Friday, April 30, 2010

A Most Unfortunate Afternoon

As many of you know by now, I’m packing. We are moving in 9 days, 14 hours and a handful of minutes.

Do you want to see the chaos? I know you do:

Here is one wall of my office. Box for my digital camera? Check. Box for my backup drive? Check. Box for my cell? Che-- Wait. Why do I need the box for my cell? I’m not packing it back up, right? Well, I might need it for something. (Please note the small amount of post-its in the above shot.)

Lest you think I exaggerate about my love of paper. Can you tell that I work with several different clients at once? Again…notice my plethora of colored Post-its. The scariest part is that I know what every single piece of paper is for…and they’re all important! Needless to say, my office will be the last to pack up. (The document on my laptop is this one, btw.)

Here’s the hall. More chaos…more boxes.

The dining room. Looks like we’re about to have a tag sale, right? (Gigi: The potted plant is on the deck!)

One half of the garage. The tarp is stuff going to Laura’s for storage. I’m not done yet. (Shhh. Don’t tell her.)

My routine is to work a little, then pack a lot….then work a little, then pack some more…then work a little. Today, all hell broke loose when we lost both internet and phone. The cable was still on…but that’s my least important electronic connection to the outside world. Figures, right?

By the time I got a hold of Comcast on my cell, (standing on a stepstool in the corner of the living room with my left hand holding the cell out the window, whilst yelling into the speaker phone) I was already DONE. Dialing wasn’t so bad…but then they wanted me to:

  • enter my home telephone number with area code
  • enter the last 4 digits of my social
  • if I was interested in taking a survey, press 1…if not, press 2
  • if I was calling about the switch to digital, press 1…otherwise press 2

It then switched me to a customer service representative…but first, I had to hold for approximately 5 minutes due to “large call volume”. Fortunately, I had no desire to boogie whilst on the stepstool to “Sunshine on My Shoulder” by John Denver…and I believe I only dry heaved a little.

By the time the gal came on the line, I almost wept with joy. But, she didn’t say, “ThankyouforcallingComcastthisisDaniellehowmayIhelpyou?” like I expected…instead she was evidently talking to someone else. When I angrily said, “HELLO?” she promptly hung up.

After repeating the entire process, I reported our outage and was informed that I was the only one having a problem…and they could have a technician out on Sunday morning, at the earliest. No amount of cajoling or bribing was gonna change things, so I dejectedly took the first open slot and ended the call.

It then dawned on me that I’d better forward the calls from the house line to my cell, or no-one will realize the line is down…for it’ll go straight into voicemail. I walked over to my computer to log on to Comcast to forward my ca---…wait. I have no internet. Okaaaay…I’ll just use the phone to---
Huh. I have no telephone. I tried to log onto Comcast from my blackberry…the site wouldn’t let me sign in remotely. This meant I’d have to call Comcast back to have the guy break into my account to forward my calls, changing my password temporarily to “shimmygirl” (his choice).

About 30 minutes ago, I saw the little blue icon that symbolizes that we have internet!!!

This time I really did weep with joy…but in a totally good way.

Have a fabulous weekend, all!

(Friday’s blog post? Check…)

Anonymous said...

I take it the elves didn't get their muffins. That sucks though, they would've gotten the job done while you got the other job done. I think handling the checklist was also in their contract. At least the internet came back; it would REALLY have sucked if you typed this post up only to realize you couldn't even tell anyone about your afternoon because... there was no internet!!! Happy packing.


Oddyoddyo13 said...

What a NIGHTMARE. You never realize how much you depend on things like these until...well, something like this happens.

Gigi said...

I was SOOOOOO wondering where that potted plant was!!! ;-)

Ahh, the chaos of moving! But the fun of setting up new house?!

Doncha just *love* dealing with the phone/internet companies...Hubby has inadvertently figured out how to get out of phone tree hell. You just start yelling obscenities into the phone and viola! You are connected to a human. Well, that's what he claims anyway. I haven't tried it - yet.

Unknown said...

Kit Kat,

Good luck moving. Although I know it sucks, but like Gigi said, it is new beginnings are awesome.


TC said...

I feel totally for you, I dropped my cell phone (which supplies most of my internet while away from home) in the dog water (husbands and dogs fault btw of course) I was sooooo lost and real phone.....except for my husbands of course but that didn't count. I can also relate to the stork on a stepstool thing, we have talked for years by a window, just now got a landline back in.

Unknown said...

Okay, so I totally missed the post about you having to move! (I'm caught up now). That seriously bites! But I'm glad you found another place so quickly! And remember the boxes are only temporary (or at least they SHOULD be). :)

Being w/o internet or phone really really bites! A few years ago when the hurricane-force winds hit this area, our cable line got torn down by a tree branch and we were w/o phone, internet, and tv for 4 days! 4 freakin' days! I thought I'd go crazy! And I hadn't even found the wonderful world of Kathrynville yet. :) I shudder to think how I would react if that would happen now. ;)

Hang in there!

Carol said...

Shimmygirl totally fits. Cause it takes a lot of shimmying to get past those boxes! Poor you, thanks for the instructions last night, I'm trying them soon!

