Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rant, Rave, Kiss & Wave

Dear young guy seated adjacent to us at the diner,
It is never, ever okay to blow your nose at the table. Didn't your mother ever mention this? And putting the offending napkin at the end of your table pretty much cinched any appetite I may have had....thanks for that.

Dear geek-guy from Best Buy,
Thank you for your honesty in advising me NOT to buy more RAM, ma'am....and kudos for the recommendation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus! I love it so much. Laptop wants to marry it!
Sunrise from my bedroom window:

View from the living room. Um...I do believe I'm seeing in black and white. Is this what dogs see?

Dear Summer,
I miss you!

Lou said...

Great pics Kathryn. Bummer about the bad table manners - that blows.

Runnergirl said...

Sorry. I've spent most of the last few days blowing my nose in public places. I didn't actually know that that wasn't polite. I was only taught to blow into a tissue rather than sniffing or wiping on my sleeve.

K.L.M. said...

Love the Black & White shot! I agree about the manners thing (manners at the dinner table were always a pet peeve while my boys were growing up!)

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Hi and many thanks for visiting me over at Pen And Paper. What stunning views. I always think snow makes such a difference, everywhere looks so clean and, well, white.

Sounds like charming company you had. He 'wasn't brought up so much as dragged up' as my nana would say.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! How rude, blowing his nose at the table. I'm surprised you didn't lunge across the table, grab a fistful of his hair and throw him out the window and into that second picture ; then returning to the table like absolutely nothing just happened. Obviously normal people wouldn't do this but hey, we're talking about you here you know.
I miss summer too...........

Bobby Allan said...

How pretty those pictures are! That living room view must be stunning in the the fall.

We don't have any snow yet. Hoping we at least have some for Christmas!

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

Great photos.

Summer will be back before you know it.

Unknown said...

Nowadays, they're teaching Southern kids (at school) to sneeze into their elbows instead of their hands. The obvious problem--hands can be washed right after the sneeze, but the ooze stays on the sleeve until it hits the washing machine. Ugh.

Unknown said...

Great pics!

Blowing his nose at the table - not good; leaving the disgusting tissue for the waitress to clean up - definitely not good; not going to wash his hands afterwards before he eats - really gross! (I'm sort of OCD when it comes to hand washing). :)

Betsy said...

No, his mother probably never taught him that. Manners have gone the way of the dinosaur, unfortunately.

Lovely pics of your views!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are awesome, Kathryn. (: Haha....and about the dude blowing his nose at the table...sometimes if I'm not in the best mood and I'm sitting close enough to the other table....I'll pretend to gag. XD The reaction was hilarious.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

someone should've made him eat that fekking tissue! thats just gross!


JP said...

Most geeks at Best Buy don't care about commission (do the make commission?)... Now the salesmen themselves at those places are bad.

My dad went in and told him that he wanted to buy a new computer and didn't want to have to buy another one in a year or two. Uhh... yeah so you asked the guy to give you a top-of-the-line PC so you can do email? nice...

Ron said...

It is never, ever okay to blow your nose at the table. Didn't your mother ever mention this?

OMG...I seriously think these people should have an additional $20.00 added to their check for doing this, don't you??


You should see when they do it on the city streets WITHOUT using a Kleenex or handkerchief - it's enough to emotionally scar you for life!

Gorgeous shots, Kathryn!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black and white one!! Clever how you still kept the color in the sky!!!

Hey...we're finally supposedly getting some REAL snow tonight! I know that doesn't excite you much, but I'm jumping up and down like a kangaroo on a pogo stick!

Hope you're having a great day, my friend!

Stay warm and cozy!!!


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Man, am I glad I'm not in New York right now!

wendy said...

