Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh Boy.

Life is surely challenging with boys. Being the only female in a household filled with enough testosterone to power a small country means it can be loud and rambunctious as often as it can be stone-still and sulky. Whoever said that women can be moody hasn’t lived with one teen and one tween male. Or, maybe the ones that did live with them never survived to write about it….did you ever think of that?

It used to make me sad that I would never know the bond between mother and daughter: the shopping, the nail salons, the chick flicks.

On the flip side, boys are downright FUNNY. And you know what I don’t miss? The shopping, the nail salons and chick flicks. Half the time, the boys look like they got dressed in the dark, clipping is the only requirement for nails and I can always catch that sappy movie on cable, if it’s that important to me. These days, girl-dom is like a foreign country….I haven’t a clue.

It’s odd to realize that the child that I once carried can now carry me…and they take a perverse amount of pleasure in doing so. I have been literally picked up and moved from one side of the couch to the other on more than one occasion. It takes some getting used to. (Honestly, it’s more than a little annoying…they’re not the boss of me.)

The other day, we were driving in the car, Connor next to me and Taylor dozing in the back. We passed an athletic field and there was a football practice in session. The players looked really young and small…and Connor said “Wow! They look like midgets.” Taylor (without opening nary an eye) responds with “They prefer to be called ‘little people’.” I thought I’d drive us off the road…we laughed so hard.

Boys are just funny that way.

That is on a good day.

The rest of the time, I’m busy wondering what horrific thing I did in a past life to bring on such misery. Somehow, I’ve gone from Mom to public enemy number one…all in a blink.

The fact that I can morph from good guy to bad in an instant must make me some kind of fabulous superhero.

Yeah…that’s it.

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