Sunday, July 26, 2009


If I had the green, I would make one of those meal-in-a-bag things for dinner every single night.

Forget the fact that they’re probably loaded with sodium, or helium, or whatever “ium” it is that helps stall the deterioration of said product in the grocer’s freezer until I can get it home and into mine.

Bird’s Eye makes something called “Voila!”

(Notice the exclamation point. I do believe you are required to say “Voila!” when you place the finished product in front of your ever-grateful sodium-tolerant family.) The boys love the garlic chicken. …it says right on the bag that it’s “a complete meal in 10 minutes”….and entices you to “taste the difference!” (again with the exclamation point) and reminds us that it has “great GARLIC FLAVOR”. Did I mention that the boys looooooove it? I honestly think they would marry it if they could.

All I know is that the boys devour it. Exclamation point. Two 22-oz bags take approximately 10 minutes from freezer to ready…and all I have to do is add a half a cup of water…and even I can’t screw that up. The result is a kitchen that smells like heaven and there are absolutely no leftovers....ever.

For those that truly know me, this is what is known as a miracle meal. Since it contains pasta, chicken, broccoli, corn and carrots, it meets all the major food groups. Check. Since I rarely (if ever) eat dinner, it’s the perfect amount of food for the two boys. Check. And since I’m often completely unaware of the time, lost in this Bermuda Triangle commonly known as the Internet, ten minutes is just about right when someone pops their head into my office at 7:20pm and says “HEY. Are we eating tonight, or what?” or something to this effect…and I’m thinking, “Oh, crap. How did it get to be 7:20 already?” Check, check and double-check.

The website shows there are a grand total of 20 varieties of “Voila!” meals….which means between that and Ellio’s pizza, I could be 1 lottery ticket away from the perfect month of miracle meals.

susan F said...

Easy meals that the boys like? Well, there's nothing wrong with that!

kathryn said...

I KNOW! Can you guess what they had for dinner tonight? Hmmmm? I'll bet you can.

f8hasit said...

Where DOES al the time go?
My daughter and I had the same converstaion last evening...and since it gets dark so late, I didn't realize that it was now 8:35 and I hadn't made her anything to eat yet. Bad mom.

I am now going to the grocery to pick up Voila! Then tomight at 9 I'll be 'Good Mom'.

kathryn said...

Welcome, f8hasit! You'll be better than the "good mom", since you'll exclaim "VOILA!" when you place it on the table, which will make you both an amazing cook and bi-lingual at the same time. And we're not bad moms...I prefer to think of us as regulatorily-challenged. (This may be a new word...I'll have to check.)

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