Sunday, November 8, 2009


A glorious, picture-perfect autumn day in New York. Not a cloud in the sky…with the temperature harkening back to those gorgeous September days when it stood at a perfect 70 degrees. No humidity…excellent hair…and no bugs. Who could ask for more?

Even a diehard indoor gal like me found herself inexplicably drawn outside to frolic in the abundant dead leaves and sunshine.

It’s like Mother Nature did an abrupt about-face….and instead of steadfastly barreling blindly towards winter, she stopped…perhaps to smell the proverbial roses? We may never know…and I don't think anyone really cares why...we're just so happy with the end result.

Taylor (17) spent the entire weekend helping my niece, Carolyn (17) edit a video for her English class:

Carolyn needed a finished product of 15 minutes of video…and as my IV (Clinton Kelly) has often stated, “You only get 1 minute of finished product for each hour of tape”.

Kathryn: “…so that’s like, 15 hours of filming.”

Clinton: “I told you. Did you think I was making it up? You never listen.”

K: “Oh, I’m sorry. Was I supposed to memorize this information? What would make me think this would actually be necessary in our ordinary, mundane, run-of-the-mill lives? I thought you were spewing celebrity-facts. You know, like 'Oh, no-one realizes how hard it is to be loved and adored by so many'...yada, yada. ”

C: “Sarcasm? Now is not the time for mockery…it’s more like the time for an apology. I told didn't listen. Own it."

K: “Well, that’s not gonna happen. It took five times longer than anyone had anticipated….not to mention the fact that they were about 8 minutes short by the time they finished editing Carolyn’s tape. So, they had to adlib. The end result was even funnier than the actual original tape…I laughed so hard, I was crying.”

C: (Squinty blue-eyed stare) “Yes, I’m well aware. It was touch-and-go as to whether I’d need to dig out your inhaler.I do believe you were wheezing.”

K: “Oh, God…it was funny. See? Sometimes screwing up the tape can be a good thing. I’m trying to convince Taylor to post the trailer to YouTube…it was worth a few gasps.”

C: “Taylor’s a good kid. Gave up his whole weekend to be an editor. It’s a thankless job.”

K: “Like you would know….you’re the on-screen talent. Besides, I made him a really, really good dinner. And dessert.”

C: “Exactly how many apples did you have??”

K: “Ugh. Too many. You can’t see the applesauce….and the apple muffins. Can I interest you in a piece of apple spice cake?”

C: “Um. I’ve eaten apple-raison pancakes with apple butter for breakfast and apple-cheddar Panini for lunch and crunchy apple salsa with grilled chicken for dinner. I do believe I’m ‘appled-out’. Pass....”

K: “Oh, c’mon! You can never have enough apples! I even had enough left over to bring to our furry neighbors. They were very appreciative.”

C: (Crosses arms) “Of course they were. They’re animals.”

K: “Uh huh. You see the similarity to Taylor, right?”

(Do you know what kind of animal this is?)

Anonymous said...

I wish all winter could feel that nice. I hate the snow and cold. I need to move south a bit I think. Maybe we will get lucky and have a mild winter. :D

KT said...

LLAMA!!! No, j/k I've not clue, I just guessed. or is it an ALPACA.
I had to an assingment like that when I was a junior, but I was lucky in the sense that my friend's dad worked with a newstation. So we got professionals to do our. *sigh* living in a place where you know everyone is bliss!

Lou said...

Wow you cook/bake? I'm impressed Kathryn *respect*

Now I feel bad for assuming you were as useless as me at those sorts of things. I mean I do cook obviously, I'm a mother, but baking is well outside my comfort zone. Actually I even hate cooking - if I could afford to order in or eat out every single night I would.

Alicia said...

I was going to gues Llama but book*addict above doesn't seem to think so. I guess being that your in NYC it must be some breed of dog?

Sounds like you had a great weekend, and you cooked as well? Wow, I'm so impressed! Good job and have a great week.

Clandestiny said...

