Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time Waits

Today, I got to thinking about time.

Actually, I’m always thinking about time. How it goes by too fast, or how there isn’t enough of it, or how some things just take waaaaay too long.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with time. I don’t manage it well and I suppose I waste a lot of it, too. But, there’s also not enough of it to go around…and therein lies my problem:

I (for one) need more time.

You do, too? Well, good…then, we’re all on the same page. Maybe collectively, we can do something about this.

I’ve noticed that for every year I get older, time moves at a rate of 7% faster than it did last year. It’s true….do the math.

Okay, I made it up. (I never thought you’d seriously reach for a calculator.) The truth is, time just seems to go by faster the older you get. Surely someone else has noticed this…I can’t be the only one.

So, what can we do to de-accelerate the passage of time?

When we were little, we wanted time to pass quickly:

  • “I want school to be OVER.”
  • “I can’t wait till I grow up! No-one'll tell me what to do when I'm OLDER.”
  • “It's taking SO LONG to grow facialhair/grow breasts/stop breaking out/get my braces off/pet rocks to make a comeback."

There’s a definite pattern here.Now that I’m growing up (yes, I’m not quite done yet) I want time to slow down:

  • “I’ve got to get this deadline met. What time is it?”
  • “Taylor needs to be picked up at 9:00. What time is it?”
  • “I've got a meeting across town at 2. Crap. WHAT TIME IS IT???”

The question that still remains is: What can we do about it?

Well, we could:

  • No longer wear a watch. It’s the old tried-and-true method of denial. If I can’t see the time, it doesn't exist.
  • Allow a set amount of time per chore and when time runs out, you quit. The downside to this is that I suspect this will result in kids being left back in school, people will be fired from their jobs and many houses left dark due to unpaid electric bills, as no-one ever thinks chores are going to take as long as they actually do.
  • Make a conscious effort to slow down every facet of our lives, so we’ll have a chance to “appreciate every minute”. I hate to always be a downer, but all this will do is create traffic (New Yawkers can tolerate anything as long as it doesn’t block traffic). Slowing our response time will also cause our meals to burn and there will be more potty accidents from people not making it to the bathroom in time.

So. In conclusion…well, we’re basically screwed. Let’s face it, people…time waits for no-one. It might grind down to a painstaking crawl if you’re on line at the DMV, or during the school concert you have to attend, but otherwise…you’re on your own.

Maybe accepting and admitting that there’s not enough of it will somehow make it seem less frustrating when we run out of it.Or, maybe the answer’s in denying there’s even a problem…I really don’t know.

I have to go.

What time is it?

Ashley Kay said...

Time is a tricky thing. I always feel like I don't have enough of it :(

Ashley Kay

English Rose said...

Same here - if I could choose a superpower it would be to control time!

I think your blog's really interesting, and I'm new on this site so I have no followers, I'd be so happy if you came to check out mine! It's very different to yours, though...

SS xxx

kathryn said...

Ashley: 'Tis so true. I think it's something we can all realte to.Thanks for commenting!

Sabrina Suburbia:Thanks for the kind words. I've left a comment at your place.

deleted said...

I love having time to myself, and time to do my own thing, but its a balance with having a life that you share with others and with work! I've just started blogging my short stories which I'm trying to do one week at a time so I fall in love with writing again... if you fancy it, check them out! PS: I don't think we're screwed over time, I think we mostly let time screw us!

English Rose said...

Thank you soo much, second ever comment! Woohoo! Ha ha yeah last night was pretty crazy... I put a post on my blog about it.

I'll become a follower of yours so I can keep checking it out!

SS xxx

Jan said...

Oh I've noticed, and yes we're screwed.

kathryn said...

Fallinginlove: Well, I think we need to take back the control...if we can. No more time screwing US!
Thanks for commenting!

Sabrina Suburbia: Good girl.

Jan:Thank you...that's what I think. I'm losing entire blocks of time and it's WAY worse on Sundays, when I'm desperately trying to pace myself. So much for that...