Full-On-Forward said...


We are thinking about moving into a new house.

You just changed my mind!

I hope you have a better weekend, and when you are on the next stool-

don't forget to

Shimmy Girl.

Sorry--couldn't let that go!


Jerry said...

You have a box for your cell phone? I think mine was shrink wrapped against a piece of cardboard. Hell, if I had known you could get cell phones in boxes, I would have forked over another $10.

The last time we moved I vowed I would never pack again. We would hire people to do it...even if we had to declare bankruptcy to afford it.

You are getting so good at it...I'll hire you!

Viv said...

Its true, we feel so lost when we have no cell phone and no internet- its like we're in olden times- like... the late 90s or something!

Hope your move goes smoothly! Get all your rainbow post-its packed in a manilla envelope marked- IMPORTANT.

Bobby Allan said...

I LOVE moving into a new place and making it a home but it's this part that really blows. Don't you just want to light a match and start over?

Lauren said...

OMG! I HATE PHONING CALL CENTERS! STAB.ME.IN.THE.FACE! I think they should have the following option: If you would like to repeatedly bash your forehead into the nearest counter top, press 7 and proceed. You have to push 7 so they know to call an ambulance in case of concussion. Good luck with the packing!

Slamdunk said...

When it rains it pours. With that kind of challenging day, I think you deserve a treasue chest to fall from the sky and land in your yard to make things even for the week.

Momma Fargo said...

Oh. I sent the fairy godmothers over there to help you. I hope they made. If not...I'm sending you internet hugs. I hope your internet stays up. Have a great weekend and good luck in moving. I know it's a pain. Been there myself.

Momiji chan said...

i hope this doesnt mean that you arent finishing this blog because if your leaving im leaving your a big help on my blogs T.T oh and congrats on getting a new house ^-^

JD at I Do Things said...

You're MOVING!

Wow! Congratulations! And good luck. I, too, am a Post-it fiend. Unfortunately, so are my cats, and I'm always finding the Post-its with the most important information in the basement.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

As if moving isn't enough of a nightmare. To have technical difficulties and have to deal with charming phone people. AAAAHHHH!!
Deep breaths. This too shall pass...

When Pigs Fly said...

Nightmare! I should know, I have moved house so many times I've stopped counting. That includes two overseas moves. It's no fun and I feel for you. Just remember to breathe. And, try not to go crazy.

Selina Kingston said...

Like John, I have been entertaining thoughts about moving house recently but you have totally made me see sense. I have a phobia of boxes. I'm never going to move again!!!

Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing the things you find when you're moving? I used to always be like "I don't want to throw it away in case I need it," but after 6 moves in 6 years - I pared way down! Looks like you're coming along well, though. The last day is always a flurry of packing no matter how much prep you do!

Here's hoping the next 9 days are Comcast-drama-free & smooth sailing!

Alan W. Davidson said...

I don't envy you the moving process at all, Kathryn. Good luck with the rest of it! (and stop dissing John Denver).

wendy said...

Hmm, John Denver. How 2010! And shimmygirl fits you so don't pretend you didn't like that password, LOL. Even I can tell from afar you have that shimmygirl Aries vibe. Flow with it Kathryn. This situation is only temporary. You are big enough, you are strong enough and dog gone it, people like you!

wendy said...

What's up with Gavin?? I can't get on his blog with out an ivite. Or so says the message when I try to log on there. I didn't get to say goodbye. =( Will he be back??

Momiji chan said...

moving from new york O.O i dont think i could move from my original house i mean the gansters and gun shots * shivers * my uncle lives there and let me tell you its hard enough moving from the big city i hope you dont end up in a bad neighbor hood and my mom has finally made a comment on where we might move next to after my bro goes to the navel academy see she wants to move to a small city so im thinking up where you live because as far as im consern from now until then im going to have internet i think we might even buy a farm O.O SAVE ME PLEASE

Daily Panic said...

i always claim the phone is my nemisis but really it is the crap i have to put up with when i connect. Best wishes on the move. I'll go through the process too in a few months. But you have some really big changes coming up when the boys are more independent.

Gay Guy said...

Oh, Lucky You!

I have dreams sometimes of living with only what I can stuff into a car by myself. But, no more.

Tinkerschnitzel said...

That totally sucks, but I'm glad you managed to get everything back up and going. Your office looks a lot like mine, minus all the sticky notes. Okay, maybe I have all the sticky notes too. :)

sage said...

I think one should move every 2-3 years, especially if you move back and forth across the country, but wait, I've been here now 6 years...

Good luck, dealing with phone people is a real pain, so is moving, but afterwards, you'll have a fireplace (didn't I read that somewhere) but then it'll be summer!

Anonymous said...

I hate moving! Good luck with that. I am glad you got your internet back up. I can not go without it any more.

Alicia said...

I hate moving! When I bought the home I live in now everyone that helped me move said they would never, ever again help me because I'm a So I guess if I ever can't make the mortgage payment and the bank throws me out I'm going to have to leave all my stuff there.

snoble24 said...

well i hope the move goes smoothly

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