Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have three questions and a plea.

That’s a “PLEA”…not a pea.

Where are your reading glasses?? Put them on, please.

#1) Would you buy a home if you discovered your address would be on Crotch Street?

#2) Would you tell the stranger in line in front of you at the oil change/car wash place (who just agreed to the additional car wash) that the forecast calls for rain in a few hours?

#3) The guy that cut you off just pulled into the parking space next to you. Do you say anything?

Now, for my plea. Wait a second…I need my stepstool to climb up on my soapbox….

OKAY! (Microphone makes loud feedback sound….everyone gasps.)

Kathryn taps gently on the mike…better??

I will pay each of you FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS* if you’ll disable your word-verification-thingie. Yes, folks…that’s FIVE THOUSAND SMACKEROOS*.

What? You didn’t know you COULD disable it? Uh-huh….Dashboard, Settings, Comments…about halfway down the page, “Show word verification for comments?”…click NO. Keeping it enabled is supposed to reduce “comment spam”. If I keep coming across this stupid word verification, I’m gonna start leaving some “spam” of my own:

“Yo. Your post was good. But your word verification SUCKS. Be a MAN….strap on a pair! Be a woman…be BRAVE. Live a little! Put your toes out there on the EDGE of the CLIFF. What’s the worst that can happen? You can always enable it again if you’re a sissy. Are you a sissy? I've had mine disabled for 19 months and I've only received ONE SPAM. ONE. I deleted it and I didn't die.”

I’m sorry for being so blunt, but I’ve hit so many word verification roadblocks, my computer is trying to auto-finsh the words “INsqyrt” and “QWPmyOWtf”.

This cannot be good for my RAM. Or my mojo.

Now, help me down…I’m starting to feel a little lightheaded.

I’m expecting honest answers, Abe. Bring it.

* The term "FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS" is merely an exxagerated attempt at getting the reader's attention and should not, under any circumstances, be misconstrued as an actual offer for payment in actual, real currency...for the author of this here blog has neither the means nor the credit history to ascertain this amount. However, she would consider the reward of a martini and a well-preserved Certs peppermint from the bottom of her car console as adequate compensation.

Lauren said...

Hmmm... I feel as though I've learned something today. I shall try your way but I would rather chocolate of some kind rather than the martini as compensation. I will however take the Certs. My apologies to your computer, particularly since he's apparently not 100%.

Unknown said...

Ah ha! I didn't even know that I had word verification on (turns out you don't see it when you post on your own blog). Your plea has been heard - and I have changed my settings with your instructions! (I hate word verifications, too; I feel terrible that I've been doing it to my own readers!!)

Betsy said...

#1. If it was the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, I'd start a petition to the city with my new neighbors to change the street name. Not the perfect house? HELL no.

#2. No. I can be mean like that.

#3. No...but my used gum might find its way to his windshield after he's walked away...

$5, could always send Monopoly money!

B-ster said...

People love to spread their misery around (not you, I'm referring to your questions!). And I agree completely with the word verification. It isn't too big of a deal to delete spammers/haters. If a spammer says things you don't like or want to see, *in a james earl jones like voice* The force is stong in you. You have the power to delete them, make them oblivion, poke fun at them, and then forget about it. Doesn't that feel good now?

B-ster said...

And I apparently am a hypocrite as well! Word verification must be on by default. I hang my head in shame and quickly change the setting.

Tinkerschnitzel said...

#1 Probably...I used to live on Beaver Street

#2 Depends on the mood I'm in that day, but usually no

#3 I typically try not to get into fights, but if it pisses me off enough, yes I will point out another's stupidity to them in the hopes they might learn something from it

I do hope the word verification thingy came off on my blog. It did, didn't it?

Lynn said...

WV is now switched just for you, my dear.

And congratulations on winning the Junk Drawer contest! It was a toughie! *wild applause*

Loredana said...

OK GOSH!!!! Will do!!! I can't stand it either and honestly didnt know if mine was up or not.

P.S. Keep your mint, no, really!

Belgoran said...

#1 - Absolutely, it would make the awkward part of dates much easier. "Oh look, this is my street here. Crotch street. Speaking of which..."

