Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Insanity Of Insanity

Okay, so we’ve pretty much established that I, for one, am basically losing my mind over here in “Moving-Central”.

So, how is the rest of the world holding up during these last precious days of summer?

Not that I’m whining. (I most certainly am.)

You do realize that some of the leaves have begun their inevitable downward-spiral-descent into autumn…and we all know what season comes after autumn…(whine it with me, Sue…)

I should be packing and cleaning things out right now, but my Cloudy was suggesting I hunker down with a chunk of Jarlsburg and blog….so, here I sit….and here I chomp, sip and type.

This is infinitely more fun.

For those of you keeping track, here’s my pantry before:

….and after:

Definite improvement. (Okay, so maybe I’m waiting for Tonia to come over tomorrow. She’s like the “Monica Geller” of moving….she lives for this stuff. Who am I do deny her the joy?!)

Then, there’s this. It’s on my dresser since last night:

C’mon….you can figure this one out. It’s me, remember?? I can hear Margarete’s voice now. “Hmmm. So, it’s a bookbag with a wine cork stuck in it. I really need to sit her down…totally inappropriate….”


Clinton Kelly (still my eternal IV) finally chimes in: “Kathryn. They’re not getting it. Not everyone gets you like we do, kiddo.”

(Insert yet another dramatic sigh here.)

Okay. I’ll help you out a bit.

See, the strap was starting to tear……, I needed to SEW it with heavy-duty-handy-dandy (not matching) thread… it now?

Still no??

Oh, you people….it’s sooo obvious…..

I’d started mending it….and got interrupted distracted thirsty side tracked and didn’t finish.

C: (Chuckles) “Uh….I think they’re going to need just a bit more…."

K: (Sighs) "Well, obviously I can’t just leave a lethally-sharp needle sticking out of the thing…ya know, in case one of the boys haphazardly grabs the bookbag off the dresser and flings it over their shoulder…"

C: (Smiles) “…and what, exactly, would possess them to attempt a move of this nature?”

K: “I haven’t a clue…I just know that I don’t want to be held responsible. Hence the cork.”

C: “Hence? Did you just use the word ‘hence’ in a sentence?”

K: “Uh-huh. It took no small part of imagination on my part to come up with it, too. The cork-part, I mean....not the hence-part.” (Rolls eyes)

C: (Makes face) “Okay…evidently, this conversation isn’t over till you finish explaining your infinite logical wisdom…”

K: “Mocking? Are you mocking??”

C: “You’ve just hit 400 on word-count. What’s it gonna be? You feelin’ lucky?”

K: “FINE. But, I’m going on record as needing to state the obvious here.”

C: “Whatever.”

K: “I searched and searched through all my Cloudy screw-caps for the one-and-only cork in the entire house to protect my precious offspring from possible loss of limb, or the poking-out-of-one’s-eye from the treacherous, perilous, precarious, unsafe, not-quite-yet-ready-for-use school bookbag…..till I can…ya know, find the little metal cup-thingie you put on your finger to help push the needle through the heavy material.”

C: “Oh. Now, that makes perfect sense….in your world….”

K: “Bite me.”

Anonymous said...

Poor KK, I feel your pain. So glad Tonya will be helping you. I think you should call in your whole family. Lots-o-luck! I'll be thinking about you! We'll all be thinking about you here in blog land.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't envy you at all. Moving would be a nightmare for me...we've been here over 20 years.

I like the cork idea though.

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