Ah now I am very confident in my animal knowledge! book*addict's right. It's either a llama or alpaca by that face. The llama is a good bit bigger than an alpaca and alpaca is especially prized for the incredible softness of it's wool (oohh what I wouldn't give to have a few alpaca so I could try my hand at spinning my own yarn from them but have you seen prices on alpaca???? It's insane!!). That fella's hair looks really soft and fluffy but admittedly it could still be a llama with owners just take much better than average care of their animal's hair. But it also looks like the person standing behind it is a good bit taller, the animal only coming up to about shoulder height or so on them. It could be an incredibly tall person or a picture taken from an angle which only makes it appear as if the animal is that much shorter but I will place my vote firmly in the "alpaca" column based on this picture.

Weren't you really just dying to read all of that?????? lol

Anonymous said...

now that's a lot of apples in one day. I'm surprised you're not in apple-shock or something.
Honestly, I have no idea what animal that is, but I guess I'll find out eventually

A Daft Scots Lass said...

A llama

Runnergirl said...

We had apples coming out of our ears this weekend too... Hubby needed some for making mincemeat, but I bought too many, so we had apple crumble and apple sauce with roast pork too. I love apple sauce and apple crumble - strangely I can take or leave raw apples!

Áine said...

Is it a very very furry doggie?? After being fed a million apples?? Possibly?? Maybe??

It's not?????

:) lol great post

Lauren said...

Uh... did you just compare your son to a llama? For your sake I hope the spitting is a lie. (I don't think it is though.) My mom used to compare me to Yoda... apparently my ears stuck out and I didn't have much hair. But at least I get to wield a light saber and be all cool and mystical. It's a bit of a consolation.

Unknown said...

YAY! You made applesauce and a bunch of other wonderful-looking goodies! I'm so proud ;-)

As for the animal - I'm guessing alpaca. It doesn't look big enough to be a llama. Whatever the little critter is, it's cute!

brite said...

Don't you just love apple season? What to do with all freakin apples?
And that's an alpaca.A much sweeter natured animal than a llama, and ha softer fleece too.

BlackLOG said...

Please tell me you didn't put the llama in the dish you cooked for Taylor.. I know llama pie might sound cool but they spit a lot and that would be like Taylor kissing one of them...Yes, yes Bella the llama did look cute and all that, well before you hacked her to bits that is. I’m guessing it's still illegal for teenagers and llamas to snog, even In New York….

JD at I Do Things said...


What else is for dinner? It looks good. I hate apples, myself, so I'm no use to you here.

Jen T said...

Awww, how nice of Taylor to help her!

And I think it's a small llama?

Lynn said...

Pretty sure it's an alpaca. Friends of ours have a llama ranch, with a few alpacas thrown in the mix--and his curly little mop definitely looks alpaca-ish, as does his height. They're so sweet...

Seems like CK needs to be put in his place. Tell him that when HE'S helping teenagers with a project, THEN he can criticize!

Put up those mild weed photos for you on Saturday. :o) OK--not JUST for you, but they're there. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Lynn said...

mild weeds? Um...that would be wild, I guess. Why did I even type that anyway? Let's try again:

"I put up the weed photos for you on Saturday."

Much better.

Spot said...

No bugs??? Wtf? How is that fair? We had warm weather but with warm weather this late in the year we have chinese beetle demon spawn from hell invasions. I had like 500 of those things in my house this weekend. They bite and smell and now my floor is littered with their tiny orange and black carcasses. Eeeewwww.

Taylor rocks, the apple things looked awesome, and I'm guessing llama?


Ron said...


I agree...yesterday was FLAWLESS! Of course, I worked, but still enjoyed the day. Perfect temps and not a cloud in the sky.

And listen...I SO wish I was at your house yesterday because I freakin' LOVE anything APPLE. I just bought a combination pumpkin/apple butter spread that I enjoy on toasted English muffins - YUUUUUMY!

Yes, I'm guessing it's a llama??? What an adorable face!!!!

Have a great Monday, my friend. It looks like it's going to be another BEAUT! I have the day off, so I'll be spending sometime outside enjoying it.

