Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Man Cometh

I hate to keep harping on the weather….and the season…but, ‘tis the season to be slippery…and miserable…and cold, so we’ll all just have to deal.

The Hudson Valley had a good 5-7” of the “s” stuff, followed by about a half an inch of the hail/sleet variety, followed (evidently) by some rain. What resulted was a SKATING RINK, I tell ya.

We had a 2-hour school delay this morning…but even with that, it was a slippery slope. Given the fact that Connor’s (12) bookbag weighs almost as much as he, I was concerned over his ability to navigate the dangerous terrain my driveway had become. Enter big bro Taylor (17)…dragging said bookbag and assisting one little bro down said skating-rink-driveway in nothing more than a Nintendo t-shirt, flannel pj bottoms and a pair of black crocs. (Clinton would be SO PROUD.)

For it is Regents Week for the highschoolers and with the snow, everything is all screwed up.

So. Connor’s on a 2-hour delay…and Taylor has his Psych Regents today at 9:45…and they honestly don’t care whether the roads are a skating rink or not. “Gotta keep to the State Schedule! If they can manage it in Buffalo, we should be able to do it here! The hell with the busses…just let the parents drive ‘em in! Just Go, GO, GO!!!”

We had 30 minutes to de-ice the driveway before I needed to commute Taylor to the high school for said Psych test. I put Tay in charge of the sand and I handled the rock salt. We would fill up the buckets and skid our way into position to delicately pepper the drive with whatever our bucket contained. (Okay, so maybe Taylor grabbed handfuls of sand and flung it in big, messy clumps every which way…do you think I cared? I was just glad he was pitching in.)

Our buckets were literally sliding down the drive…that’s how slippery it was. You had to keep stopping it from getting away from you with your foot.

Alaska? Antarctica? Nope! New Yawk, bay-bee!

Here’s one of my windows last night:

It’s INSANITY, I tell ya!

Jackie: You dodged a major seasonal bullet.

As for the rest of us? We can look forward to a balmy 45 degrees on Sunday, if the weatherman is to be believed.

Now, where are my flippies?

Anonymous said...

That's insane, a photo says a 1,000 words!

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