#2 - I'd probably offer them the opportunity for a money-saving tip at HALF the cost of the carwash.

#3 - Depends how many people are in the car with me, and what our median 'badass' factor happens to be.

Jen T said...

I agree with you. I had mine on for the longest time, but turned it off a few weeks ago after realizing how ANNOYING it was when I went to comment on other blogs that had it on. Blah.

Runnergirl said...

I think mine's off. Is it off?

And yes, I'm antagonistic enough that I probably would answer yes to all 3 of your questions.

Mark Price said...

{Billy Mays Voice}Fellow bloggers I too once had word verifications on my blog. But then I discovered Kathryns Veri-gone plan and no longer do you have to type a non-sense word to leave comments on my very, very funny blog!(hint, hint) Get yours today and your readers will thank you!

KT said...

#1) I would most definitely buy a high if my address was say, 6474 NW Crotch St. People will ask me, "ok, I need your info, where do u live?" and I'll respond "6474 NW CROTCH St" abviously responding with a slight smile. And of course it will go over their heads. *sigh*

#2) Nope, but because I wouldn't know what the forecast sed. And why can't u wash your car if it's going to rain soon?

#3) Sadly, no. I'd probably be cursing him (of course in my original cursing words) like there's no tomorrow. But if he were to give me a sheepish smile I'd probably smile back.

and, btw I would like my martini since I've NEVER had word verification. Thanks =D...well, i think i've never had it.

JP said...

I used to live in a place called "Enchanted Hills" which had all the streets named after fairy tales...

Pied Piper Parkway, Miss Muffet Lane, Sleeping Beauty Drive...

How'd you like to be a 1st grader having to learn his address and having to learn how to spell Rumpelstiltskin Lane?

Clandestiny said...

1. Sure! Things like that just don't bother me.

2. Nah! Let him do what he wants. Many times the best lessons are learned from our mistakes. Perhaps next time he'll check the weather forecast before washing!

3. Nope! I tend to question their intelligence under my breath while slowing down a bit to put more room in between us. Then I just forget about it. I figure if they do it routinely they'll probably take themselves out of the gene pool in time but this might be a once in a blue moon oopsie too which I can forgive.

Huh. The word verification thing just doesn't bother me in the least but for you I'll pop right over and turn the beastie off! :)

Jen said...

I totally agree with you. I hate those word verification things. My computer's anti virus used to be very finicky and sometimes when I would come across one of those things it would just sever my connection to the internet. Really pissed me off.
By the way, I'll take the martini but you can keep the furry Certs.

f8hasit said...

I don't get that word verification thing either. I hate it.

And since we have the power to delete whatever comment we want anyway, what use is it?

I don't get THAT many comments to not be able to SEE all comments that come my way!

Great post!

Spot said...

Um...excuse me miss Kathryn! I feel like that whole word verification thing was aimed at me! Maybe because you've mentioned it to me in an email. Maybe because I'm sleep deprived today and feeling paranoid. Either way...oh fine. I'll disable.

#1- now way. no how.

#2- possibly, depends on whether they can get their money back or not.

#3- depends on how my day is going. Yesterday, I'd have probably threatened him with physical violence. On a bad day, I would have made a snarky comment loud enough for him to hear and given him a death glare. On a good day, he would have gotten a sweet sweet smile and an "oh my. you better walk in front of me, because obviously, you are in a bigger hurry and are possibly more important than I am." Which is a snarky comment wrapped in sweetness. Like a sourpatch kid. Only the other way around. First it's sweet, until you think about it. Then it's sour!


carissajaded said...

1. Hell yeah! If I could afford a home I would proudly live on Crotch street. I would even name my home Harry if I had to.

2. I probably wouldn't say anything. I try not to start conversation with strangers unless I can help it.

3. I probably wouldn't say anything in this situation either. But because I wouldn't have to. I would have already laid down on the horn and thrown a few hand gestures their way. As they get out of the car I'd probably throw them one last glance and duck down in my seat.

Kathy said...

