Monday, May 11, 2009


I’ve mentioned this topic before…and yet, I am continually amused by it… sometimes perplexed by it and often annoyed by it.

I’m talking about sneakiness. Craftiness. Downright deception.

My inbox is filled with the likes of it, as we speak.

This from someone named Urven Ahadon/Wilmot Creighton/Mered Reddy/Obrem Segel/Stouffel Niklet with the subject line “Wow, thx”...or “Hope u feel better”….or “Morning”…or “Just to say hi”.

They’re all blank in the body of the email, save for an obscure website…like

Every day it’s one or two more. I can’t respond (heaven forbid) or they’ll know I’m here and then fuggetaboutit. So, I delete….and delete…and delete and hope that someday they’ll forget my address.

The other day, I saw a teaser for the new Star Trek movie. I’ve no idea if it’s any good but I was so taken with this “review” from the New York Times which flashed on the screen that I actually paused it so I could write it down and thus share it with you, my kindred spirits on all things ironic and utterly deceptive:

“…fully loaded film…
a showcase for…
muscled boys.”

Now. What exactly, does that mean?? The film is loaded? With hardware…and muscled boys??

Huh. I think I’ll pass.

susan F said...

Oh, that's so annoying about those emails! I wish there was a way to stop them.

I don't watch many movies, but I never seem to be influenced by reviews. They just never seem to jive with my own interests and opinions.

jh said...

Wow, is Star Trek how pedophiles get their start?

kathryn said...

All I know is that the advertisers can always find a way to say something...even if it's really nothing!

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