Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Kingdom for a Toothpick

The title of this post is merely a reminder of how many boxes are yet unpacked over here….and how a simple thing like trying to find a toothpick can take up an hour of the average Sunday.

I know, I know….I’m dealing….it should be the worst thing I have to deal with this week.

(Opens another bottle of Cloudy.)

Now. Where was I??

Ah, yes. I’m balanced on the couch in the living room windowsill on my cell, on hold with the cable company…and Connor’s got a fever.

Welcome to my Saturday.

The end result was that they made yet another “emergency” appointment for me for Sunday (this would have been last Sunday) between 8am and noon.

Of course, noon on Sunday came and went, with no tech.

Connor’s fever seemed determined to stick around, however. Problem was, I had no Advil in the house and also had no dog food…not a good thing when you already have a dog that’s freaking out about where he’s now supposed to pee and poop and is just looking for a little bitty bit if a routine and all you know is that he’s prancing all around the kitchen ‘cause he doesn’t even know where you’re now supposed to be keeping the dog food and truth be told, you don’t know either…but it kinda doesn’t even matter ‘cause you’re all out of dog food anyway.

(Pauses for a much-needed breath of air….)

At around 1:00 I hit the road with Connor bundled in the back seat (fever and all) headed for the only market I knew…the one twenty minutes away in my old neighborhood…determined to come away with Advil and dog food….at the very least.

I was not a happy gal. Connor was not a happy boy. Metro was definitely not a happy puppy.Taylor had no opinion either way, as I believe he was still asleep. Such is the life of a 16-year-old-boy.

When I pulled back in my driveway at around 3pm, there was a Comcast truck blocking my garage door. Not that I could’ve pulled in the garage anyway, but that’s entirely not the point.

We shall call this guy “PC”…which can stand for either Politically Correct, or Prince Charming…take your pick. All I know is THIS guy was REALLY from Comcast (and only Comcast)…was totally appalled at the condition ole’ dark-blue-eyes had left us and was on a mission to rectify all my preconceived notions about his beloved employer.

When PC left, I had phone!

I had cable!

I even had internet.

…and Connor’s fever was GONE.

Da man was a freakin’ genius.

Of course, being the highly responsible, conscientious mother that I am, Connor stayed home on Monday, to make sure he was was “fever-free for 24 hours”…as is the cardinal-handy-dandy-trusty-rusty-what-to-do-if-your-kid-has-a-fever-with-regards-to-sending-them-back-to-school rule.

So, on Monday Connor stayed home and I gave Comcast an earful….resulting in a credit for me and some serious kudos for PC-guy and (hopefully) a serious reprimand for TC.


The rest of the week was spent in a blur of boxes (shiver), clutter (another shiver) and endless hours trying to figure out where things should go. (Not my strong suit.)

I’m still running back and forth between my old life and my new one…removing the last dregs of our prior existence that’s worth carrying to the car and unloading in the new place.

Say it with me now: “Moving is a bitch.”

We’re slowly settling in. Family and friends show up on my doorstep and shove casseroles into my arms while I gratefully invite them in for the latest shimmy/dodge/don’t-mind-the-boxes-come-hear-my-grand-plans-for-this-space speech and subsequent tour. They nod and murmur encouraging remarks and smile knowingly, all the while thinking “Uh-huh…like that’s ever gonna happen…”

But it WILL….


You’ll see…..I’ve got a handle on it this time….

Now, if I can just figure out where I put the toothpicks….

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're really making progress! I'm glad Connor is on the mend.

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