1. Yes, and I would be so proud to say it as often as I could. 2. No. 3. No.

I hate word verification, so I second your vote for killing that thing. I don't think people realize how much having it hurts them. They'll never know all the people who got frustrated, left and have never and will never come back.

p.s. Congrats again for winning the Junk Drawer What's That contest. Popped your prize in the mail this morning.

Ron said...

You GO, girl!

I soooo totally agree with you!!!!

And the thing about word verification is that it doesn't filtering out spam anyway. You'll still get it.

And besides's a total pain in the ass. You end up having to type in the word FIVE times, so I think discourages people from commenting on your blog.

I took word verification off my blogs years ago. If some wants to spam us they can always spam us through our email addresses. And trust me...I get a TON of those every week.

GEAT vent, my friend!

And I'm SOOO glad you said it!

Have a great day!


Mocha Princess Aurora said...

Thank You so Much for this! I had NO idea how to disable that!!! You have made my day!!!!!!

Ron said...

P.S. #1....YES! How fun! HAHAHAHAHA!

Krissi said...

What if you lived on 69 Crotch Street? I bet people would pay to live there.

Jen said...

OK, I'll take it off my blog. If we could find some way to add it (or a breathalizer) to my cell phone, that might come in handy...

Anonymous said...

1. Probably not, but it would depend on the condition of the house and the asking price, not just the name of the street.
2. Yes. I wouldn't be able to resist.
3. No. I'm totally non-confrontational. Especially with strangers who may or may not be psychotic.

I think it is disabled. I hate that feature, too.

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

Consider it gone. haha

And I would probably love to live on Crotch Street just for the comedic value...

Telling the person about the rain totally depends on if I had any interaction with them and if they were nice or rude... Or it could just depend on whether or not I'm in a particularly mean mood that day...

And whether or not I say anything to the person that cut me off totally depends on the size of said person... hahaha I probably would make some rude comment though...

Kelly@MentalGarbage said...

And I just looked and apparently I didn't have the word verification on! Good.

Those things drive me crazy too... haha

Tia said...

I am happy to say that I did not have word verification. It is annoying isn't it?

#1-No way. I just couldn't live on Crotch St. I lived on Hooker Way for a couple months & it was AWFUL. True story.

#2-No. They should really pay attention to the weather forecast.

#3-Again no. I see a pattern here. While, in my head I am cursing this idiot out in at least 2 languages, on the outside I will maintain some semblance of manners. I can pretend I am a better person than him. Nobody has to know the truth. :)

Heather said...

#1) If it is a step up from what I have and in my price range, you betcha.

#2) Nope cause no one tells me, I wash the truck and at least within a day it rains.

#3)Unfortunetly for him, that is a YES.

No word verification on my page.

Indiri Wood said...

1. No, not on Crotch St. But I would buy a house with a bad street name if I found it funny (like Morningwood. haha! Yes, I'm terrible.)

2. He probably already knows and will wash it again an hour after it stops raining anyway.

3. I'll stick to the death glare that makes sure he knows I know. And I'll walk behind him into the store just to make him nervous. :)

Yeah, those are annoying. I've removed mine.

Anonymous said...

-grins sheepishly- I feel guilty now. Thanks, Kathryn. I think my page has that on it. I shall go take off it now.

1) XD Dude...that would be freaking hilarious. Of course I would.

2)I would if I was in a snarky mood.

3)I'd send him a death glare. I hate it when people do that.

BlackLOG said...

For some reason my work PC crashes whenever I try and go into “From the inside….out” so I guess unless I’m working from home I will always be running late – so live with it….

#1) Would you buy a home if you discovered your address would be on Crotch Street? Most definitely, if it was the house of my dreams. You just have to learn to laugh with the punch lines...

#2) Would you tell the stranger in line in front of you at the oil change/car wash place (who just agreed to the additional car wash) that the forecast calls for rain in a few hours? I live in England, it is always on the verge of just about to rain. If I said anything they would accuse me of living in Crotch Street and laugh till they wet themselves. Fortunately not living in the States they would not be able to sue me for a replacement pair of pants and for cost of the years of therapy that they will have to go through

#3) The guy that cut you off just pulled into the parking space next to you. Do you say anything? No, you need to wait until he walks out of sight and then surreptitiously let all four of his tyres down. Believe me it is saving him grief in the long run….

