Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today was Mother’s Day. Did all you Moms out there milk it for all it was worth?? I know I did.

So, settle in with your oatmeal and your morning caffeine and I’ll tell you a story. It’s the story of a mom, some boys, a joy ride...and some alpacas. This is not a typo.

Patience, grasshoppers.

Here’s my Mother’s Day bouquet…courtesy of da boys:

Yes, my house smells heavenly right about now.

Here they sit:

So, I slept in…and then dressed in my Michael Kors skinny jeans and my Michael Kors white cotton flattering v-neck top, accentuating my attributes and making me feel all willowy and feminine….and also like a walking advertisement for Macy’s. Clinton Kelly, (my hard-working, jet-setting IV)…would undoubtedly have approved.

I’d insisted that da boys accompany me on a foray to take a ride on the wild side…I’d been wanting to check out what exists if you take the fork to the right on the way to our house…instead of goint to the left. Nine months of living here and I’d never gotten around to seeing what lay down this road…and I’d created this scene in my head of just what it looked like. It would have water…perhaps a river…(although I know that from a logical standpoint, this is geographically impossible…) and possibly some small, quaint little shops where people drink high tea and discuss how impossible it is to find decent help these days.

And so, off we drove. Down the lane…and dramatically swerving to the left, for a change.

Imagine our amazement astonishment incredulity when we came upon this:

It was not exactly what we expected to see.

Here’s my super-creative, gee-you-really-should-consider-becoming-a-professional-photographer-‘cause-you’re-so-damned-good shot:

Da boys were mortified when I flung the car into park and scrambled out…camera in hand…to capture this rather unexpected sight. Evidently, they were unaware that I’d brought my camera and were somewhat humiliated by my overt enthusiasm….but c’mon…it’s an alpaca. Who would’ve expected that??

Further down the lane, we saw the more expected equine:

…and then came upon a dead end with this sign:

The “parking area” was a muddy, rutted, mosquito-infested area that could hold approximately three cars. I was concerned that my sedan was not capable of navigating it without requiring a tow truck and a car wash, so we pulled off to the side of the road and walked for a bit.

Those who really know me know I am not a fan of the casual walk amongst the bugs and the trees and the skunks and the moss and the poison-whatever. However, in light of the fact that it was Mother’s Day…and I didn’t want to be remembered as the party-pooper…I gave it ten minutes, took this shot of Taylor (17) and whined proclaimed that I’d had enough, I was hungry and my curiosity was summarily satisfied:

Alpaca. Go figure.

Susan F said...

What a nice day you had! Your pics are beautiful. It sounds like the perfect Mother's Day, and I'm jealous of your lilacs, I just LOVE them!

kathryn said...

Thank you! I hope your Mother's Day was lovely as well. I am basking in the fragrance of lilacs...there's nothing like it!

Ms. R. Frost said...

Holy cow, wait wrong animal! Wow!!! I'm so impressed with the lilacs. My first thought was oh wow what a cute baby camel & it looks so soft, kinda like the animals I saw in Argentina. Then I read the sign. duh, duh, duh. That is awesome, I'm glad you took the other fork in the road.

jh said...

You know that was me right? Frost is just my boyfriend in my head, kinda like your IV.

kathryn said...

JH: You're a hoot. Believe me, if the sign hadn't explained what animal I was lookin' at, I would've been clueless...and it WAS furry. Thank you for your input, Ms. Frost (alter-ego?)

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