Thursday, July 30, 2009


For those not aware, I’ve recently met some new blogbuds. (Yes, I shall alert Urban Dictionary of this newest, awesome, perfectly-coined word that I shall insist on getting credit…for.)

These fabulous women recently attended an entire conference based on their exemplary ability to blog. Really, really well. I believe it was in Chicago and it evidently “kicked ass” as someone put it. More on this topic at a later date….as I have a point and if I don’t hurry, it shall be permanently replaced in my brain with the burning desire to see if there are any crunchy Klondike bars left in the freezer…so, it’s now or never.

Now, where was I?

Oh, the conference. Riiiiight. It seems that Tim Gunn was at this conference and these ladies all love Tim Gunn.

My only exposure to Tim has been in a Cheer laundry detergent teevee ad, which I believe is no longer running…where he convincingly pointed out that clothes will maintain their original color longer when washed in the aforementioned Cheer…but, I digress.

I know he’s in a show called Project Runway. I’m going further out on a limb here by saying that I assume the show has something to do with fashion. Yes, folks…I’ve never actually seen the show. (Hangs head in shame)

Now. Here’s the conundrum. For the past 15 months, my IV has been
Clinton Kelly.

(Yes, I realize that Clinton's photo is much...bigger....than Tim's. This is in no way reflective of any bias/partiality or favoritism on my part. Really.)

This means that for the past 15 months, I’ve had the voice of the man you see pictured above running through my head…pretty much, all the time. Is this going to be a problem? Possibly a conflict of interest? I suppose it’s feasible that both men have the same levels of wit, charm and charisma for the job. The problem is that this girl’s long ago fallen into the above twinkly blues and she can’t get up now.

This is the man who’s commented on everything from the apprehension of an orange-hoodie-clad bank robber in the middle of summer:
01.07.09:“Huh. So the well-dressed witness had a sixth-sense surrounding said sabotage.”
To my barometer on what to wear to my first PR meet & greet:
4.5.08: Nope. Too tight for a function like this. No woman will speak to you and the men won't leave you alone. Next?
To commenting on my random nothing-thoughts:
6.7.09: “Oh, God. What did you do? Long introduction…way too many accolades…did you break something? (Pauses) Did you break something of mine?”
To his 40th birthday surprise:
02.22.09: “Age is merely a number. And thanks for coming up with that terribly flattering image. Isn’t it enough that I’m 40, 30, whatever…at least give me my dignity…for today, anyway.”
To my fascination with the wonders of nature:
03.29.09: “It’s a bird, Kathryn. You’re one step short from being one of those….bird-watching people… know….(sing-song) cray-zee…..”

I can’t bail on him now…..we have history.

Here’s hoping we can all be one big, happy blogmily. (Copyright pending)

f8hasit said...

I would definitely stat on your dictionary revisions now before anyone else takes credit!

Do we get credit for coining new terms?....hmmm.

your blogbud
(one of)

jh said...

Love it! Surely you can have more than one IV. Time for some new game, lest CK get a big head. Bigger than the one that's already in that photo comparison.

JD at I Do Things said...

OK, I can get behind "blogbuds," but "blogmily"? I'm not so sure about that one.

I actually once BEGGED a friend to submit my pathetic case to WNtW, without ever having watched the show.

Tim Gunn's other show is called Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, and it is AWESOME. He's so kind and disarming. Even when he's calling you pear-shaped.

kathryn said... "blogbud" is a go. I'm on it. What about "blog-i-mily"? That was my first choice...rolls off the tongue better. It sounds like a family who blogs...or the name of a girl who would get beaten up a lot on grade, maybe not. Thanks so much for the input, Blogbuds.
And JH? Of course, you're right.I'm just not sure how safe it would be to have yet another voice inside my head...

edder said...

Kathryn! Thanks for the Follow! I like you already, for I, too, like to make up new words -- "freighbour" is the most recent (it's a neighbour who becomes a really close friend) -- but my conversations with Clinton Kelly only take place in my head.

kathryn said...

Hey, edder! Right back at-cha! I wonder what would happen if you had a freighbour who became a frenemy?? I shiver at the very thought. I look forward to a long and mutually-humorous friendship, new blogbud.

edder said...

Me too. BTW, "blogmily" sounds too much like "bigomy" for my tastes...

ooooh...wait..."blogimy" is when you have so many Follower you just can't keep them straight, so they end up entertaining & Friending each other and come to you only occasionally for cash and procreative exercises.

Kathy said...

I like Clinton too. He's not brash like Stacey is (IMHO) and I think he would tell me what's wrong with my style (if I had one) in such a nice way, I wouldn't cry to hear it.

kathryn said...

Hey Kathy! You were posting here while I was posting on YOUR site. (Insert Twilight Zone music here)
I think it's that dry sense of humor of Clinton's that I've always related to. His book reflects that as well. I don't mind when he talks....I don't always listen, though...

Susan F said...

I say, let the new guy in (Tim Gunn). There's plenty of room for everyone!

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