Ok, you want an explanation

The fact the guy cut you up tells you he is not nice, confronting him will probably leave you with a black eye and him with an arrest record for GBH.

While he may not appreciate it, you have just saved him a lot of grief – other than having to get a friend (if he has any) to bring a foot pump and get some much needed exercise. I can just tell he is carrying a fifth spare around his middle, he sounds like the type.

He is taught a lesson (even though he does not know it) and you can feel good that you have done him a real favour….

Ok, I think that I’m starting to get the picture on Word Verification. Reading between the lines and I’m going out on a limb here, I’m guessing you are not a fan of Word-Verification. That’s fair enough; why not just withhold commenting on the sites that still use it.

On a similar vain where do you stand on the whole mediation debate, personally I think it’s worse than Word-Verification, in that someone can spend valuable seconds hand crafting comments only for them to vanish with the possibility that they never actually appears…..You know who you are …. It's a shame but it's closed a really good blog to me..

kathryn said...

Lauren: Ah! And I have learned something about you: chocolate instead of martini...duly noted! I hope you've had a good (better) day today, sweetie!

ValleyWriter: YAY! I just posted over at your place. Thank you SO MUCH for removing that thang....I swear, there are times when I scoot out so fast, I don't realize there's another step and then my comments don't post. I wonder how often this happens w/other ppl?

Gingerella: Oooh...I looove #3! A little passive/aggressive...I could easily do that! I can't they make $1000 bills in Monopoly money??

B-ster: Ha! Great point! (Love saying it in the James Earl Jones voice, too!) We have the POWAH!
PS: Well, I was just there and you are golden!

Tinkerschnitzel: Well, beaver's a heck of a lot better than crotch! I've always wanted to run into someone that pissed me off that way, but it's never happened. It made me wonder what others would do. Just checked your are golden, girl!

Allegria: Thank you, thank you! For switching off the WV: I LOVE YOU. The Junk Drawer contest was HARD, right? I'm thrilled-can't wait to get my magnet!

Loredana: Are you SURE about the mint? Ya may get hungry later...I'll wrap it in a teeny piece of foil just in case. I'll even put your name on it! (Just checked! You are verification-free...YAY!)

Belgoran: Huh. So re: are influenced by peer-pressure? And oh, God....please tell me you're kidding about #1! The date from HELL! (Altho, if she's coming back to your place already....hey, that's your business!)

lifelove'n'wine: I know...right? Thing is, I don't know what "they're" talking about. I've never had a computer try to comment on a post!

Runnergirl: I'll check in a sec. (4-points for the Dr. Seuss rhyme)
You're antagonistic? Think so?? Then, you'd beat the crap out of those spammers! (Yes, your WV is still engaged....get right on that!)

Mark Price: Figures. Aw, that's nice. Figures. Wow! Very nice Billy Mays imitation! Who knew you were so talented? Now do the guy that says "Are you in good hands?"

book*addict: FINE. So...Crotch street is not a sounds like you'd almost welcome it. Are your "original" cursing words different from mine? I laughed when you said you'd smile back if he was smiling...but would you stop cursing?? (WV still ON)

JP: Oh, ew! What the hell was that developer thinking?? I'll bet he thought it would sell more homes. "The power of the name"....or some other bull. Unbelievable!

kathryn said...

Clandestiny: Wow! You are one LAID BACK BLOGGGER. You may be my HERO.
(And YES.....WV is OFF!)

Jen:'s gonna eat my Certs, eh? What if I accidentally drop it INTO the martini?? Oops. Well, hopefully we've managed to eradicate some of those stupid WV's with this post...we shall see.

f8hasit: Thank you! It didn't get bad for me until my computer started trying to auto-finish the "word"....then I couldn't see? 4 or 5 choices of non-words....!

