click the little box beside "Show my email address", then Save Profile. That's it! Easy peasy!

I actually just did this recently because I was unaware that my email address was not available to those I commented to. One of them made me aware and told me how to fix it. So I pass her wisdom on to you. Use it well. :)

I'm going to go unplug the desktop computer now and pitch it out the window. Maybe that'll fix it.

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

I usually comment back on my blog, and I try really hard to get a chance to pop on over to theirs to comment there too... But sometimes life happens and I just don't have enough hours in the day... haha

Lauren said...

First off, you don't like my shirt? Damn... Well, I'll go get changed I guess. Second, I don't get a lot of comments so it's easy to keep up :). You on the other hand... I'm convinced you should feel crazy by sticking to those, well, let's call them "obligations" rather than just being :(. I also have no idea how to add my email or whatever... so... that explains that.

Alicia said...

I've tried several different ways. Right now I reply via email to those who have a return email addy and then I copy what I wrote and paste it into a comment in the post they commented to. That way they either get a response to their email or they can come back to see a comment on my blog. But sometimes, depending on how busy I am I just don't have time to respond to all three comments I receive at a given time :-p

I always come back to see what you responded to my comment Kathryn, so numbers wise it increases your traffic but I also love when I get an email. But when you don't respond I tear my hair out by the roots and cry in my beer for days! Not really, I just figure you are as busy as me, as I...whatever.

Sandra said...

I feel so much better! I do the exact same thing you do. I don't respond to them via email (actually, one time, a blogger emailed me back saying, "Oh? You are commenting back to me directly?") I used to do it via email, but then somehow my blogger stopped that action, and mercifully I no longer receive the comments in my email inbox. And quite honestly, when I see my inbox filled with very kind comments from bloggers that I've commented on, I'm like, "God, I have to read all of these? And am I expected to respond to the comment they've left about my comment?" still with me? Anyway, all of this to say, that you shouldn't feel bad. I'm the same. I'd rather visit said blogger's blog. Comment. Enjoy. And be on my merry way. So this is me commenting. Enjoyed your post immensely. And now I'll be on my merry way. I will not be back to see if you commented on this. I do however wish you had a Facebook option so I would know when you do post. I could add you to my blog roll, but honestly, I don't always get to those either. I find that I check FB every few minutes or so...I do, don't judge me... :) Take care and good luck. If you can't keep up, it means you're a celebrity!

Missed Periods said...

I try to post on Tuesday and Friday, and I make sure that I comment on everyone's posts who has commented on mine within a couple of days. And then, on the weekends, I try to get around to as many posts as possible. That's all I do. Is that bad?

Unknown said...

Kat dear, when i started blogging about a year ago and didn't have any follower, i wondered why i was in blogsphere in the first place. Then you followed me. I was like yay! And you commented to almost everything i posted and when i commented on your posts, you replied so it was kinda fun to go and read your comments on my comments. So i began to comment on the comments on my posts, sometimes i just say "Thanks for commenting" And i visit the commenter's blog and leave a note too.
The only thing that has changed for me is going back to check if the blogger said something about what i 'd said because some of them don't so whats the point but for people like you that try to, i often check back.
I am not going to admit that i have a soft spot for you for being the first person to follow me and i learned some ropes by just visiting this blog. I kinda did already right?
By the way, you LOVE my shirt. You just don't know it yet.
Thanks Kat.

Anonymous said...

I endeavour to reply to all comments left on my blog. I do so on the page on which they were left on my blog. So far I’ve always managed to do so, but as comment numbers increase I expect it to become more difficult.
I don’t know whether commenters come back for a second read – I know some do. I do, and I appreciate a reply.
When I visit blogs I usually comment, unless I’ve stumbled on an overtly political and religious blog, in which case I never go back.
I’ve always adopted this strategy, but now I’m more aware than ever that my most loyal readers appreciate it, so I’m even more committed to it now.

brite said...

I've always been amazed at your diligence and thoughtfulness in the way that you respond to commenters Kathryn...makes me feel like the lazy sot that I am :)
For me, I rarely respond to comments on my blog, but be assured I read (and treasure) each and every one of them.

Tia said...

You have been my inspiration (cue soaring music here) as to how to respond to comments. I have only a few readers that actually leave a comment and I try to always respond directly to them. I very rarely email anyone about my post unless they have asked me a personal question that I don't think everybody needs to know the answer to. :)

If I get a comment from a new person then I definitely go and check out their blog and try to leave an uplifting comment for them. I try and hold off on my "helpful" disagreements until I consider myself a regular reader.

Slamdunk said...

I think you get an A+ for effort Kathryn. I respect those who can respond to each comment in 3s or whatever. I have to rely on the random response and hope it it good enough for folks.

Spot said...

We all know how good I am at following rules (rules? what rules?!) so I don't have a hard and fast one. I used to try to reply to all the comments on my blog, but then I was never sure if anyone read the reply. Sometimes I email a reply (for people who's email I have), and other times I don't manage a reply. But I do try to go read their blog and comment them. (You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours). But sometimes chaos strikes and it doesn't work out.

Aren't you sorry you asked? And btw, I love this shirt! So there.


