Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Of course, I may be slightly biased here. The teens had worked all weekend editing my niece Carolyn's (17) project for English...and they were a good seven minutes short. What ensued was a sitdown for a little Q and A to, well...kill some time. I thought their idea was brilliant. (Keep in mind that this is Carolyn's project...Taylor's (17) just helping out. And yes, this is all taking place in the dungeon that is Taylor's inner-domain. Be afraid....be very afriaid:

They wrapped it up shortly after this. They did a little moaning about how long it took to create it and then they pretended the camera was off and did some serious bitching. She'd better get an "A"...

(My only regret is that I know Ron can't view this....c'mon, Ronnie!! Pulease get high-speed internet! I'm begging ya!)

Unknown said...

LOL! This is awesome!!!

Things I love: 1.Carolyn is the slavedriver. You GO GIRL! 2.Jeopardy music... too awesome! 3.Carolyn whaps Tyler with a pillow. GO!!! haha!!! 4.Did I mention I love the slave driver bit? hehehe

Ok Ron, this is worth getting high speed. ;o)

Thanks for sharing Kathryn, I got a few good laughs out of it!

KT said...

Did I see that Taylor (17) has satin sheets, or comforter or at least some super shiny fabric for a pillow case? You do know what stain sheets mean, right?
and BTW why do you always put ages after people's names? And why not put an age after your name at the end?
Oh, gotta agree with Penny, love that Carolyn (17) is bossing Taylor (17), THE MAN, around.

Alicia said...

Ron!!! You gotta get high speed! This was so funny. I love when he whacks the computer on his little black head..lol.

They seem like great kids and that room is a palace compared to what my kids rooms looked like at that age, heck compared to what they look like now thats a palace, a very clean and tidy palace.

Congrats to all parents involved in the making of the children involved in the making of this clip!

Unknown said...

I love the spin-out editing - very nice Taylor! ;-D

Jen T said...

SO FANTASTIC! Those kids are brilliant. I love the Jeopardy music and the part where she hits him with a pillow...haha.

Spot said...

I hope her teacher doesn't mind that while it's Carolyn's project, Taylor seems to be doing all the work. But knowing that it was all put on as filler...it came out really cute. Love the jeopardy music! And did he clean his room for this...because my boys rooms NEVER look that clean.


snoble24 said...

that looks good

Anonymous said...


Oh btw, Kathryn...I have a little something for you over at my place.

Unknown said...

This was great! Too funny!

Ron said...

OK...I can take a subtle HINT!!!!


Oh, drats...I can't believe I can't see this. Well, I COULD if I had 4 hours.

Ok...enough is enough. It's time for HIGH SPEED!

Anyway...GREAT post, Kathryn!



Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! This is great! You can tell they're awesome kids. When he's playing video games and she sends him back to work? Priceless.

kathryn said...

Smoog! Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! (I really couldn't tell if I thought it was hilarious 'cause they're related to me!) Oh, if only we could get Ron set up...I hate that he's missing this! Carolyn rocks, right??

book*addict: HA! Yeah, Taylor's da "MAN", alright! Actually, that's leather-like material you see...it's very MANLY. Gee, I never gave much thought to putting the ages. I just assume no-one remembers the players, I guess. And Noooo, you don't get MY age!

Alicia: Believe me, Taylor knows how lucky he is to have such a nice room. I'm constantly reminding him! Aw! And thank you for the witty compliment!

ValleyWriter: That's what I said! The "spin-out editing"...we think alike!

lifelove'n'wine: HA! I know! How smart are these kids?! I don't remember being this creative when I was 17!

Spot: Ha...yeah, Taylor's room is pretty clean, I must say. I'd always assumed it was 'cause he's got so much room and not so many clothes...he's a GUY.

snoble24: I'm glad you liked it.

Gavin: Thanks! On my way....

Kimberly: I thought so too! Glad I got to share it!

Momiji chan said...

wow that's random and about the comment no im not its a guy dressed up as him but hes got the attitude down ^^ i started to laugh when he did that pose he tryed not to laugh with me so cute huh?

Lauren said...

Oh! What can't Jeopardy music be used for?! Well... I guess not an action sequence... or anything that doesn't involve waiting. It looks like they at least had some fun making it. Thumbs up for beating the guy helping you with a pillow! That'll keep him in line! Seriously.