Well, I hate to seem gross, but I happen to be one of those people whose nose is in constant need of blowing or wiping. Yes, I have tried allergy meds and to no avail. When I eat, the slightest bit of steam from a hot meal will set me off. Or the change in temperature from one place to another sends me dripping. Eww,gross yes, no one nose-ha ha-better than me. If I left the table to tend to my nose each time while dining, I may as well eat in our car or inside the dining establishment's bathroom. My friend's husband has the same issue and my mom does as well. And we can't be the only ones. We try to be as discreet as possible and I NEVER put my used hankies on the table.

wendy said...

Been meaning to ask you for awhile now, how is your son after all that happened to him after being in surgery with the dentist and all? Hope he's doing well. Christmas isn't as much fun if you can't enjoy holiday food.

Anonymous said...

Love that you have manners, are fantastically creative, seem to be a really cool mom, and blog so beautifully.

Alicia said...

What great views you have out of your windows. We're having a white Christmas here as well. Not with snow but with fog! Kern County is notorious for our Tule fog. It's ugly.

I'll try to take some pictures of my view this next week.

Love yours though. I heard the East coast will be experiencing major storms this weekend Kathryn. Hope you guys don't lose power and I hope you're feeling better after your fall.

Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

Great views! The kind of views, some can only dream about. Thanks for sharing! Here lately I feel like I am seeing only in black and white or maybe gray.

Mixed Reflections said...

Oh how gorgeous that snow is!!! Wish we could EVER just hope for the possibility of it here, but I guess that's why our little state is called Florida. ...And er, yes, blowing nose at table is super disgusting. We often encounter people in restaurants doing it. Gross.

KT said...

KATHRYN!!!!! I'm leaving today. can you believe it? I'm going to miss your super spectacular mundaness...which in the end wouldn't be mundane, huh? anyways, I probably won't have time to read your awesomeness so expect me to comment on all 14-15 posts when i get back.
Have a GREAT Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa and HAPPY new year!!!

Moonrayvenne said...

I miss the summer, too, especially today as I look out my window & see our first snowfall of the (long) season. Not even an inch, but it's sticking & that's what matters! Only 4 more months or so until the trees begin to bud again...heavy sigh.

MeanDonnaJean said...

The only things *I* see out MY bedroom window are a) all the drunk Italian guys comin' outta The Club late at night, b) the 2 tenants across the street battlin' it out, c) the #55 bus speedin' down the road, and d) a bunch of feral cats shittin' 'n pissin' on the property. I like yer view(s) MUCH either black 'n white OR color!

Dreamfarm Girl said...

Stay warm in the blizzard! ( It looks dreamy to me, but then I am a thousand miles away.) Hot cocoa for everyone!

Unknown said...

That is gross! Sorry you had to experience that dining faux pas. Love the view from your home.

Lauren said...

I hate it when people blow their noses and put the kleenex back on their plate when the waitress comes to pick it up. Then I have to chisel it off their plates before putting it in the dishwasher. PITY THE DISHWASHER PEOPLE! The same goes for gum.

Aside from that... nice view! (says the winter lover). Summer is coming back. It's closer everyday. Not helpful?

kathryn said...

Lou: HA! I do believe that is the best "pun intended" I've heard all day! ( freakin' table manners!)

Runnergirl: Hey, it's not blowing the nose in PUBLIC that's the problem. It's blowing the nose where others are eating...and we're not talking about discreetly wiping a runny nose, here. THAT I could have dealt with. Sorry you're not feeling well, sweetie...

K.L.M.: Actually, it's NOT black and white! It's freakin' COLOR....or, as much color as we now have! Isn't that unbelievable??

...Petty Witter: Yes, the view out my front window is stunning. But now that I have the photo, I'd like to see some color, please. And that no-manners guy was at a diner...I don't think I could have kept my mouth shut had he been in my own home!!

kathryn said...

Fierce: HA! I laughed out loud at this comment! I'm telling you...that is EXACTLY what I wanted to do! I'd lose a crapload of weight if I were around that guy...he made me totally lose my appetite!

Chrissy: I stopped by your place earlier...and I see you did get some of the white stuff. Now that we've all experienced it, let's bring on spring!

