Thursday, June 4, 2009


.....only it wasn't exactly the way I wanted it to be.

The photo was good....but it wasn't perfect. It didn't walk the walk...and talk the talk. Do you know what I'm saying? Clinton knows what I'm sayin'...he's just too tired to chime in.

This project had to reflect ME. In all my wonderfulness.

I started after dinner. I was determined.

I finished the bottle of Cloudy and opened the bottle of teddy hall chenin blanc. (Somewhere, Ira is smiling. "Try it, Kathryn...only ten bucks!")

I raise my glass to the sky and say "KABOOM". (Somewhere, Margarete is smiling.)

I hit "save" on my latest change and roll my eyes as laptop struggles to keep from crashing under the weight of the 17 windows I presently have open. (Somewhere, my brother is rolling his eyes in the exact same familial way.)

Is "familial" a word? "Word" is unsure of this...which means it must be totally over me, 'cause "Word" is supposed to have all the answers.

And now, I've missed Two and a Half Men. Again.

My Twitter page is fabulous!

I don't know if anyone will see it...but I have many, many followers who are complete strangers.

I'm going to follow Mr. Kelly's lead and go to sleep.

Right after I check those 3 new messages....

Jared said...

Great job on the pictures, K! Nice to see a creative page on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Can I hire you to work on my page?

Sandy said...

I can barely upload a photo on did you do that?

Fran said...

Hey Kathryn! Fran S here. What's the symbolism of you kissing the heart on Twitter page? Inquiring readers want to know.

susan F said...

Ok, now you're just tempting me to open a twitter account!! As if I don't have enough obsessions!

kathryn said...

Sue: But, this is such a GOOD obsession! C'mon...start tweeting!
Just think: Little love-nudges from me & your nearest & dearest throughout your day....doesn't it sound like heaven??

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