Sunday, August 23, 2009





“Hey! How’d you know it was me?”

“Caller ID.”


“What’s up?”

“Nothin. Just calling to see how you are. How’s it going?”


“Yeah. Here, too. Shit.”

“Uh huh. Can’t find work.”

“I’ve got a bad cold. Again.”

“I can’t sleep. Five nights now.”

“What’d you do this weekend? It poured here. We've got all these leaks.”

“Worked. Cleaned out files looking for possible submissions. Had the floor fixed, sorta.”

“Something’ll turn up. It has to. Wait…’sorta’?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Are you eating?”

“What do you think?”

“It’ll get better. It’s gotta get better.”

“It better.”



“We’ll talk soon. Okay? Take care.”

“Yup. You too. Feel better.”


Lou said...

That doesn't sound like much fun Kathryn. I hope yhe sandman comes soon, a good nights sleep can improve any situation.

Jen said...

Sounds like some of my conversations recently. Everyone has been having a tough time. And, I think I am getting yet another cold. Ugh!

Gay Guy said...

I had dinner last night with a friend who has been out of work for several months now. It's hard. She was not a high energy person before the job situation; she's holding up remarkably well, but it limits her world view.

Tough times.

kathryn said...

Yes, tough times indeed.
Lou: Thanks for hoping the sandman comes my way soon. He's got some serious 'splaining to do when he finally arrives.
Jen: I know...times are tough for so many. Here's a tissue....God bless you!
GG: I'm sure your friend appreciated the sympathetic ear and the wonderful company. If you're anything in person like you are in print, I'm sure you made her smile more than once.

Susan F said...

Sleep problems are so frustrating. The right opportunity will come along, I've no doubt. Hopefully, it will be SOON! Things are way too stressful for you this way.

kathryn said...

Sue: I could SO write a book. If ONE more person mentions this, they'd better be the head of a publishing company. Oh, the stories I could tell....

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