Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life, Resumed.

I am exactly one week away from my one-year anniversary here in Blugville. An entire year of looking at a blank page and thinking, “What am I gonna write about now?" And, of equal importance: "Will anyone honestly care??”

I wish I could say that I’ve stopped asking myself this question….but, alas…t’would be a lie.

So, as the last cold remnants of winter stalwartly cling to the northeast, we steadfastly turn our hopeful faces towards spring. Even this bird…which I’d thought at first glimpse was just another black crow, turned out to be something so much better:

Someday soon, I hope to locate one of our temporarily-misplaced “Birds of the Northeast” books so I can ID this fella….’cause inquiring writers want to know. In the meantime, we shall call him “Da Rainbow Crow”…simply because we can.

My IV, the ever-busy and popular Clinton Kelly rolls his eyes at this statement.

I don’t know why…I think DRC’s ensemble is quite stunning and should get serious kudos for originality and elegant use of tres color. (As always, the paparazzi…aka ME and my digital camera pointing out the not-so-clean window…did not truly do it justice.)

Clinton: “It’s a bird, Kathryn. You’re one step short from being one of those….bird-watching people… know….(sing-song) cray-zee…..”

Kathryn: “I am not one of those people, Clinton. I am merely pointing out anything even remotely associated with a season other than this never-ending one that we are presently….stuck….in…..there-to-with-fore…..”

C: (Rolls eyes again) “Uh-huh. Nice try, kiddo. Can we talk about something other than your well-documented hatred of the cold?”

K: “Sure. Like…what? How about a rousing discussion about the inventor of the paperweight? Or maybe the fact that my car needs new tires? Oh, that reminds me…I need to make an appointment for Metro at the groomer.”

C: “Wait. What? How do you get from tires to a dog groomer?”

K: “Easy. Maintenance…car service…haircuts….dog groomer. Simple.”

C: (Eyes narrow) “Huh. Always interesting to see how your mind works. It’s truly unique…you know that?”

K: “Thank you….I’ll take that as a compliment…I’m so sure you meant it that way. By the way…do you hear the thunder outside? Thunder…in winter…what will they think of next?”

C: “Okaaaay….you’re all over the place again. Let’s try to do one topic at a time, shall we?”

K: “Sure. Okay. Winter-thunder or paperweights…you decide.”

C: “Gee. That’s a tough one….they’re both so…relevant. I’ll let you pick.”

K: “’Kay. Did you ever try those Debbie Meyer Green Bags…as seen on TV?”

C: “What?? That wasn't one of the choices. What's up with you today?”

K: “I just glanced at my banana-tree-plant, which reminded me that we’ve got to start eating the rest of the bananas before they go bad…which made me think about the strawberries I bought on Wednesday, which I remembered to put in the Debbie Meyers Green Bag, which is actually pretty good at extending the life of said fruit, however, ‘produce must be DRY before placing in bag’ per Debbie’s explicit instructions, which means you need to hand-dry everything after you rinse it, which is kind of a pain in the butt. But, the box says it even works on cut flowers….(hint, hint).”

C: (Deadpan) “So, is this your long-winded way of saying that you want me to bring you flowers? Because if you do, you should just say so. Don’t beat around the bush.”

K: “Never mind. The moment is officially over. Speaking of bushes….”

C: (Sighs) “I’m gonna need a refill here….”

jh said...

Yay, the warmer weather is on it's way! I like that bird.

kathryn said...

I'll second your "yay". It's called a Red Wing Blackbird...(not that you could tell this from my crappy photo)...spring has sprung!

sferri said...

Double Yay!! It's been almost a year since you started blogging? That went by fast!

kathryn said...

Yes, time flies when you're kept somewhat amused, eh? It's been a blast!

Lucy83 said...

Ok - one other reason we get along so well - Bill says my mind works like that all the time. You go girl!

kathryn said...

We're kindred spirits!

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