Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soulful Scene from Slugville

Take One. Scene opens with unfocused camera scanning deserted driveway…slowly, camera comes into focus:

What do we see? Is it a leaf? A piece of bark, perhaps?? Wait! Are those little antennae on one end?

Why yes! It’s Sebastian the Slug! Sebastian is a dapper-looking slug…single, young, hip and looking for some fun.

Camera pans back. What’s this?

Who do we have here? This svelte little number’s name is Suzanne. Suzanne the Slut Slug.

Their eyes meet.

Their antennae twitch….and the air around them grows ripe with anticipation. There’s a sensual, sexual sizzle happening here….and they are powerless to stop it.

Thing is, Sebastian’s just looking for some sweet, shallow socializing…where Suzanne is seriously searching for her soul mate.

Fast forward several years and we find the Slug family enjoying a scenic scamper…a most serene scenario.

…and they lived happily ever after.

(Kathryn however, was completely grossed out by all these snail-like, worm-like creatures all over the wet, soggy lawn. Da boys have been quoted as calling them “awesome”.)

susan F said...

Sensual, sexual slug sizzle! Wild!

kathryn said...

They're in loooooooove.......

jh said...

This is too gross looking to even read! Not a fan of the bug blog.

kathryn said...

Sebastian says he's sorry you're repulsed by him. Suzanne, however, thinks you're just jealous.

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