Spot: NO! Honestly...not aimed at you! (Did you disable it yet??) After the day YOU had yesterday, you can do anything you want, sweetie. (BTW: Loved #3....I'm gonna store that one away...sweet...then SOUR!)

carissajaded: HA! I like the one final hand gesture and then ducking! You guys are all BRAVE...hardly anyone has a problem with Crotch Street. (The other two I'd figured most of you would react this're all maniacs!)

Rambles'N'Shambles said...

Woo mine's been off for ages, should do post like this, glad to see you're finally standing up to the word verification tyrants

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

Hmmm. Do I even have word verification turned on? Cause if I do I suck. I hate it too.

BTW...The King is my son. But it would be funny to see my husband getting his molars. Wait, no it wouldn't. Wussy.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm new to your blog, I came across it yesterday and love the way you write.

Couldn't resist the urge to say that I'd seriously consider buying a house BECAUSE it was on crotch street, just for the address.

talk before sleep said...

First to answer your questions:
#1- Yes. I once lived on Beaver Street in Flagstaff for a while. My city friends thought it was the funniest thing they had ever heard.

#2- Yes, because I would want someone to tell me.

#3- No. I'm a wimp who hates confrontation. But I would glare at their back for the entire walk up to the store until they turned around. LOL I gotta grow a backbone....first step- I changed my settings. No more word verification. I had no idea it was so easy. You should come up with a tutorial for this and market it for $19.95.

PS I like my martinis extra dirty!!

Ellie said...

Oh, I HATE those word verification thingies. Seriously, people.

Cynica Sarcastamos said...

1. Why not? Who reads our street addresses anymore anyway! (other that government employees who:
have no humour
don't pay attention
can't read anyway!)
And in case of a party, well, who's not going to attend a party on Crotch St.? : P
2. Nah. They'd probably think it was my plot to get 'em outta there sooner.
3. I would SAY nothing (but there's no guarantee I wouldn't leave some yogurt on their windshield).

Ok ok ok. I get it. I WILL REMOVE my doorman - as long as you'll promise me that drunks won't get in.

Side note: Girl! Look at the power you wield! You could be an elected official!

MeanDonnaJean said...

Atta girl! I'm with U!!! Hey, I think we outta start boycottin' all blogs with word verifications. Whaddaya say?

Now, in answer to yer questions:

#1) Absolutely! Cock Street has a much nicer ring to it, but I'll take Crotch Street any damn day.

#2) Hell no.....'n then I'd follow behind him pointin' 'n laughin' all the way home.

#3) Hell YEAH! Do the words "fuck you, you prick!" mean anything?

KT said...

my cursing words are the ones from my post. most of the time i just say CACA alot. Not much of a curser? Finally took VW off. sorry, i really thought i had it off.

Kensi said...

1)yes....if it was my dream house!


3)does sign language count?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you'll be happy to know I disabled mine! I'm not sure why I had it on there, because it annoys me when I go to other sites and they have it. Of course, it DOES NOT annoy me enough to pay anyone $5000! ;-)


Momiji chan said...

dont even get me started on spam and the plea and pea thing is ahlirous ive done that many times haha

Unknown said...

Just for you, Kathryn. Seriously, I didn't realize I had WV on.

1. We once looked at property on Swamp Run Road. I just couldn't. 'nuf said.

2. If someone wants to waste their money on a car wash and doesn't have enough sense to check the weather ... well, let 'em.

3. I probably wouldn't say anything, but if his car was nicer than mine, my door might just accidentally bounce off his. I'm just saying.

Ang said...

Thank you for the wake up call!! I turned mine off as soon as I read your post...and please keep the fuzzy certs. :)

Straight Guy said...

Our verification is off (tell me if I'm wrong), but just today, for no reason, I get two comments to an old post, both with no content except for links to "NUDE" pics of a certain underage starlet. We've seen a few rude comments, but first time I've seen anything like that, and was wondering if it continues, should I turn on verification?

kathryn said...

Kathy@JunkDrawer: YAY. I've won a one-of-a-kind, coolio magnet! I was determined! I was tenacious! I was a pain in the a!! But it was WORTH it!

