Monday, June 8, 2009

Generational Gorge

I’m chomping at the bit to tell the story of my participation in the 3-mile CF walk (the equivalent to 30 miles by your average person’s standards) but I’m waiting to hear the very end of the story from Margarete. I know that the majority of you have the patience to wait…not like yours truly, who has the patience of well, (insert here something with absolutely no patience whatsoever). You-know-who: you may refrain from commenting at this time, thankyouverymuch.

Instead, I shall preach speak about modern technology and the future generation of computer-savvy, text-frenetic, voice-activated, takes-everything-for-granted-and-gets-most-things-they-want-just-handed-to-‘em members of society.

I live with two such individuals at the present time and I gotta tell you…there are times when I fear for our future. Or, at least mine….as someday I’ll be old and feeble and my arthritis will prevent me from texting and my voice will shake from all the blood pressure medication I'll undoubtedly need, so voice recognition won’t mean squat…and since I have BOYS they’ll never visit and never call and I could be lying in a ditch somewhere for like, a month and they’d never even notice I'm gone.

But, I’m not bitter. I’m worried….but I’m not bitter. Mainly ‘cause I’m not old….yet. And that means there’s still time for things to turn around.

Sometimes, I even feel sorry for this generation. They don’t realize how amazing it is that Natalie Cole can sing a duet with her dad. Who died. A long time ago. They can’t comprehend how the victim can be strangled with the phone cord. (Connor (12): “Phones don’t have cords, Mom.”) The other day, Taylor (17) came into the kitchen and proclaimed “I need more socks.” This said, he stood…rooted to the spot…and stared at me. I’d no clue what he expected me to do at that particular moment, so I did t he first thing that popped into my head:

I folded my arms and dramatically blinked:

….his response? “What’s that supposed to mean?”

See?? Worried, people….be very worried.

susan F said...

LOL! That "I Dream of Jeannie" comment was SO funny!

And do your boys realize that when we were kids we actually had to GET UP to change the channel on the TV?

kathryn said...

Oh, please. The second I mention "When I was a little girl..." their eyes glass over and they're GONE. Their bodies might be standing in front of me, but trust me...they're long gone.

Unknown said...

See when my daughter pulls the aforementioned routine, I give her Samantha's twitch of the nose (Bewitched), occasionally mixed with Jeannie. :-) Always glad to know I'm not alone in this world.

She also (13 yr old) gives me the same, glassy eyed stare after rolling her eyes at me if I dare to mention, "In my day..." or "When I was your age..." The day she said, "Mother! Things are so different now then way back then!!" I actually had to hunt my nerve pills or rheumatiz medicine (granny - Beverly Hillbilly's) as that line was pulled directly from my past not so long ago. Well, o.k. maybe longer than I'd care to admit, but still...little one is using my material!! :o)

kathryn said...

They say "what goes around, comes around"...but it's not supposed to happen to US!

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