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt: Thank you. And no, it won't. (She said...stomping her foot like a 2-year-old.) You KNOW it's gonna take FOREVER.

jmberrygirl: YES, you are correct. Hence the debate about sneezing. I've just asked Connor and he said most kids just hold their arm in general vicinity of their face...or, they sneeze into their hands. Evidently, they only have 3 bathroom passes per semester, so they won't use it to wash their hands. Go figure.

Kimberly: I KNOW! I felt the same way. How can someone NOT know these simple things? It seems so obvious to me, but I think I'm a bit of a germophobe....

Gingerella: Thanks! What a shame, re: no manners. My boys have 'em! I was raised with 'em! What's wrong with these parents??

Gavin: I'm telling you...I was gagging inside! If I'd been seated where he could see me, he probably WOULD HAVE seen me turn green. Gross!

Gillian: I'm with you! Couldn't agree more!

JP: Hey, bud! No, I don't believe the Geeks work on commission. Gee...does Dad know that everything is obsolete ten minutes after you take it out of the box??

kathryn said...

RON! EWWWWW. That's AWFUL! You are 100% would send me SCREAMING in the opposite direction. Seriously GROSS! HA! You're not the only one who thought I'd Photoshopped that picture...but, Ron-that shot was taken in COLOR! THAT'S all the COLOR we HAVE up here!! My eyes need to see some color! Hope you're enjoying the snow!

Oddyoddyo13: Uh-huh. I'm glad you're avoiding it as well. I can whine enough for both of us!

Wendy Blum: Well, I'll bet you don't HONK when you you? I'm thinking no...and that's what this guy did. I'm wants to hear that whilst eating. Discreetly wipe a runny nose, yeah...I can see that.

kathryn said...

Wendy Blum: Aw. It's sweet of you to ask. I'm afraid it's just gotten worse...there have been root canals, orthodontists and dentists, oh my. It kind of blew up into an even bigger deal than we'd thought. Hey...were you trying to email me? I saw something about "messages" at your place? I don't know what that is, but I clicked on it. Thanks for asking about Kevin.

Anonymous: Why, thank you! You are very kind...and I appreciate the kind remarks!

Alicia: NO blackout! YAY!! And thank you for sending those "healing wishes" my way. Worked very well!

Heather: Yeah...great views...but we could use some color! I think we could all use a little vaca...perhaps a little Jamaica??

Gropius: Sigh....Florida.....I wish I was there. I'll trade you any time! (Just till spring!)

book*addict: OH! You're OFF! Here's hoping you have a fabulous time! (I know you will)I'll miss you!

Colette: Yeah....months and months of bone-chilling cold. It's absolutely freezing here. My office is over the garage and my feet have been frozen for the last few hours. Turns out, Taylor left the garage door open! Yikes!

MeanDonnaJean: HA! Sounds like you've got a pretty interesting view there! My view is a rental (FYI) but it's gorgeous. The downside is that I'm in the middle of nowhere. It's quiet, I'll give you that!

Dreamfarm Girl: Yummy....don't forget the mini-marshmallows! We've been drinking TONS of hot cocoa the last few days!

kathryn said...

WannabeVirginaW: Yeah....beautiful view...even if it IS in black & white these days. I'd love to stick a light-up palm tree right in the center of that field!

Lauren: No...I need MORE. More warmth...more balmy...more SUN! And have my utmost respect! Gum on the plate? What's wrong with these people??

Unknown said...

I miss summer tooooooooo! It's very black and white here too. Mostly black because we have ZERO sunlight right now. I am so excited that the days will start getting longer now!

wendy said...

Umm, I think I may have tried to email you a while back, but I have not the foggiest idea of what for now LOL Can we say short attention span? And truly I wish for your son to get back to his old self soon. But on the positive side with all the dental work, he's bound to have a Hollywood Smile to look forward to =)

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