Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Thousand Words

We all know the expression…but sometimes, ya just have to see it to believe it:

This 3D street painting is entitled “Crevasse” by artist Edgar Mueller of Ireland.

This sculpture gives new meaning to the phrase “Head Start”. Its official name is “Mask II” (I can only imagine what “Mask I” must look like) and it’s on display in central London.

The epitome of a truly bad hair day….or in this case, just another hair day. This lad has the prestigious honor of holding the Guinness Record for the highest hair. (That would be 24”.)
(On a truly hilarious note, Connor (12) envisions this guy stopping in the hallway in school to tie his shoe and practically putting out someone’s eye in the process. Equally hysterical was Taylor’s (17) take of being an unsuspecting victim behind him at the movies…. “Everything’s dandy…till he turns to talk to the friend seated next to him!”)

I would plunk down some serious green for this tee…but only if it were reversed.
(Why would someone want to walk around with a t-shirt that says “Hate”?)

I don’t even want to think too hard about this one. Yes, his eyelids are tattooed. Yes, I just had to share….yes, we’re moving on….

Japan’s teacher robot “Saya” expresses surprise on her face during a demo in Tokyo. Originally designed as a receptionist robot in 2004, she was tested in a real classroom to a handful of 5th and 6th graders. Evidently, she still can’t do much more than roll call and shout orders like “BE QUIET!!” I'd like to say that I can totally relate to Saya's facial expression...I'm sure if someone snapped a photo of me subbing middle school, they would've seen the same, exact look. (P.S.: Someone needs to powder their nose, find some Chapstick and…don’t you just want to reach right through this photo and fix those lashes??!)

Love, love, love this. Entitled “Line in the Sand” by artist John Hutchinson…located at Cottesloe Beach in Australia.

And finally…..haven’t we all felt like this at one time or another?? (I believe that may be her cell in her back pocket….and crap!….now it’s ringing…..)

susan F said...

Interesting pics. That criminal with the tattooed eyes is a freak!

kathryn said...

I know! It hurts just thinking about it....

jh said...

That is all so weird. Ugh, imagine having to work with that guy?

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