Rambles'N'Shambles said...

cant view because she is at work

prepares to feign interest and amazement


That is simply brilliant I love how they did that thing with the thing, and the other thing, absolutely individually fantastic!

*real review will come later~*

Shawn said...

That was so great! You can tell the kids were really getting a kick out of it! GREAT JOB Kiddos!

Heather said...

Bummer, no high speed here either. Even if I could afford it, it is not available in my area yet.

I hope she gets an A too!

dailyseeking said...

I loved the video; you can tell them it has been seen in Georgia!

JD at I Do Things said...

Aw! Very clever and funny. Ah, the youth of today. You must be a proud mom/aunt.

carissajaded said...

That's great!!! Add Texas to the list of places this has been watched. These kids are so talented. I wonder if I had known anything about technology at a young age, or if digital video cameras were available if I would have been able to do anything close to this... I doubt it!

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

Very creative. Keep us posted on the final grade.

Moonrayvenne said...

This is great! You'll have to let them know they have a following...LOL! Time for VLOGS!
I really don't understand how companies still don't have high speed everywhere. It's absolutely criminal!

BlackLOG said...

Poor Taylor - typical situation the man gets to do all the work while the little lady gets to take all the credit....No wait Mrs B does all the work and I take all the credit, hmmm Send Tyalor over and I'll give him some survival lessons.

You will be happy to learn that Mrs B is heading towards a stonking great diamond while I get a 58" Plasma...... Even I felt the 65” was over the top

Jen said...

Poor Ron, I just hammered him on my site with my last post about not having high speed. He said he's on the case so we should all be able to post those videos for him to see. Cute video!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Hmmm.... Great video. You can definitely tell they're related to you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that she's sitting there texting (probably to complain about what a drag Taylor is) while 'THE MAN' does all the work... lol... absolutely brilliant
Yes Kathryn, it's funny, but not only because they're related to you (or maybe that has something to do with it too, perhaps they inherited some funny from your side lol)

kathryn said...

Allegria: I know! I thought it was hilarious...I'm glad I'm not the only one. I seriously hope Carolyn gets a good grade!

Lauren: HA! I thought Carolyn did a great job beating up Taylor. Guys always have to have some action in the movie...have you noticed this??

Rambles'N'Shambles: HEY. No "feigning" allowed! How DARE they block you from seeing my brilliant thing video?!?

Shawn: I'll tell them! I'm so glad you liked it!

Heather: Aw. I'm bummed too. So, you've got dial-up? I'm impressed that you accomplish as much as you DO.

dailyseeking: They're thrilled! You guys have given them serious bragging rights for school tomorrow!

JD at I Do Things: Yes, I'm proud...tis true. But, I guess you could tell that!

kathryn said...

carissajaded: Helllllooooo, Texas! Well, we KNOW you have talent in the blogging arena...how many areas can you have talent??

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt: Thanks. I definitely will!

Collette: HA! Their 15 minutes of fame! That's all they get, then it's back to school! I know, I'm sorry for anyone who's still dealing w/dial up. I'm sooo spoiled.

BlackLOG: You've made Taylor laugh. And you can't see it, but Taylor is playing video games on his 52" teevee. Not plasma, tho.

Jen: I know...we've gotta cut Ron some slack! It's not really fair that we're telling him what to do! I just know he would love these videos!

Oddyoddyo13: HA! You can see the family resemblance, eh??

Fierce: YES....that's just how I saw it too...Carolyn's bored and annoyed and Taylor's doing all the work! I love that they even thought to to this and it brought the length of the tape up to what it should be....I hope it's an A!

Unknown said...

Carolyn rocks, right??

You're so right. I LOL and I don't even know them and I thought she was great. Taylor snoozing out and taking breaks was hilarious too! The video game *was* a nice touch!

Anonymous said...

Too funny - - I am SO glad its DONE DONE DONE! More thanks to Taylor for giving up his weekend - you too Kath - there will be something extra in your stockings this year!!!

kathryn said...

Smoog: They're wonderful, creative kids! And speaking of which:

Anonymous: (AKA beautiful Carolyn's mom) Tay says "you're welcome, Aunt Laura". Don't forget to let me know how she does...I'd like to round out this story with a good grade! (Hope, hope!)

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