Dorn said...

I always try to leave a response in the comments...unless it's from anonymous and then I just don't even see the point. I have often wondered how many folks come back to see them or if they just think I'm a jerk who never responds. Two blogs I follow always email back...not even sure how to do that without research...hello? how many page clicks are we talking for someone with as many commenters like you Kathryn?

kathryn said...

Christiejolu: I hear that. The best thing Blogger did was to have a copy of peep's comments sent to our inbox. From there, through...the water gets oh-so-muddy, right? No-one wants it to be a chore...and time permitted, we all know what a blast it is to cruise and visit and comment and read. It's the balance and the continuity that I'm struggling with. I'm glad you've weighed in, sweetie. It's good to know what others find works best for them. (And thanks for getting back to me so quick last night!)

Kimberly: I bow to you, oh great and wise one...and I have no intention of deleting this valuable info. So that's how it works. It's up to the individual blogger to make their email addy available if the blog they're commenting on wud prefer to respond via email...or ya basically get nada. Thanks so much for clarifying this, sweetie. And I'll be right over to help you pitch that thing out the window! (Any mean neighbors' properties we should be aiming for??)

KellyGrrl: I has a funny way of taking over our internet lives, doesn't it? I've been told of these really HUGELY popular blogs where you just comment and are to receive nothing in return but a future post from said popular blogger. I don't get that. Where's the interaction?

Anonymous said...

I try to respond as soon as each comment is posted, but as you've noticed, I've been a tad inconsistent of late... okay it's been a while, but... okay I have no excuse, I just get lazy. Sometimes it's enough for me to just put down the thoughts as they come to me (before they leave again) and, yes, that isn't an awesome method, but sometimes it gets me by.

Don't worry, you're not certifiable. If you are, then I am too... oh wait, forget I said anything.


kathryn said...

Lauren: Well, I like today's shirt. Yesterday's color simply did not flatter your skin tone. (Clinton made me say that.) Honestly, it's not that crazy for me....I've seen ppl who get over a hundred comments a day! Now, how do they not jump off a cliff?? I love all that I do. I just want to manage it effectively. What happens if all my freelance becomes a 9-5? Will I still be able to keep up? And I've always wondered how others managed their own places. It's nice to talk about it.

Alicia: Oh, you KILL me. You just HAD to make that last remark, right?? I mean, dramatic...but still my niggling fear of hurting someone's feelings. You've got a mean streak in you...don't you, girl?? I'm glad you stop back to see if I've maintained my wit-level to include comments as well. There's no pressure there whatsoever...on either one of us! Thanks for the feedback.

Sandra: What a lovely comment this is! And I'm extra glad someone's as insane as I when it comes to matter of the comment. And I know just what you mean when I receive a response to my comment from the blogger in my inbox! "Do I say something back? Is it expected? Is there an internet etiquette site somewhere so we can check??" Very confusing when you're concerned with doing the right thing. As far as FB options, the closest I have is I know I'm on the Networked Blogs on FB...(I have 25 sweet faces smiling at me on my sidebar that tell me so) I'd just assumed that they were somehow informed of my having hit that publish button. Twitter announces my new posts as well (twice, in fact...not sure how that happened). I'm going to stop talking now...this sounds like a PR rant! Thanks for the comment-hope you will again!

kathryn said...

Missed Periods: No...that's not sounds perfect to me. So, what do you do on Mondays and Thursdays? 'Cause it sounds like those are your only non-blog-related days. I'll bet you do something windsurf or knit scarves for the homeless, or something. What's the emoticon for envious??

Lily Johnson: Wow. I'm glad I was your first follower, sweetie. Everybody has to start somewhere, right? I do believe that the more you spread the looooove around, the more it comes back to you. With me, it's never a tit-for-tat...-I'll only visit you if you visit me-but honestly, sometimes the best way to remind me to get my butt over there is to comment. It's only when all of that is done that I feel I can stop by and see the ones that haven't been around to say "hi" in a bit. I'm a bit of a softie for you too, sweetie...your posts always remind me how important it is that we take care of ourselves. It's such an important message. And you're right...that shirt has really grown on me!

Boonie S: Very well put comment, sir! And I know you get a decent amount of comments. I guess it's a double-edged sword: we love the comments and enjoy responding...but wonder if it could reach a point where it would be difficult to maintain the status quo. I agree with you about the overly-zealous blogs...sometimes, I honestly can't think of anything to say! And I'm not a big fan of the blanket "Great post! Really enjoyed it" comment.

kathryn said...

brite: Well, thank you sweets! I appreciate the appreciation. I think everyone has their own reasons for blogging in the first place and no one way is perfect for anyone I said, there are almost too many options!

Tia: Isn't it so exciting when you see that new, never-before-seen name in your comments? It's a little like Christmas....and I'll find myself hoping they're nice and praying they won't be nasty. I don't think I've ever been called anyone's inspiration before...I am humbly honored!

Slamdunk: Hey, you know how much I love my random....and yet, I'm stuck with that magic-3 for some unknown reason. I've seen ppl who comment 1/1, or 25/1...there's no rhyme or reason. I'm loving hearing how other ppl feel about it and handle it, though. As for the effort on my part? It's 100% pleasure.

kathryn said...