Great post!!

P.S. If you have any leftover apple desserts, could you please email me some? HA!


Ashley S said...

I want some apple spice cake! YUM!!

LoL* Too funny a conversation. I don't eat that many apple things ever. But YUM!! See what you've done to me?!? Apple frittersssss...

(And yes, my poem was cut off :( - thanks for the point out. I put the last line back up. I dun know what happened?!? hehe*)

And they SHOULD put it on youtube. I wanna see! :)

Cynica Sarcastamos said...

Wow Kathryn, lovely weather YOU'RE having. Me? I've just decided to cross on over and embrace the 3 inches of snow we received yesterday. FYI - Embracing snow is a messy and cold proposition so ya may as well go ahead and build something, right? (I built a guillotine for all my ALASKAN buddies who bitch about snow. He-llllo!)

As for your little friend, it could be my neighbor, Shirley.

Is it a baby elephant seal in a wig? I suppose it may be a llama lying down, a legless llama or a llama with a very tall person behind it. Maybe it's a short, fuzzy, hornless, spotless, blond giraffe with bangs.

Rockin' post as usual! ... and are those apple dumplings I smell?

snoble24 said...

the animal is ethere a lama or a sheep. but i guess you really had a but load of apples

kathryn said...

Gavin: You've changed your screen name! I'm with you, buddy...I'd love a mild winter. I do believe the Farmer's Almanac calls for a heavy, snowy winter, but someone here told me that the wooly caterpillar says otherwise. I think I choose to believe the wooly-guy.

book*addict: YES! They're alpacas!! WOOHOO! You win for a free car wash at my local oil change place!

Lou: Oh, you've completely gotten the wrong idea about me, Lou! Yes, I can follow a recipe...with about a 15% success rate, depending on how many times I've already attempted it. The pie? Yeah, me and Betty Crocker. It only took me about 6 years to get it right. Cooking? No. Can. Do. Seriously!

Alicia: I'm north of Manhattan now...and there's these crazy people next door that raise Alpacas. It's bizarre-o. But they always look like they're smiling, so how can you not like 'em??

clandestiny: HA! CORRECT, my friend! ( sure to know an awful lot about alpacas, sweetie!I'll bet they're better behaved than that Hamster from Hell!!) Where does one go to buy an alpaca-something? I'd no idea they were expensive, but assumed they MUST be, since I've never seen an alpaca-anything. 'Cept for the real deal, of course.

Fierce: Yes, it's called "Apple Overload"...and I do not recommend it. Your family and friends stop talking to you 'cause you're forcing apples down their throats...

Gillian: Very, very close, sweetie! (I'd never have known what they were, but there's this big SIGN.)

Runnergirl: Oh, that's funny! Oooh...I didn't think to do apple crumble! I like to eat raw apples with cheddar cheese. I wonder if that's weird?

smileyfreak: HA! After being fed a million apples....HA! Yeah, he got all poofed-up from all those apples! UGH. I can't LOOK at another apple!

Lauren: Um. Yes (hangs head in shame)...yes, I did. I compared him to an Alpaca. But, in my defense, I think they're cuddly and look like they're smiling...and they really don't smell TOO bad. Well, your mom didn't like, NAME you Yoda (middle name?)...right? I'll bet you were cute!

ValleyWriter: YES! I made the applesauce! It is completely GONE...and was wonderful!! Now the paper I printed out is all full of applesauce stains (the sign of a good recipe, right?). And's an alpaca! You are SO SMART.

brite: Oh, you guys are TOO MUCH! I didn't think ANYONE would get the alpaca! Yes, I do love apples, but I do believe we're DONE. Leave it to me to subject da boys to Apple Hell. I'd better start freezing some of it!

BlackLOG: Why was I not aware of this spitting-thing? Is it possible that llama's spit and Alpacas don't? Or were they just polite enough to not spit around ME?

JD at I Do Things: Well, now I hate apples too. I totally overdid it...would could have imagined that?? Appletini, anyone??

lifelove'n'wine: Yeah, Taylor's a good boy. And yes, I think alpacas are small llamas...which evidently can SPIT. Did you see how close I got to it??