Ron!Yay! Who's sending MY RONNIE spam? I want names! They're going DOWN. I've been meaning to say something for the longest time (about the WV). I really think a lot of ppl don't realize they have the option to turn it OFF. Oh, and here: (!!!!!!!!!) That's my VENT contribution for the day! xoxo

AuroraBorieAlice: You are very welcome! I'm so glad I could help!

Krissi: HA! Oh, I wish I'd thought to say that!!

Jen: Oh, breathalizer. Then you couldn't make those nuisance call calls to people who TOTALLY deserve them. Whom should we call NOW???

jmberrygirl: Sweetie, I'm totally with you on all 3. It's amazing to me how many ppl seem to disagree with us, though. I'm double-checking your site....! (Was going there anyway)You're golden, girlie...I think you always were. Hope you're feeling better.

KellyGrrl: Aw! You're making my DAY! Well, you seem to be in the majority...I would just wither every time I had to say "crotch st." I'm w/you on wanting to know the size of the guy that cut me off before telling him off!

Tia: HA! LOVE the line about cursing him out in 2 languages! That made me laugh out loud. I couldn't live on Crotch Street, either...but evidently, a LOT of ppl can!

kathryn said...

Heather: You are DA BEST. WHY is it that it always rains within 24 hours of washing our vehicles? Maybe it's cause no-one's telling us the forecast, huh??!!

Sara: YES! Tia lived on Hooker Way...I'd meant to comment on that. NOT Hooker Avenue...or Street...but Way! Thanks so much for removing that computer kept trying to finish the code words and then I couldn't SEE.

Insanity: #1: Of COURSE, I KNEW you would. #3: ONLY a death glare? Gee...he'd be getting off easy!

BlackLog: You are the second person to mention defacing the guy's car. I don't know why I didn't think of this....

Evilteenietiff: I KNOW yours has been off for a while, sweetie! Makes it SO much easier to get around...and everyone here is being GREAT about disabling it! Makes visiting so. much. easier.

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt: Wait. I think you're on Wordpress? If so, you're golden. You'd never suck!
You're too GOOD! I've just left a comment at your place...sorry about my wacko-comment. That's what happens when my brain can't keep up with my eyes.

chickasauras_rex: Welcome! LOL! Then, you'd take great pleasure from people's reactions to your address, right? Glad you're here!

talk before sleep: #1: Of course they did. They are SO immature. #2: You're so nice...everyone else said NO. #3: Me, too. One extra-dirty martini coming right up! (Hear the pitter-patter of my heart??)

Ellie: YES! And I have just had the most FABULOUS time commenting on everyone's blog...without a word verification in sight! WOOHOO!

Cynica Sarcastamos: I KNOW! I'm like...a superhero, or something! Love the yogurt, you'd basically slime the guy's car?? HA!

MeanDonnaJean: HA! I WANTED to say "Cock street" but I was too afraid to...besides, I knew you'd say it FOR me! I am not in the LEAST bit surprised by your answers! And, I gotta tell ya...I have had the most word-verification-free evening EVER.

book*addict: HA. "Caca" does NOT a curse make, sweetie. I think you're holding a LOT in...for the sake of the little one. Thanks for ridding the world of one more WV!

kathryn said...

Kensi: HA! I'd love to see the sign language you'd come up with for this guy! Tonight, I've heard everything from keying his car to hitting his windshield with yogurt!

Michelle: HA! Thank you! You've no idea how much easier life is for us commenters without it! Oh, good. I didn't have the cash anyway!

saku chan: Ya get a lot of spam? Isn't it tiresome? I have to be careful, 'cause I tend to BLOCK all hotmail accounts from coming in 'cause that's where most of the spam seems to be. Have you noticed this?

kathryn said...

Kimberly: And I love you for it....seriously. "Swamp Run Rd"? Aww...not TOO bad. #2: everyone said this. #3: HA! I'm adding "car ding" to the list!

Ang: Well. I'm putting aside a fuzzy Certs with your name on it, just in case you change your mind. And, you're very welcome! Your commenters will thank you!

Straight Guy: Your WV has been OFF for as long as I've known you guys...which translates to foreva. Don't you DARE turn it ON....and why are ppl being rude to my favorite guys?? That is so NOT COOL. Seriously.