Spot: Yikes! I'm thinking I should've picked something else besides people's shirts to bitch about! I'd no idea people were so sensitive about their attire! (Said sarcastically, as I am also one of them.)I've always assumed that given a choice, the commenter would prefer that you visit their place and comment there if you have no time to respond to them at your own place. I don't know if this is true or not. me...they're of equal importance in the end. Yup...certifiable. How's the knee, sweetie?

Dorn: How many page clicks? Good question! And that's times two 'cause I've got the window split! I sometimes wish they didn't have the extra step of the profile page...and it can be extra confusing if the blogger has several blogs listed 'cause usually only one is active. That can take up some time. I will say that I'm always pleasantly surprised when someone re-comments to clarify at my place...or if I get an email from them saying my response made them laugh. Those are da best.

Fierce: Hey. We're both definitely within the realm of normal. I read it in Psychology Today, remember? Maybe the responses on our own blogs to comments is meant more for the new ppl just coming in. Maybe they read 'em?? I know if there's more than a handful, I wind up scrolling past. But that's only 'cause I don't want to forget what I wanted to comment.

Jerry said...

Huh? I'm supposed to have a method? My unmethody approach is to crawl to my desk around 5:00 Saturday morning clutching desperately to my cup of coffee. I type whatever it is in one fell swoop....only stopping for a second or third cup of coffee. If I decide it isn't too much trouble I'll go through the aggravation of inserting a picture or two.

I preview my post and realize that it made absolutely no sense so I spend ten minutes sensubilizing it and then end up saying "to hell with it" and hit post.

Two or three times a week I start reading other posts...maybe about thirty minutes a whack. If the subject is too deep or controversial I usually won't comment. I just don't have the time or inclination to dive in to something. Certain people I know comment on comments...meaning I sneak back in to see perhaps they have developed a crush on me or something. Usually end up disappointed.

I do make an effort to comment on commenters posts....and I always fall behind. I just don't dedicate that much time to this blogging thing.

I would do a split screen but it sounds like too much work...and I have nary an inkling of how to go about it.

There are certain people that I immediately read when I discover they have posted you. You make me chuckle and feel good and I keep looking for the slightest hint of a crush. Damn.

Now I have a question. I discovered that one of the referring URLs to my site is a Facebook site with the title of my blog in the Facebook title. Does this mean my blog is a Facebook site? If so, how do I get it off immediately, now and forever more? It is there without my permission and I want to sue someone.

Hugs my friend, and take it easy with the splitting.

Jerry said...

This is my second comment and according to your rules you are required to comment on every three. Hung on your own split petard.

Jerry said...

Guess what?

kathryn said...

Jerry (#1): Yes, you're supposed to have a method. And crawling to your computer at 5am on a Saturday and then drinking 3 cups of coffee without taking a break to pee has to be bad for your prostate. Or spleen. Or at minimum, your humor.
The only way to properly hit publish is to say "to hell with it". I think it's in the Blogger handbook somewhere.
How would you know if I did have a crush on you? I mean, I wouldn't just come out and say it. Maybe the "split screen" remark was really code. We'll have to check with Mark on this. Okay, now on to your question:
What? I mean, what? Referring URL? What referring URL? (Eyes suspiciously) Do you even know what a URL is? I mean, this a trick question? Is this about my crush? 'Cause it's really not nice to play with someone's feelings, ya know.

Jerry (#2) Yeah? Well...your mother wears army boots. (Hangs head) "Sorry, Mrs. Jerry's mother."

Jerry (#3) That's it. I'm calling Guido. Guido will call Poncho who will personally hunt you down, unscrew your porch light bulb, super glue your mailbox closed and...and...put a bumper sticker on your car that says, "I want to marry Spongebob". You'll never trace it back to me, of course.

Lynn said...

Kathryn, her name is Inna Karenina. She has an amazing photo blog, and is only 18. I don't see that she replies like that any more, but she used to simply put *** underneath her post, then a title: Replies. Then she just would respond to everyone from the prior post there. I don't know that it would work for umpteen followers, but it might, especially is you split the screen like you do (which I would also love the directions to, btw.) Anyway, Inna's blog is

The one downside it's nice to be able to scroll around and see what the reply is alluding to. But for some folks, it might work just grandly!

Jen said...

You are so good. I do try to visit everyone who has left a comment on my site. When I have a week like last week, I completely let things slide. I do think it's nice to respond to comments on my own site but I don't ever seem to get around to doing that. Visiting other sites, re-commenting on my own, getting new posts written and then coming up with ideas for other posts - I run out of time especially since I'm not getting paid for this.

kathryn said...

Lynn: Thanks so much for taking the time to bring all this wonderful info back to us. I've updated the post to reflect your comment. I hope someone can let us know if it works well for them. I'm checking it out now!

Jen: I know, sweetie...I know. It's completely insane...and it's always when *real life* gets in the way of things, right? Someday, we WILL figure out a way to be financially compensated for our blogs...I mean, seriously compensated!

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