Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are You My Mother?

I’ve no idea if this is going to work. If it works the way I’m picturing it in my mind (yeah, yeah…la-la land….very funny…you should seriously go into comedy), you’ll be able to press the play button on the below and listen to the audio while you read, since there’s nothing to really look at, ‘cause I only took it for the sound.

Or if you’re really bored, you can sit and watch the red blinking light.

Hey, whatever rocks your boat.

I was cleaning something and was standing by the open window. Without sounding totally sexist, this little chatterbox is obviously female…and she’s had quite the day, let me tell you…

Or I’ll let her tell you, since she’s going to anyway.

If you listen carefully, you can almost hear her say “…..and then she said….” And then you’ll hear “well…can you just imagine?”…and so on. I’d narrate it for you, but it’s late and I’m tuckered out. Just use your imagination…or you can borrow mine. Just don’t forget to return it.

Again…no judgement. We should all speak with such passion.


Susan F said...

Very peaceful. It's a nice way to start the day.

jh said...

That is such a beautiful sound. Figures only you could think of that conversations! Love the cartoon photo! Don't forget the chorus of bugs at night, actually sounds nice.

Kathryn said...

It's both thought she sounded beautiful. I thought she was hilarious. She sounded so passionate and intent on telling her little birdie-story. It seems like the more it rains, the more the birds sing.

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