Annabelle said...

Time is very very frustrating.l I actually pencil in "stop, breathe and enjoy" every now and then in my day calendar!

Anonymous said...

So true. I find myself wishing that I could have more time. Or less time in some cases.

ToBlog today said...

I don't wear a watch, oh, but I do own a cell phone. I've learn to make peace with time, and I am never late.

The perfect time is always right at this moment. : )

CatPurry said...

My mother had a saying "Make time while the sun shines." I wasn't sure what she meant, so I didn't do it, and now look what a mess I'm in. I'm almost out of time.


f8hasit said...

How ironic!
I was just going through some of my older posts (looking for something, thinking I'd save time by finding it there) when I read your post.
Mine was also called...time.

Great minds!

kathryn said...

Annabelle: Good for you! I've def gotta try that. Thanks!

Insanity: So true! It's such a mixed bag. When I'm on laptop, it's like a Bermuda Triangle for time. Have you noticed this?

Angelina: Wow! You are very WISE! Do you give seminars on time? You should. Thanks for commenting-

CatPurry: Nice expression! Can we still make time in the dark? 'Cause winter's coming (she whined) and it'll be DARK at 4:30!
Thanks for the comment!

Hey f8hasit! Of course, my dear...we are of one mind...(that would be greatness, of course!) Well, since there's never enough time...maybe you shud bring it on!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I agree with your 100%. As you get old time goes faster. It just does. I can't explain the theory behind it, it just does.

Rambles'N'Shambles said...

Time goes by faster because the amount of pirates and ninja's are decreasing.

Natural fact of life it is.

JP said...

I went with the "don't wear a watch" one...

Couple of reasons...

First, just about everything we use today... Computers, cell phones, regular phones, TVs, etc... all have the time on them. It's not that hard to figure out what time it is.

Second, It doesn't really matter what time it is... I'm going to get there when I get there. If I try to drive faster, some idiot in a Ryder truck will pull out in front of me and proceed to turn in every direction I need to go for the entire trip here to work... not that that happened this morning or anything. So really what's the point.

kathryn said...

Gillian: As you get old"er"....old"er". I'm sure this was a typo...right?!? HA!

evilteenietiff: And here I thought it was because I had too much to do! I like your Ninjas and pirates idea better.

JP: HA! Excellent observation. It IS pretty hard to NOT see what time it is. It's on my dash, out in front of every bank...pretty hard to miss. And it's practically impossible to avoid those Ryder trucks...

Cynthia said...

I am new at this whole blogging thing. But I came across your page and I have to say it is pretty entertaining. If you would like check out my first blog and let me know what I should do to make it more interesting!


kathryn said...

Cynthia: Sure...but I'm far from an expert. Be there shortly. Thanks for the comment!

kathryn said...

Cynthia: FYI:There's no link from your name to a site! ~k

Ron said...

This post is SOOOO true!

Why, as a child did time CRAWL by?

Why, as an adult does it FLY???

Do you know what I think it is? It's because we have to pay bills. Honestly! Think about it...bills are due dated, so we're constantly aware of TIME!

However, I love your suggestions because I think they would work. I haven't worn a watch in the past 4-5 years and I'm never late.

GO firgure!?


kathryn said...

Seriously? No watch? And you're not falling back on your cell for the time, 'cause I know you dont have that leaves...either you drive past every bank in town for the outside time display or you're constantly asking ppl for the time?
How do you do it? Are you a SUPERHERO??
I bow to you, SuperRon.

Unknown said...

Nice blog. Quite witty.

kathryn said...

Lily Johonson: Thank you for the nice comment. Hope you'll visit again!

susan F said...

No watch here, either. I wore one all my life until a few years ago when a manager pointed out to me that I was obsessed with being late for things. She suggested I stop wearing one, and I think it was good advice. Now I don't care WHAT time I get to work...j/k.

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