Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Remember my post of long ago entitled “The Big But”?

I feel a sequel coming on…

I spent the lion’s share of the day yesterday at the hospital while Dad had surgery-
but the wait was much shorter than expected...and now he’s doing fine.

The hospital cafeteria had a fairly decent ham sandwich-
but I wound up splattering an entire little cup of bright yellow mustard on the poor cashier.

(Those plastic sandwich containers are slicker than I’d thought.)
They made an exception and let me abscond with one of their handy-dandy trays-
but not before I’d permanently altered the color palette of that poor cashier’s ensemble.

When I arrived home at 8pm, I discovered the boys hadn’t eaten dinner-
but I’d remembered to pick up milk...hence, Cheerios & sliced banana for everyone!

Whilst rifling through the mail, I discovered a summons for JURY DUTY- (seriously)
but today I was informed that I’m off da hook for the next two years. It’s evidently one of the perks of single mom-dom and all. I thanked the woman profusely and promised to name a star after her.

I’d forgotten last night that Wednesday is garbage day-
but I remembered before the truck came-
but the non-motorized garage door (where the garbage can rests) would only
open about 3 ½ feet before it got stuck-
but I figured out how to wedge my shoulder under it to keep it from slamming shut and then I had to lay the garbage can on its side and roll it out onto the driveway-
because heaven forbid I have enough free space in there to roll it over
and out the other door…
I still accomplished this before the truck came.

The middle school nurse called today and pronounced Connor (12) a wheezing, asthmatic mess-
but I was HOME…and could race in on my white horse and can still qualify for Mother of the Year.

My ever-popular, ever-busy I.V. Clinton Kelly has been painfully absent lately-
but with the launching of his new venture with Macy’s, Makeover America….(finally!) ( I do believe he will once again chime in with encouraging Clinton-Kelly-critiques-and-comments.

And all will be right with the world.

I’m out of here…
but- I’ll be back.

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest ever! I think we've all been there.

kathryn said...

I knew you'd relate. Ya gotta keep looking for that silver lining....(a-la "but")

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