Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who Turned Out The Lights?

I tend to procrastinate. A lot. I think I’ve got this childish mentality that if I just wait long enough, whatever I need to do will resolve itself on its own. Of course, I don’t procrastinate on the things that are FUN, such as meeting friends or deciding to order Chinese for dinner in lieu of “cooking”. (Yes, cooking goes in quotations…I’m being honest here.) I only procrastinate when it’s something I either:

  • Don’t want to do at all: Examples would include bills, taxes, cleaning (anything at all, but especially bathrooms…gross) and picking up after the dog. (Double-gross.)

  • Would really rather not do: Examples would include watering the plants (back & forth with the buckets of water…shouldn’t flowers be able to survive outside on their own?), refilling my prescriptions (“Tay, do uwanna go 2 wajmar w/meu can getpants?”…this line still cracks me up.), laundry. ("What’s the point? It’ll just fill back up again anyway….")

  • Will get into once I get started but I’m not sure how to start: This would include whatever current article is due that week, any and all paperwork sent home from either boy’s schools, and taking apart the newly-dead air conditioner to do a post-mortem to see if I can pull a “Frankenstein” and bring it back from the dead.

Then, there’s the issues of the light bulbs. God, I love my light fixtures…I can spend endless hours in a lighting store just staring in awe at the ceiling. They're like works of art these days...all sparkly and contemporary and DisneyWorld for your ceiling. There’s that child in me that wants to just plop down on the floor and get comfy and just take it all in….(sometimes, I hate being a grown-up…). So, I have a lot of light in my home. I like things nice and bright when I’m working, entertaining and “cooking” (I need to be able to read the cookbook, after all).

Unfortunately, this attraction that I have to lights means I’ve now got a constant inventory of bulbs going out on me.

Like here:

and here:

And here:


This one’s from this morning:

Finally the true “lighting” bane of my existence:

The ceiling fan/light in my kitchen that has needed 2 specialty-halogen-bulbs-that-do-not-exist-in-the-civilized-world. These bulbs burned out…oh, I wanna say about 9 months ago. (You’d think I’d put the cover back on the fan, so it wouldn't look so…unattractive…but that might cause me to forget that I still need to FIND THOSE STUPID BULBS.)

So. My shopping list (for the bulbs ALONE) will look something like this:

  1. 3 X 25 Watt Sylvania Halogen screw in pop-in (little stick-thingies in holes) and twist bulbs.
  2. 4 X 60 Watt regular, ordinary light bulbs
  3. 2 X 100 Watt regular, ordinary light bulbs
  4. 1 X 50 Watt GE Halogen pop in screw-in light bulb (base approximately ½”, ballpark...give or nub slightly larger in diameter than the other)
  5. 2 X 75 Watt (Unknown Brand), unknown type light bulb (Looks sorta like a cocktail weiner…ya know…the kind wrapped in a blanket that you dip in mustard?...only without the mustard…or…the blanket.)…with like, 2 itty-bitty nubs sticking out of one end, one just a smidgen longer than the other…by about a millicentimeter.

Then, I’ll go to 3 different stores, which will take up most of my Saturday morning and I still won’t find everything on my detailed-extremely-organized, (aren’t-you-proud-of-me?) list.

….and you couldn't understand why I’m such a procrastinator….!

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