Allegria: I know! They ARE very sweet! Yes, CK does NOT know from teenagers, but he's feeling like I'm not really listening to him. As an IV, I really SHUD be listening to him...
Oh, yay! I'm on my way to your place. I'm excited to see the "mild weeds"...HA!

kathryn said...

Spot: Ew! You're still having those demon beetle-bug-thingies? Nope...the only things I saw here were some ladybugs and a few errant flies....and the flies died by nightfall. Weird. I'd tell Taylor he rocks, but we won't be able to fit his head thru the door, so we'll keep this info between us...yes?

RON! Aw, Ronny! I'll email you the WHOLE FREAKIN' BATCH!! We're all SICK OF APPLES up here. (I may have overdone it, just a smidge.) I'm so glad you had the day off was another gorgeous one, right?? And I agree w/you re: that's sooo cute! xoxo

AshleyS: Trust me, if they publish it, I shall mention it. I was blown away by the sophistication of these 17-year-olds...they have a wonderful sense of humor. I'm coming over to visit now!

Cynica Sarcastamos: Well, you got's the short, fuzzy, hornless, spotless, blond giraffe with bangs...only it had a perm last week and it was extremely self-conscious about its hair. We had a heated discussion about the merits of chemically induced frizz...especially on such a lovely hair-day! You've got the S-stuff? (I won't say can't make me!)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Must say...hilarious post. But then again, you always make me laugh. Thanks for brightening up my days!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog, you are funny. I haven't had a chance to comment! Be careful what you wish for with the winters though. I lived in New York and moved to Arizona where it is still in the 90's! I would give anything for a bit of cold and snow now!

kathryn said...

snoble24: Very close! It's an alpaca...which I believe is in the llama family. Yes...totally too many apples!!

Oddyoddyo13: You are very welcome! You brighten up MY day with your comments, so it's a win/win!

Christiejolu: Welcome! I'm glad you're here! Okay, can come and get this cold weather any time you want! I'll gladly trade...I'm SICK of winter and it hasn't even started yet!!

BlackLOG said...

Katheryn - Why was I not aware of this spitting-thing? Is it possible that llama's spit and Alpacas don't? Or were they just polite enough to not spit around ME?

These animals have a built in survival instinct, face it I'm still limping because I took to long to take off the word verification from my site - that was a hefty old tackle you put in. Do the math, what would they get for a first time spitting offence.....

It’s kind of depressing to realise
I have less of a survival instinct than your average llama or alpacas...

Dreamfarm Girl said...

Darn! I missed the prize for guessing alpaca. though I would have said llama anyway. I can relate to the apple part of the story -- when the squash come in, that is all we have day and night. it's amazing how many ways you can disguise a squash. thanks for the fun read!

wendy said...

Wow! That's a load of apple food, woman,lol. You own an orchard?! Here in Ohio, we're very thankful of the beautiful weather. I for one am not in the least interested as to why it's so warm. I would be happy if it were to stay 69-70 degrees all winter and not shed a single tear if not one snowflake fell at Christmas time. Do you own the llama? Or did you donate your apples to a farm or zoo? Seems as you'd have enough,lol =D

Momiji chan said...

now i wondering if im right that's a sheep am i right i know my animals and she looks so much like bella off of twilight for a minute there i thought they where doing a interview forgive im a twilight fan

prashant said...

I have no idea what animal that is, but I guess I'll find out eventually Work From Home

kathryn said...

Dreamfarm Girl: You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting. I'll trade you some apples for some squash!

Wendy Blum: HA! We did the whole apple-picking thing...and I over-estimated what we'd just a smidge. I'm totally with you on the "NO SNOW" rule. I'd love it if the temp stayed at 70! Wouldn't that be just heaven??

saku chan: HA! The alpaca looks like Bella? And that's the name of my post...I can see how you'd be confused!!

Preshant: ALPACA! A strange, yet friendly-looking animal, right?

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