Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of Those Days

I’m supposed to meet my sister for lunch. Only my contact for my article on “buying a new car for fall” hasn’t called back to confirm.

Is he in?

Is he out?

And he’s not even the guy who’d answer the questions….he’s the guy who’s representing the guy who's gonna answer the actual questions. Gee, I didn’t have this much trouble getting info from the Toyota guy…..what’s with the General Motors guy? I cannot imagine…..hmmmmm.

Can’t wait any longer….gonna be late. Sister never works from home….she’ll probably buy lunch. Gotta go!

Closing laptop…..*DING-DONG!*….email. (Crap) It’s GM connection….he’s willing to let his guy do the interview, but it won’t be done till tomorrow night.

Tomorrow’s Thursday…correct?

Article’s due….can’t remember….know it’s a rush….checking…..says….ASAP.


Call editor. Editor’s in meeting. Ask for assistant editor. She’s in the same meeting. (Duh) They’ll be done in 10. Leave my cell#....gotta go!

Driving to restaurant. Trying to plug in Bluetooth to charge. Plug Bluetooth into plug-adapter-thingie which goes into car-lighter-thingie. Thinking: Does anyone still use the cigarette-lighter-thingie? Where IS my cigarette-lighter-thingie? Do I even still have it? No matter. Bluetooth is charging.... I think. Blue light is on…this is good.

Wait five minutes….that’s long enough, right? Want to be legal…don’t want to be one of “those people” who has to put the phone down each and every time they pass a cop. I’m on the phone with “those people” all day….it sucks.

Bluetooth won’t connect to cell. Bluetooth is dead. Turns out, I was trying to charge Bluetooth with the charger for the TomTom.

I determine I’ve got too many freakin’ chargers.


Cell rings. I take my chances. It’s my editor.

K: “GM guy’ll do it, but not till Thursday night. Can it wait?”

I’m holding my breath….thinking:"I’ll write all night and have it on her desk by 6….7am, tops on Friday morning".

Editor: “Well……..”

(I swear…..5 minute pause…….)

“Can you have it on my desk by……”

(I swear…another 5 minute pause……)

“….Monday afternoon?”

Me: “Uh….yeah! No problem. Gotta go….there’s a cop.”

Meet sis for lunch. Yum. She buys! (Score!)

Hit Borders to buy Connor’s (12) summer reading book. Connor does not care about the content of said reading book, just that it’s the shortest book possible.

Kathryn is deeply saddened by this fact. Wonders (not for the first time) if Connor is really genetically linked to her. (Surely, he didn't get this aversion to reading from ME.)

Note to self: Do not wait until almost August to buy summer reading book at Borders. They’ll laugh you out of the store…or ignore you, which is what they did to me.

Kathryn: (On cell with Connor) “How about ‘Millions’?….Two brothers find gobs of money….sounds intriguing!”

Connor: “How many pages is it?”

K: “What? You can’t decide whether to read a book by how many pages it is. No-one does that.”

C: “Well, I do. If it’s over 150 pages, forget it. I’ll take the hit in 7th grade. How bad can it be?”

K: (Exasperated) “So, you’re telling me that you’ll only read the shortest book on the list? You don’t even care what it’s about?”

C: “Bring it on.”

K: “FINE.”

Barnes & Noble had it. 80 pages. Bing, bang, boom. It was raining, I was DONE.

He’ll grow out of this….right?


jh said...

Ugh, modernity should be banned. Your son is actually brilliant. Streetsmarts baby, streetsmarts.

f8hasit said...

I can't find my bluetooth ear bud. It was so small that it WAS there, but no it's not! Damn. And I'm not putting out another $150 for a replacement. If I do, then I'll find it.

So for the time being...I one of 'those people'.

kathryn said...

Ha. Hold on, there's a cop people=78,243.
Bluetooth ppl=2.
My Bluetooth has no battery indicator, which is a pet peeve of mine. If you can't forewarn me when you're gonna die, you're of no use to me whatsoever.
So, for the time being, f8hasit and I will be 'those ppl' together.
JH:Connor'll BETTER be brilliant...those looks of his are only gonna take him thru the next 60 years or so...

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