Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today (Today, today, today) may just be (just be, just be) the greatest day (day, day) of the whole stinkin’ winter (ter, ter, ter).

For today, it was not only warm….dare I say, downright balmy…but it was actually sunny at the same time. This is practically unheard of in winter! You may get warm…and you may get sun…but at the same time? Never!!! And yet, it’s happened.

Throughout the tri-state area, windows long frozen shut were forced open just a crack…to welcome the bright sun and a warm breeze into stuffy, too-dry spaces.

Gee…maybe Wackadoodle Waldo the Woodchuck knew what he was talking about after all.
Maybe I won’t even need to stock up with 6 more bags of rock salt and 5 more bags of sand…at a back-breaking 50 & 60lbs, respectively. Maybe that 2” thick layer of ice on my driveway will just miraculously….go away…without my having to wage war on it with an icepick, shovel or possibly the toe of my boot. (It’s hard to not take your aggression out on something that’s caused you grief every single day…for like, months now.)

I have some kind of anti-skid-traction-something on my car. I keep forgetting to look it up in the manual, but suffice to say, I know it as a gold icon that glows on my dash only when my car is skidding out of control.

To the best of my knowledge, this is its only function…to basically tell you that “you’re screwed”…to say “I’ll bet you’re wishing you’d listened better to that drivers-ed teacher in 11th grade when he droned on for 30 minutes on how to turn into a skid…oh, well…it’s too late now. Say your prayers…”

…and then I always picture some grand movie-moment…like, when Thelma & Louise went flying off that cliff…and off into the sun…

only that would be ME…slipping and sliding and ultimately flying….off into the sun.

This is the downside to having an overactive imagination…it goes with you wherever you go…and you have to take the good with the bad.

So, this has been The Winter of the Gold Icon….as I’ve now seen it more times than I care to remember.

So far, no slippery cliffs though.

Anonymous said...

I know! This melting snow and ice business is promising. I had no answer for my daughter though, when she asked me why the ice floe in Lake Erie broke away with those fishermen, but the ice at the bottom of her stairs is not melting.

kathryn said...

Evidently, Mother Nature finds your daughter's slipping on the ice not nearly as entertaining as a hundred or so fishermen trying to drive...eastward, was it? get off the supposed-wind-induced broken ice floe. Well, I STILL think the thaw is worth it!

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