Monday, October 27, 2008

The Things We Do For Love

Whether it’s mother-love, or brother-love….best-friend love or mushy-gushy-fireworks-can’t-live-without-you kinda love, it never ceases to amaze me how far we’ll go…or just how much we’ll do…all in the name of love.

I cannot believe “word” did not bust me for that run-on sentence. I must really be golden today.

One of my least favorite things done in the name of love is “PP”. This stands for poopy-patrol and everyone agrees it’s the grossest job ever. Somehow though…I’m the only one that seems to be doing it…even as Prince Fluffypants (a/k/a Metronome)

spends his days being adored by one and all that make his royal acquaintance. Evidently, his ears are adorable….but his bodily functions are quite another story. (Take it from one who knows.)

Somehow, for the eight years he’s been a member of our family (this equals all but the first eight weeks of his short life), we’ve always managed to have a fenced-in area for him to do his business. Not so here…..da honeymoon’s over, Alice.

So, we’ve developed an alternate plan. It’s ingenious, actually. Instead of actually walking the dog, we simply open the front door. With Metro still on the leash, I’ve noted that he’s got a 17-foot-radius to sniff, explore and do what doggies do. Meanwhile, I am dutifully peering out the glass side panel of the front door, making sure he doesn’t get eaten by an errant mountain lion....all whilst staying warm and dry.

Because that’s just the kind of loving thing a mom would do.

Of course, I try not to get too annoyed when he leaves his gift right at the bottom of the front stoop…where it’s sure to be seen...and stands a decent chance of winding up on the bottom of someone’s shoe.

I spent the other day with my toes wedged into the bottom shelf at the supermarket, flinging aside ten-packs of Capris Sun Pacific Cooler flavor in search of the fruit punch flavor, which is infinitely more popular…and the first to sell out.

It’s also Connor’s favorite.

(Insert repeat of loving mom phrase here.)

Somehow, I’ve agreed to be
Mousy Matilda for a show later on this week. I really really, REALLY do not want to do this…but this is what friends do. For friends. For the sake of friendship and all…so, I’ll do it…but I won’t like it.

For those of you that do not recall this song, listen up. It's circa a lifetime ago. Enjoy!

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