Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I’m finding that the more time I spend on Twitter, the more it’s finding its way into other areas of my life.

For those unaware, Twitter is the latest social networking arena online…but with a twist:
You’ve only got 140 characters with which to “tweet” or answer the Twitter question of “What are you doing?”

Some people may find the 140-limitation a bit constricting…not that I have any trouble keeping my tweets brief.

Clinton Kelly (my ever-busy, jet-setting IV): “Um. Did I just hear you talking about Twitter?”

Kathryn: “Why yes…yes, you did.”

CK: “You weren’t giving people that whole ‘brief’ speech again, were you? ‘Cause you’ve been known to carry over many a tweet into multiple parts, which I believe is pretty much defeating the purpose of the 140 character rule.”

K: “Did you write the rules?, you did not. And for clarification, I’ve only done that on the really important tweets…like when you’re about to buy the wrong cheese…or if I found the ’07 Cloudy in some teeny liquor store and need you to go scarf them up.”

CK: “Well, what about the other day when you felt the need to vent on my choice of transportation? Wait….I’ve got your texts right here”:

Didn't like that Justin Timberlake impersonator. He was weird. Y r u taking metro instead of a car? Y r u flying out of Newark? Aren't u go-

ing to Palm Beach? Tell Macy's now is not the time to cut back on expenses! BTW: Did u see the tweet from the girl that wants to be ur belt?

K: “So? What’s your point? These were all extremely time-sensitive tweets…each requiring your immediate, utmost attention and discretion.”

CK: “What does that even mean?? She wants to be my belt??”

K: “Focus, Kelly. I’m going to lose my train of thought. Everyone’s waiting…can we talk about this later??”

CK: “Um. Sure. Twitter…finding its way into your life. Go.Be witty.”

I shall. When things get rolling on Twitter, you get into the 140-character groove. I’m just finding it hard to stop. It’s kinda fun to launch into every possible bit of shorthand I’ve ever known to see if I can convey a thought on a limited budget of characters…and now I find myself cutting to words like “shud” and “cud” and expressions like “c u latr”, which all work out pretty well. This shorthand language harks back to my brokerage days, when all information had to be conveyed down to the floor on Wall Street as quickly and concisely as possible.

“Buy 1000 ATT pfd 57 ½ RR shud b cov’d 4 mkt vlu ovr par". (Broker should be covered for market value over par.)

Now, I’m finding my tweet language is seeping into other areas of my life.

Pizza place: “Hi. Pickup? Large pepperoni. Name, Kathryn. 20 minutes?”

Note to Taylor: “P/U recycling fr garage-brng 2 curb b/4 8am! Stat!”

(The STAT! was Sue’s idea.) I wonder what I’ll do with all the extra moments I’ll gain from all this abbreviating?

C u on Twitter, peeps!

Susan F said...

LOL!! Too funny!

kathryn said...

You do realize you're the "Sue" from the "STAT", right? I'm always listening, Sue!

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