Friday, January 23, 2009

Walking On Sunshine

Today, I got to thinking about feelgood things. Whether it’s feelgood songs, or feelgood movies…I’ve determined they’re way underrated and underappreciated.

Whilst preparing the evening meal, my iPod happened upon “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves (note the irony of the Katrina-factor versus my name). I found myself unusually mobile…(that’s code for more mobile than usual, for the official record) during this particular tune…and then I realized why: It’s a FeelGood song. This would be described in the “Kathryn’s Guide to All Things Relevant” as “anything that sets your heart to pitter-pattering, makes your feet beg to boogie, or makes your heart smile”.

You may quote me here….yes, I’m aware how deep and profound I can be…and I know you sometimes simply must quote my musings at completely random times over the course of your busy days…I totally understand....really.

If you’ve yet to see it, there’s a little-known flick starring Tom Hanks called “Doing That Thing You Do” that meets my stringent criteria for a feelgood flick. It also stars another guy you’ll know when you see him and Liv Ullman, who’s all cute and adorable. You’ll finish watching it and be humming the featured hit of the “One Hit Wonders”…and you’ll thank me, yessireebob….that, or you’ll curse me for cueing up yet another song on that endless loop we call your brain….don’t worry, it’ll still be worth it.

In this day and age, I truly believe that feelgood anything is posolutely (yes, I'm aware this is not an actual word, per se) a basic requirement in navigating life as we know it. You take it where you can get it….whether it’s through a song with no agenda other than to set your feet a-tapping…or a movie that makes you sigh that great satisfied-sigh at the end. Whatever gets you through the day, bay-bee.

My I.V. (ever-witty, jet-setting, timezone-crossing Clinton Kelly) is off gallivanting in Vegas…under the ruse of “Special Correspondant to the Miss America Pageant”…but between you, me and Margarete…I think he was seriously sick of this New Yawk weather and jumped at the chance to enter the world of 24-hour-gambling, warmth, palm trees and Elvis impersonators. Well, actually in spite of the Elvis impersonators….in spite of the live telecast…kudos, Sir Kelly…for you are a brave man. We await your return with ‘breath that is bated’….the Cloudy is a-chilling and the salmon’s a-grilling.

Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend….filled with happiness, joy…and an abundance of sunshine.

Dance the dance, bay-bee!

Anonymous said...

I can just picture this little dance! That movie sounds cheesy. Said like Bush the 1st- 'Not going to rent it'.

Anonymous said...

My... you are certainly perky!! And even in the midst of a cold snap. I'm very impressed :)

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