Alicia said...

My martini please!

I too am guilty of the word thing that bugs you. Bugs me too, but I didn't know I had it or could get rid of it.

Ok, another thing, while it's fresh in my mind. What is Cloudy? I hear you mention it all the time and I don't know what it is. Is it a beer? wine? mixed drink? Please enlighten me cause I love anything with Alcohol in it. Mouth wash, hand sanitizer, beer, wine and mixed's all good!

Oh and, Kathryn, I don't know if you are an Award Free blog or if you gladly accept Awards, but I've awarded you one on my blog. Please feel free to come by and collect it. I have let my readers know that many blogs don't accept them that the comments their readers leave is award enough, so if that is the case with you then hopefully you will at least get a few more readers and a few more comments. I myself read your blog faithfully!

Lynn said...

Alicia, I've just come over here to give Kathryn an award as well, Wanna meet out in the back and duke it out for whose award will take the most prominent position on her shelf? LOL Kathryn, like Alicia I'm not sure if you're an award free blog (although I see a couple of them on the side bar), so I'm completely OK if you don't want to clutter up your site with it. I'll just shed one lone little tear of rejection and then get on with my life. Sigh. :oD In any event, if the mention sends someone else over here for a daily dose of your wit, then mission is accomplished.

Have a loverly evenink.

Anonymous said...

haha yes absolutely I would! Especially the mother in law, who hasn't yet learned how to email, and once actually sent two letters on the same day!

Anonymous said...

56 Comments? Damn Girl you are popular (applause)

Word Verification: OFF

I would buy a house on Crotch Street because my last name is "itchy" (lol)

I would definitely tell the guy it is going to rain and there is no parade... Get it.. rain on his parade? No? Okay

I would definitely say something to the guy but not throw a complete bitch fest. If he is hot, I would also flirt! maybe not! I am all talk when it comes to that stuff! The S word... I can't say it..too shy

Lou said...

I'm with you and MeanDonnaJean - why why WHY? I have never had one spammed comment since I've been on blogger. Don't even get me started on those with word verification things and then ON TOP OF THAT the comment has to moderated before it's published WTF??

If people don't want comments then just disable comments!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's an award thingy for you over at my blog.


JD at I Do Things said...

Thank you for saying what we've all been thinking.

I read an article proving (through math and science and GRAPHS) that those things don't even work. They just make the spam-bots smarter.

So, yes, PLEASE! I'm a grown woman. I should not have to type "Poopft."

kathryn said...

Alicia: Aw...thank you, sweetie! I'm always very appreciative of awards...I've just been notoriously lacking in getting them posted. "Cloudy" is my Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. It's a white wine from New Zealand and is my alltime favorite, but it's hard to come by (and not cheap, compared to most SBs). Also the '08 vintage is not very good, so now I have to find the '07 or earlier. Does this make me a snob? Well, so be it! Your sweet comment (and award) is gratefully accepted, my dear...and I raise my glass to you. Now, I'm heading over to your place!

Allegria: Oh, thank you so much, sweetie! I think the worst problem a blogger faces is a bunch of awards stacked up in the corner...right? Your comment is so sweet and funny (please don't cry!) and please know that I deeply appreciate every comment you've made. I look forward to a long cyber friendship, blogbud!

chickasauras_rex: Oh, you're a naughty one, you are!! I'm sure MIL would just loooove having to write "crotch st" on all your mail!

WannabeVirginiaW: Aw! First of all: Yeah 56 comments ROCKS! But, in all fairness, this was a HOT TOPIC, I'm thinking....and everyone has an opinion! Thank you for "offing"'s such a pleasure to visit ppl w/o it! You're not the 1st one to mention flirting...but only if he's super-hot!

Lou: I KNOW, I KNOW! But...I must say, I think a lot of people didn't realize it was an OPTION. I know that there's very few still engaged as of this writing! Thank Gawd! (This shud be the world's biggest problem to fix!)

JD at I Do Things: YES! I am not at all surprised that we're just making the spambots smarter-and meanwhile my computer thinks these are real words and are saving them! Just shoot me now.

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