Thursday, April 9, 2009

T'was a Beautiful Day

Those who truly know me are aware that I am not what you would call a lover of the great outdoors. Sure, I’ll gaze lovingly out the window at the brightly-colored birds as they squawk and dive-bomb each other off a branch in an effort to be first to reach my masterfully-mixed blend of birdseed. Yes, I’m the first to look heavenward (again, out my window) for a rainbow on those bizarre-weather days where it’s raining and sunny at the same time.


For me to actually walk outside, just for the sake of being outside...for reasons other than getting the mail…or putting the trash out for pickup…or walking to my car...well, that’s a horse of a different color.

Jack-the-Tack and I have had several discussions as to the specific environment required for me to voluntarily and aimlessly wander about, amidst nature…and minus the prerequisite laptop:

  • It must be sunny.
  • It must be approximately 70 degrees (give or take roughly 2 degrees)
  • There can’t be a lot of bugs.
  • It can’t be humid
  • Oh, and it can’t be too windy…or it messes with my hair.

Today was one of those perfect days.

I’d gone out to fill the bird feeders and to install a dome (basically picture an upside-down bowl with a hole in the middle) on one of ‘em to hopefully keep those grey rats with the bushy tails (read: squirrels) from completely wiping me out of seed.

Taylor (17) and Connor (12) soon joined me…as it is rare to see me actually taking my time… “looking all relaxed and pleasant…instead of rushed, irritated and freezing”…at least, that’s the way Connor described it to me.

What surprised the boys the most was when I said, “Let’s look around a bit.” And look we did.

There was a rousing discussion on what sort of animal would make a hole of this size. (It was larger than my hand. I do not think I really wanted to know.)

There was a strange, funky, hairy, furry tree that sort of freaked me out. Too many of the trees up here look like something out of a horror flick…all gnarly and twisted and….well, creepy. Whatever happened to oaks....and maples?

We’re still waiting on the magnolia tree. These blooms have been on pause since September….I’m starting to have serious doubts that this tree is aware that it's supposed to bloom...maybe it's got a form of tree-Alzheimer’s.

I think it’s safe to assume that these are daffodils-to-be. Somebody really likes daffodils….they’re everywhere. I know they can’t possibly be tulips, ‘cause deer inhale tulips for dessert. I do believe that daffodils only come in yellow? Is anyone working on this?? I'd like to see them in a nice blue...or maybe some pink, perhaps?

And so, I can happily report that today was one of those picture-perfect days. Maybe we’ll see some more….maybe one in June…and probably a few in September. Until then, laptop and I are settling in for spring.

Maybe I’ll change my computer wallpaper to flowers…..

jh said...

Wonderful photos & nice story. I'm so glad for you that there are bits of spring. Happy almost Easter!

ancon said...

You sure summed up how I feel. We're just at this spring's "infancy". Ahhh, it's so nice.

I'm glad you had a nice day.

kathryn said...

JH: Happy Easter to you, too.
Ancon: favorite seasons ahead and my least fav behind is good.

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